Watching K-Dramas is that much better when you know what you’ve watched, and what you thought about it. It’s organized alphabetically, let me know if you have any questions or dis/agree with my ratings, which follow this system!


All About My Romance (You’d think a rom-com set in politics would be just the thing for the election season this year. No. No it’s not–it just made me depressed.) 2/10

Arang and the Magistrate (Fantasy Saeguk? You’ve got my attention. The CGI might be cringeworthy, but the fun characters–Lee Joon Gi–and well done story more than make up for it.) 7/10

Bad Guys* (Being a criminal never looked so good. Probably my favorite serial killer ever, and I’ve seen a few. Dark, requires some imagination, but a fun ride. Do not binge watch.) 7/10

Best Love (ROFL.Funniest extended metaphors [and meta-humor] ever, pure fun set in an actor’s world.) 10/10

Big Man (Ha, they want his heart. Literally. Quirky Humor so spot on in the beginning, but the story. Just. Drags. Oooon.) 2/10

Bride of the Water God (Whhyyyyy??! Literally everything went wrong with this drama. Mostly originating from the fact it was placed in modern days, and I loved the original historical webtoon. Skip through for the semi-cute OTP, but that’s it.) 4/10

Chief Kim (ROFL, I love this drama so much. Namgoong Min, the Goblin parodies, the subtle life lessons slipped in-between… just yes). 10/10

Circle (Every sci-fi drama should want to be this drama. Played to perfection, and only slightly creepy when you realize a US company started inserting chips into their employees’ hands this year). 10/10

City Hunter (I bit the bullet and watched what everyone claimed would be a Healer precursor… it wasn’t all that great, tbh.) 5/10

Click Your Heart (Choose-your-own-adventure, K-drama style. Me likey, but nothing to write home about. I’d like to see more of them!) 6/10

Coffee Prince (Not really my cup of coffee, I only finished it for Gong Yoo. Cross dressing fairly well utilized, but nothing to write home about. Heh, ending pun ^^) 5/10

Defendant (A man wakes up on death row accused of murdering his family, but can’t remember a thing about what happened. Ji-Sung brings this desperate convict to life, and clashes with one of the most insane villains in recent memory) 9/10

Dramaworld (Lol K-Drama fanfiction… as a drama. I wouldn’t mind a second season, but only because the episodes are 20 min. apiece.) 7/10

Duel (Aaargh what this show could have been. It has everything–clones, a desperate father, a corrupt prosecutor–but somehow it failed to utilize those properly and give me a storyline worth raving about.) 5/10

Entertainer (Bromance, Music, Musical Bromance… and thoughtful commentary on a lot of hot-button topics. Why do we love music? Watch and find out… to ABBA and Ji-Sung, no less.) 10/10

Falling for Innocence (Think Return to Me reversed, set in Korea… and without the zoo. More fun antics, too. Oh, scratch that and just watch it already.) 7/10

First Kiss for the Seventh Time (Lol this is pure fluff. The best kind. The kind that has Lee Jong Suk, Ji Chang-Wook, Ok Taecyeon, Park Hae-Jin, Lee Jun-ki, Kai (EXO), and Lee Min-Ho in it. Who would you choose?) 7/10

Ghost (think Dengeki Daisy, but not romantic… nor nearly as good. Juuust worth it for the first watch. Probably. Not So Ji-Sub‘s best.) 6/10

Girl Who Sees Smells (So cute!! Fantastical premise well carried out, even if the humore takes some getting used to. Surprisingly re-watchable, and the Killer’s to die for.) 8/10

Healer (It’s like Deadpool (ew) got morals (yay!) and then stole Superman’s day job in Korea.) 9/10

I Hear Your Voice* (Noona Romance never looked so good. Lee Jong Suk absolutely captivates as a young, mind reading, lawyer’s little helper. ) 9/10

I Remember You (WARNING! You’re heart will break from the bromance, ’cause Park Bo Gum and Seo In Guk are killing it here [har]. Watch at your own risk, and don’t forget to think about nature and nurture while you’re at it.) 9/10

Introverted Boss (I’m an introvert, and while I absolutely loved our boss, he was more than just introverted. Somewhere along the way the wacky lost its charm and was left wanting more.) 5/10

Kill Me, Heal Me** (Personality disorders aren’t funny in real life, but it sure is here. Hi-jinks galore, with Ji-Sung fantastically at the helm. It’s not totally insensitive, though, and has a lot of thoughtful things to say amidst the laughs.) 8/10

