A List of Lee Jong Suk

Oh dear. Who let me make this list? Please raise your hand now, you have a reward waiting for you at the front. Because really, a picture is worth a thousand words, and this post is just an excuse to find more for my desktop rotation. I mean who doesn’t want to look at Lee Jong Suk all. day. long. Who wants to read me talking to you anymore? I sure don’t let’s get down to the real business–Lee Jong Suk.

(A word of warning–if you’re following this blog purely for the motivational inspirational posts, this isn’t one. If you choose to continue, you may get addicted to K-dramas or Lee Jong Suk–neither bad things, I assure you.)

“That lip-bitey thing”. As it was dubbed by GirlFriday on dramabeans, aptly describes how I feel about these photos. There’s just something about it that gives me the flutters–like he’s thinking about something scandalous. ^^ Really, it’s anytime he’s touching his lips. Maybe I’m the one thinking of scandalous things. Lee Jong Suk Is Burning Up the Runway!Actor Lee Jong Suk took to Instagram to ask for his fans’ opinions ...Lee Jong Suk proves glasses are sexy in photo shoot for OakleyLee Jong Suk 이종석 (@lee_jong_suk) | Twitter

And the lip pouty thing, which has an adorable connotation all its own:

... de Lee Jong Suk en Guangzhou se agotaron en tan sólo 30 segundosLee Jong Suk » Korean Actor & Actress

With glasses, because I’m a glasses kind of girl myself:

Lee Jong Suk proves glasses are sexy in photo shoot for Oakleylee jong suk. asian men and their glasses25 Hot Korean Actors who Magically Look Hotter in GlassesLee Jong Suk For Vedi Vero | Couch KimchiLee Jong-suk Oakley eyeglasses | Kpop Images

With sunglasses (there’s a difference in the slick factor):

Lee Jong Suk proves glasses are sexy in photo shoot for OakleyLee Jong Suk looks casual and chic in latest Oakley pictorialLee Jong Suk proves glasses are sexy in photo shoot for OakleyLee Jong Suk looks sporty and sharp in latest “Oakley” pictorial

When he’s being super adorable:

10 Adorable GIFs to celebrate Lee Jong Suk's birthday11 Ridiculously adorable sides of Lee Jong Suk from the MVIO S/S ...... | Lee Jong Suk: Leejongsuk, K Drama, Lee Jong Suk, Lee Jongsuk, Kpoplee jong suk | ♥☆*:.。. o Kpop In My Heart o .。.:*☆♥this one I’ll credit here, as it’s a gif. It’s from Kpopinmyheart, all credit to her/him. Thanks!

Drama and K-POP Stars, Easter Style!

And when he’s being sexy:

Lee Jongsuk Goes Shirtless and shows his manliness for Geek and W ...Lee Jong Suk Is A Sexy Man : Style : SITE_NAMELee Jong Suk's Singles' hot teaser photos made OP fans self + Hot ...Lee Jong Suk images Lee Jong Suk 'Wkorea' wallpaper photos (36392750)

And my all around favorites of him:

高清组图:韩星李钟硕床照写真诱人 自曝想结婚 ...maxresdefault.jpgIf you Google “Lee Jong Suk kitten,” you end up with a wonderful ...cute!!! | Lee Jong-suk | Pinterest

I’ve got to stop. Because really, they’re all my favorite. He’s my favorite. (He’s the only actor I’ll admit I wouldn’t mind a giant poster of).

Thanks for reading! (Watching… basking in Lee Jong Suk with me),


PS. I’ve written this post on the basis that more photo caches of Lee Jong-Suk is always a good thing, but for a more fleshed out and well written post please do visit the fangirl verdict. She’s got other actors too, if LJS isn’t your bias. ^^


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