Monday Motivation: Get Singing

Psh. Who needs motivation when you have W? Sorry what was that? I meant to say that motivation is an essential part of remaining emotionally healthy. I need to stay motivated in my life so that I continue to feel happy and energized–and nothing gets me more pumped than a good song.

Now, I don’t mean songs like “Poker Face” or Skrillex anything. I don’t mean songs that make you feel hip or bad or whatever. I mean good music. Music that makes you want to sing. I have a coworker who sings–neither beautifully nor badly–but loud. She puts her heart into singing, even without an accompanist to help carry the tune. I love it when she sings.

Whenever I feel down or sad, I turn to music to help cheer me up. Hymns especially bring me peace whenever I feel troubled. If I’m sad, Kpop will get me going again. And if I just want to have fun with friends–well, bring on the Gaelic Storm and Men At Work!

Music is a great way to get back into the groove of life (gosh, did I really just write that pun? heh). This week, I’m gonna find myself a few new songs and listen to them when I feel down. Which is always while I wait for W.

Thanks for reading and Happy listening,



3 responses to “Monday Motivation: Get Singing

  1. Oh yes, music is a great motivator and comfort too, it lifts you up when you feel down and makes you feel even better when you are feeling good. *music heavy-user since way back when* ^^

    I still remember the first song I fell in love with – ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’. I was 10. :D I still love it and love to sing it, though my voice isn’t exactly suited to it, it’s a bit too high. Savege Garden’s ‘Crash and Burn’ is another one… gosh, it kept me company through a really bad patch a fiew years back. “… if you need to crash, then crash and burn, you’re not alone…” I love, love, love the lyrics. ‘Affirmation’ as a whole is a great album.

    • Amazing Grace. I love that song *so* much. I could listen to it for hours. I love the message, I love the tune… and the story behind it. There’s a movie that kind of touches on it (called Amazing Grace). It has Benedict Cumberbatch in it, if you’re interested.

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