Drama Challenge: Day 4

Day 4: Corny Drama soundtrack that you secretly love to listen to.

I’ve listened to a lot of OSTs in my time, but I have to say the winner of this challenge goes to…

My Love From Another Star

When I first watched this drama, I fell in love with the music. It did a wonderful job of accenting the moments just so. Don’t take this the wrong way, then–I love the music. But you know that song–the one that comes on whenever the comic book store owner saw a hot guy? It was a reaaaally dramatic version of our OTPs song, and I confess I loved it. So much. It was so bad, with the whole Italian violin thing going on in the background, but it was so. Good.

I searched for a link, but all I found was the pretty version. So here’s that at least. I love the pretty version too–it’s just not a guilty pleasure to listen to.

*UPDATE* Thanks to Kay (of Kdrama Kisses) I have a link to share! Hehe thanks, Kay!

The format is a hit in China and Korea, where it has set viewership and streaming records

image from hollywood reporter


5 responses to “Drama Challenge: Day 4

  1. Hahaha. That song. You are my destiny. Lol. Yeah, really corny but can be addictive. My ex roommate who doesn’t watch kdramas but always heard the ost when I watched my love from another star started singing it all the time. She calls the drama you are my destiny. Smh

    I love the ost in descendants of the sun. I loooooove you. Onlyyyyy youuuu.

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