A List of Nature

I’m the first one to admit that hiking is potentially an activity of the devil–I half jokingly believe that sweat is the enemy to mankind and deodorant ought to exist in heaven (I bet it will). But aversion to dripping treks through the local heat aside, I actually really enjoy a good long nature walk every now and again. God’s creations were made to be admired, and it would be remiss of me not to notice them every now and again. This list is a few different aspects of nature that I just love every time I see them.

Clouds. I’ve been struck especially lately with just how beautiful the clouds are. Every morning as I get on or off the bus I’ve started to look around and admire the view–will they be wispy, giant, perpetual or puffy? Here’s a picture I took yesterday, aren’t they just gorgeous?sunrise1.jpg

Water: falls, rivers and oceans. When I was younger, my dad used to tell me I was a mermaid (doesn’t that mean I should get Lee Min Ho as a boyfriend?) Even though I’ve since stopped swimming every chance I got, I continue to love water. The way it sounds, the way it feels, the way it tastes, the way it looks. I could sit for hours at the beach, just listening to the waves crash against the shore. I love watching waterfalls up in the mountains and sticking my hands in the spray, if I can. And I’ll splash in a giant puddle with the best of them–maybe it’ll land me in Joseon, too0909160957.jpg

Mountains. I want to see mountains again, Gandalf, mountains, and then find somewhere where I can rest. I love the mountains. I love my mountains. I maintain that whenever it’s overcast, I could really be living in Middle Earth. It’s just that gorgeous (okay, maybe New Zealand is still better… but where I’m at it’s close enough). mountain-landscape-640617_960_720

Trees. I know that other people like trees, but you all should know that I love them too–even if they do haunt me at times. Trees are meant for climbing, they are perhaps the first thing I think of when I think of God’s hand on this earth. I love looking up at the trees and thinking of the potential I possess and the possibilities available in my life. So. Here’s the photo that inspired my poem–I took and edited it myself!01-alyssa

Grass. The open fields and the swaying grasses. The “amber waves of grain”. I love the grass whether it’s green and soft or tall and dry. The feeling of lying down against the earth and feeling that connection with it–of being close to God through his creations–is one of my favorites. This isn’t a field, but it is another photo I took. And it has grass in it. Half of it is photoshopped in, though, so let me know if I did will blending fiction and reality!10-alyssa

Sky. The last thing I want to mention in this list is the sky. The giant, vast roof of our world. This more than anything else makes me think of heaven–it’s wide, it’s deep, it’s eternal… They say Montana is the land of the the large skies, but I’ve started looking for them everywhere I go. And the more I look at it, the bigger it seems to get. I love the sky.


Well, that’s my list. What aspects of nature are your favorites?




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