Quote of the Week: Terry Pratchett

He loved to poke fun, amaze and make us think. He wrote with heart and soul and a touch of magic. He’s one of my favorite authors, and may he rest in peace: Terry Pratchett. This week’s quote comes from the book Thief of Time.

Terry Pratchett Quote: “When in doubt, choose to live.”

From: https://quotefancy.com/terry-pratchett-quotes

This quote has a lot to answer for, if you look at the world. A lot can happen if we decide we want to live, no matter what. But lest it be misunderstood as a way to scream YOLO, commit myself to a dog eats dog world and hang on by the tips of my nails, let’s look at it in context with another one of my favorite Terry Pratchett quotes from the last Continent:

“I Think Perhaps You Do Not Understand. People’s Whole Lives Do Pass In Front Of Their Eyes Before They Die. The Process Is Called Living.”

Most of the time, when people think of their life flashing before their eyes, they’re really looking back on the sum of their actions and wondering ‘did I do all right? Did I make stupid choices that I regret now, or did I cherish the moments I had and value what was truly important? Did I really choose to live, or did I squander my time on self-gratification or work or mindlessness? Did I love deeper, and speak sweeter, and give forgiveness I’d been denying? (Thanks, Tim)’ We see this in the movies a lot (like the kdrama Marriage Contract). A character is told they have only a short time left to live and suddenly their eyes are opened to how much they ought to have valued life when they did not.

Well, I’m here to tell you the news: you are dying. We all are–we’re terminal from the day we’re born. But the good news is death isn’t the end–although we won’t get the chance to experience live like this again. For some–myself included–that’s scary. Living takes work, it takes commitment, it means making myself vulnerable to others. That’s where the doubt comes into play–do I really want to break out of the status quo and live genuinely, or shall I just serve myself as so many others do every day? Whenever I’m in doubt, however, I try to remember this quote. When in doubt, choose to live.

May we all choose to live,



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