Picture Perfect: More Liar and His Lover Cute!

So, a few days ago I decided to upload a bunch of my better screenshots from Liar and His Lover episode 10 to the interwebs, because you can never have enough of the cuteness in this show. I’d said at the time I probably wouldn’t go back and organize anything else, but then I saw that a fellow fan on dramabeans (a really fun Kdrama website, for those who haven’t been) had really enjoyed the post, and linked it. So Josie63, this is for you! (Well, and myself who really loves taking screenshots and making lists and stuff like this).



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Crude Play

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Han-Kyeol and His Phone, pt. 2

(Josie63, this is for you!)

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Shi-Hyun (I have such a crush on him)

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Han-Kyeol General Cuteness

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Chan-Young (I don’t really like him, but for those who do…)

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OTP Cute!!

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5 responses to “Picture Perfect: More Liar and His Lover Cute!

  1. Lovely post! I definitely have a penchant for munchkin and his phone, it’s my favorite section this time as well. Thank you for the shoutout, although I would have felt really bad for being responsible for you doing something extra if you didn’t add that you also did it for yourself. :) Looking forward to your next post.

  2. That OTP slideshow went on forever, and I became happier and happier. <3
    That picture of Han-gyul closing his eyes while singing his song during his first meeting with Sorim is no joke. No wonder she fell for him.

    • 2 be precise, pic of HG closing his eyes is not when he is singing his song, but just moments before Sorim even sees him for the 1st time. I just rewatched the drama 4 the zillionth time so it’s still fresh.

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