If you haven’t seen my rating system, that could be helpful. And you might wanna check out my K-drama list while you’re at it! I’ve ordered these alphabetically, and I try to update it fairly often.


Boss and Me (Y’know, office romance is hard to make interesting, so I’ll give you a nod for that. But really, it could’ve been more interesting.) 6.5/10

Down With Love (I think this was originally supposed to be a Coffee Prince spin-off, but it’s so much better than the original I don’t even want to compare them. Lawyers, love, and a few really tangled relationships. Yes, he does think she’s homosexual for a while.) 8/10

Love Me if You Dare** (Absolutely scariest villain I’ve ever encountered, super cute romance once you get going. Sherlock Holmes set in modern day China, anyone?) 9/10

Mars (Brooding and angsty, with motorcycles. Luckily, all the angst is faced by our OTP together, which makes this a really fun watch.) 8/10

Murphy’s Law of Love (Don’t look for plot in this Taiwanese drama, just some adorable characters AND SO MUCH CUTE.) 9/10

My Amazing Boyfriend (Awkwardly like MLFAS… inverted at almost every turn. Typical overacting, but bearable once you get into it… just keep ff handy.)  6/10

When a Snail Falls in Love (If I had realized it was more of a thriller than a crime procedural, I’d have liked it better. I’m sure. Still, the slow-burn romance was good.) 7/10

Watching (Updated March 25, 2017)

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