Last (I was promised a secret homeless fightclub, and it turned into secret homeless politics. It was great while it lasted, but I wish it had stayed closer to the premise.) 6.5/10

Late Night Restaurant (Haven’t seen the Japanese version, but this poignant little drama delighted me. Perfect little vignettes into the lives of each diner, with lots of delicious food to boot. Love it!) 10/10

Legend of the Blue Sea (Well, you made me laugh and I didn’t mind Lee Min-Ho here, so you must’ve been good. But really, I wanted more out of you than some mermaid antics and half-finished feels.) 6.5/10

Let’s Eat (Yes, you will gain 5 lbs. No, it’s not optional. The food shots are the best part, though, since the rest is ridiculous. Still, all that delicious foood!) 5/10

Let’s Fight Ghost (Exorcist adventures with Taecyeon and ghostly cohabitation hijinks galore, plus two hilarious friends and the sketchiest vet of all.) 8/10

Liar and His Lover (❤️ ❤️ ❤️ 💗 💓 💕❤️ ❤️ ❤️  please watch! Too many feels, and aaall the good bromance, music and pretty.) 10/10

Liar Game (It takes a few episodes, but it’s definitely worth a watch. Don’t trust… anybody.) 9.5/10

Lookout (Just… don’t watch the last three episodes. Maybe the last four. Until the finale went to crap, it was epic, with the song to prove it.) first 13 episodes: 9/10 finale: 2/10

Marriage Contract (Oh, be still my beating heart. Good job, UEE! Most heartbreaking, adorable little family ever–and one of the truest romances I’ve seen. Great themes on pride, as well.) 10/10

Master’s Sun (Ghosts, the Hong Sisters and So Ji-Sub. I dare you to resist it.) 8/10

Misaeng (I never knew an office job would make me cry. As depressing as this drama was, it’s a must watch. Just to help you live again.) 10/10

Missing 9 (Welp. That went wrong. Abandoned island survival with a serial killer? Loved it. Crazy Shenanigans once they get back to Korea? Not so much.) 6/10

Missing Noir M (Is justice always served? There’s something more than meets the eye in every case of this nail-biting thriller. Watch out for the ending, though–we need a season 2.) 8/10

Mrs. Cop (If Samuel Vimes was a Korean woman, it would be this Ajhumma. Too bad the plot wasn’t great, or the pacing.) 4/10

My Love from Another Star (My first Kdrama, and still one of the funniest. Frothy, Cute, and occasionally heartbreaking… with aliens.) 9/10

Neighborhood Hero (Stay away. Stay far, far away. The premise of a spy bar/ superhero caper might sound fun, but stay. Away. Seriously.) 2/10

Nine: Nine Time Travels (Romance and time travel done right, in a great thriller layout. What more do you need?) 10/10

Pied Piper (Talking people down from ledges does not sound like my kind of job, but these people love it–manipulative baddies and the power of words explored.) 6/10

Pinocchio (Truth seeking reporters and Lee Jong Suk, I dare you to resist his smile. Amazing philosophy, spectacular casting, and a favorite in romances. Rewatched–thrice.) 9.5/10

Queen In-Hyun’s Man (Epic Romance, and it deserves the capital letters. Yoo Inna really shines here as a lead, and I wish every time traveler adjusted like hers did.) 9/10

Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim (I’ve never been interested in medical dramas… but now I am. Hot kisses, quirky doctors, and a lot of bloody surgery scenes. But it’s good, I promise!) 8/10

Scholar Who Walks the Night (If there is anything hotter than Lee Joon Gi and Lee Soo Hyuk duking it out as vampires, tell me. But until then, I’ll be basking in all their guyliner fanged glory.) 8.5/10

Secret Forest (Now this is how you write a prosecutor’s drama. Slick, understated, smart–and with a pair of incredible leads. Must watch, for sure.) 9.5/10

Shopping King Louis (I might question the sanity of our leads, but they were cute together! Shallow, frothy and mostly painless to watch. Seo In-guk really helps with that.) 5.5/10

Signal (A Must Watch, for the production value alone. Great thriller drama, too–but be aware of some sensitive cases. Kinda like a Korean Frequency, but Lee Je-hoon isn’t anything like Jim Caviezel.) 10/10

Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon (I wanted so badly to love this drama: she was sassy, he was an adorable, sexy wuss… and the rest of the cast was really just dispensable or a bit crass. Too bad, it might have been great.) 6/10

