Drama Rant: Entertainer, Pt. 1/2

I considered (for .2 seconds) just writing a philosophic review on Entertainer. But then I promptly dismissed the idea, because I love the drama too much and it would have ended up as a rant anyway. So I might as well call it what it is and spill the love!

And I did love Entertainer. So so much. So much. I really enjoyed Ji-sung’s performance in Kill Me, Heal Me (the man is an amazing actor, really. He not only made each of these characters his own, he made them work together recognizably within a single cohesive character.) So I was definitely interested in the drama. But it was when the first trailer came out–you know, this one–that I was hooked enough to watch it. I knew I was in for an underdog story within the entertainment industry, but nothing else.

And then the first episode started to ABBA. I mean seriously, how is a girl supposed to resist?! Basically, I knew I was in for a ride worth remembering. It’s been a while, so instead of going through each episode chronologically, I’ll list my favorite things categorically. This might take more than one post, so bear with me.

Entertainer Poster from: fashionstyle

The Philosophy. I’m not a performer. I tried it for a while, but I don’t like standing in front of people to present myself–at least, not musically. I haven’t ever really understood emotionally the need to touch people with music. But I love and admire those who do, and I’ve always wanted to get a closer look at what makes them keep performing even after a concert goes badly, they mess up in a recital or get involved in a scandal.

*SPOILER* One of my favorite scenes is at the end when Seok-ho gives Ji-Young another chance… and she takes it. Even as badly as she was burned before, she still can’t quite let go of the allure of the stage.

The Writing. If there is one thing I really wish Entertainer had gotten more credit for from its audience, it’s the writing. Every detail was placed perfectly, every line had meaning. They gave me one of my new favorite metaphors, a few truly inspiring lessons on behavior and still managed to bring the entire drama full circle–naturally, with thought and precision. The pace slowed down in the later episodes, to be sure, but the writing managed that well and gave the character moments more time to breathe. Plus more band banter scenes, which I’ll never complain about. I felt like they managed to balance the different areas of the drama well, with scandals and bickering and singing… it was a mix that worked for me.

*SPOILER* I loved the full circle with Seok-ho’s actions at the beginning and Ha-Neul’s brother. There was really no way to justify him, and it was hard to watch him come to terms with that. I loved what they did though, turning it on its head showing how no one thing can be responsible for someone’s decision… and that the worst punishment is sometimes to live well knowing what you’ve done.

The Band!! If there is a cuter band in all of dramaland, I dare them to step forward. I’ve watched You’re Beautiful and the interactions there don’t hold a candle to Ddanddara Band. They were more than a group of artists working together–they were family. And they were all so cuuuute! Not just as a group, but individually. Innocent Jae-hoon, irritable tsundere Kyle, daddy Yeon-soo and Ha-neul. Aaah, Ha-neul! Also, you can’t forget Chan-hee. He’s our cheerleader!

That’s all I have time for today, but rest assured on a part two tomorrow!

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