Mid-Year Review, Looking Forward and a Few Announcements

Helllo, world! Sorry for dropping off the face of the planet after I finished Liar and His Lover recaps, I really didn’t mean for that to happen except that I was in the middle of a move, and finals, and then starting a new Chinese class and job… anyway, Real Life just always seemed to get in the way of any potential drama blogging, and I was okay with that because–but we’ll get to that in a minute. First, some Review!

Screenshot (14775)

What I’ve Watched

  1. Chief Kim 9.5/10
  2. Defendant 9.5/10
  3. General and I (Chinese) 9/10
  4. Introverted Boss
  5. Missing 9
  6. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
  7. Liar and His Lover

There’s also a bunch of others from past years, including Behind Your Smile (Chinese), Liar Game (the Korean one) and City Hunter. I’m also hung up in the middle of a few, like Chicago Typewriter, Mystery Queen and Man to Man.


What I’m Watching

  1. Circle
  2. Suspicious Parter
  3. Lookout
  4. Duel
  5. Surgeons: Stories Outside the OR (Chinese)

Looking at the list, I feel like I’ve had a pretty fantastic run this year, even with all the head tearing as M9 and IB went on. Everything I’m watching now especially is engaging and well written (wiiiith the possible exception of Duel, which tends to stretch my suspension of disbelief at times).

And there’s a lot I’m looking forward to, namely:

School 2017 (so excited!), Falsify, Bride of the Water God, and Reunited Worlds.

But all that’s mostly for my own records. More importantly, where do we go from here? I’d like to say I’ll pick up a regular posting schedule again, but I have another few weeks of this job left and it’s so involved/nerve wracking I just don’t know if I’ll be able to promise any regular series posting for the next little while. I haven’t taken any screenshots recently T.T but hopefully I can change that and get Picture Perfect up and going on Fridays again. It’ll be slow going for a while though, and then in a bit it’ll cut off altogether. This is because I have an exciting announcement to make!


Since splitting my blog into two different ones (neither of which have been well kept up, sorry), I haven’t mentioned a lot of religious things here. But I am an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and I just barely got my mission call! I’m going to spend the next few years of my life serving the Lord and His church, and that means I’ll have to put this blog, and kdramas and pretty much everything else in my life on hold come this fall. I won’t post where I’m serving online, but just know I’m super excited to go and serve the people there and grow and experience new things. Thank you for your patience as I begin preparing for my mission and for your patience in advance (two years is a looong time), but I hope I’ll still want to pick it back up when I get back!



2 responses to “Mid-Year Review, Looking Forward and a Few Announcements

  1. Hi there!
    I nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award! You do not have to complete any questions or nominate others if you do not want to! I want to let you know that I love your content. I enjoy your drama review commentaries! Blog aside, congratulations on your future journey and I wish only for the best!

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