Suspicious Partner (Ji Chang Wook as a sexy prosecutor with cohabitation hijinks while there’s a killer on the loose? What more could you want? Well, apparently a better paced plot and less angsty runaround. Still fun!) 7/10

 Sweet Stranger and Me (Outrageous setup–he’s her stepdad? What?–but poor, slooooow execution. Some great characters, still.) 5/10

The Lonely, Shining Goblin (Now this is a world I’d like to know more about. Reapers, Goblins, Ghosts and gods–almost my favorite bromance to date and definitely my favorite Kim Eun-Sook drama) 8/10

The K2 (Lol that shower fight scene, though.) 4/10

Tunnel (Perhaps not as slick as say, Signal, but this time-slip cop drama more than makes up for it with a fantastic cast and plenty of heart. Rewatch, anyone?) 9.5/10

Vampire Prosecutor (Fantastic crime procedural with a twist. I kiiinda wish there’d been a bit more vamping out on his part, but watching season 2 made me realize it was perfect the way it was.) 8.5/10

Vampire Prosecutor 2 (I. Need. Season. 3. I don’t even care that I didn’t like the last few episodes quite as well as the rest of the season–you can’t just end it like that!!) 6/10

W: Two Worlds (Watch it. Ready to ponder your existence? Are you a comic fan? Does Lee Jong Suk make your heart pound? Even if not, watch it anyway. Favorite drama to date, if superhero’s came to life. Really. This drama is the key to my life.) 10/10

White Christmas (The choppy editing style takes some getting used to, but totally worth it–not just to see so many favorite actors in one show but for the story itself. I have only one complaint, and it comes in the form of a failed experiment at the end. I refuse, show! He’s too pretty to die!) 9/10

Who Are You (Underrated, supernatural mystery drama–but it doesn’t quite have the addictive draw some others do. Still, Taecyeon does a good job.) 6.5/10

You’re Beautiful (If High School Musical took place in Korea, was really a mashup of the Sound of Music and She’s the Man, and had Jang Keun-suk as the lead, you’d have something resembling this little gem. Or not.) 6.5/10


Beautiful Gong-Shim, ep. 12ish (I stayed until they turned Angst-buckets. It just wasn’t engaging enough, even for the cute.) 6/10

Blood, ep. 8 (Lol that CGI. I could almost look past it… if our leads had gotten together faster. Or done more. Or been more interesting.) 4.5/10

Boys Over Flowers, ep. 2 (I tried, I really did, but I just couldn’t. His attitude. That perm. I’m sorry-not-sorry.) 1/10

Bride of the Century, ep. 12 (It was the useless angst-buckets that did me in. They were so cute up ’til then!) 7.5/10

Heart To Heart, ep. 8 (You know, I’d have finished this if I hadn’t read about a basically on-screen sex scene. Not what I wanted.) 6/10

High School King of Savvy, ep. 3 (Noona romance done… not so well. I don’t know why, I just never got interested.) 7.5/10, objectively. My enjoyment was a… meh.

Hwarang, ep. 13 (I liked it because it felt like a Korean A Knight’s Tale with just a dash of epic… then it lost all the Knight’s Tale and the epic, and added angst instead. Not what I wanted.) 6/10

Jealousy Incarnate, ep. 10 (Second Lead Syndrome is real. Hwa-shin was a child. That dress making scene was sexy.) 8/10, for what I saw…

Joseon Gunman, ep. 17ish (Counte of Monte Cristo like revenge in traditional/pre-modern Korea. Fun ride, but not the best) 6.5/10

Mirror of the Witch, ep. 13 (If I hadn’t gone on vacation in the middle of this, I’d have finished it. Cute fantasy Saeguk, but it gets repetitive–or so I hear.) 7.5/10

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, ep. 4 (Maybe the 6th time’s the charm… or not. It seems to have all the right elements… except that it really doesn’t.) 5/10

My Secret Hotel, ep. 8 (Come on! Weren’t you like, married to him at one point? You should not be acting this childishly. Awesome soundtrack though!) 5/10

Protect the Boss, ep. 10 (Ji-Sung, whyyy? I wanted to like you, drama. You looked like Monk with a K-drama spin. What I got was bickering instead of romance, and not enough quirky to be worth it.) 5/10

Secret Garden, ep. 10 (Fighting and hating isn’t love. Too many dramatics, not enough cute… or real plot.) 2.5/10

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