Why Books: October 21, 2016

Sorry for the short post today guys, I woke up late and have to run to a day full of classes–making me choose between a Why Books post and Kdrama talk at DB. Guess which one wins? ^^ What am I reading these days? Well, there are a few things I want to mention today. Not all of them are books, but whatever.

 What I’m Reading

Jingo   (Terry Pratchett is life, I swear! I’m so happy to have a novel on my hands again)

The Skimm (I love this site, I swear. It gives me the major news, in a fun way.)

Skip Beat (Will she get the part? Will she get the part? I believe in her!)

Orange Chocolate (Ahahah this manga always cracks me up. Now I’m super curious why he doesn’t want to swap back bodies for now.)


As for what I’m reading in school, I need to start researching Student Revolts during the Chinese revolution. Or Student Movements in the Cultural Revolution. I have decided which, I don’t know much about either. Does anybody have sources they know would help? Thanks!



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