Liar and His Lover: Episode 10

Liar and His Lover 10

Screenshot (10861)

I don’t think I stopped smiling this entire episode. Let me take a deep breath. Are we Ready? And Action. #shoutouttomypackage (she knows who she is).

Main Points

  • The bands head for the seaside
  • CEO Choi and In-Woo connect
  • Our OTP gives me a cavity from the sweet (in the best way possible<3)
  • A bit about President Yoo’s history is revealed

~ ~ ~

Screenshot (10474)

We’re dropped right back into the moment, Han-Kyeol yelling his confession on the bridge *cue girlish smile*. Our hero wraps So-Rim up in a hug as the camera lingers, and I am a very happy Cozybooks right now.

Yoo-Na is less ecstatic, still in the sound room wondering where Han-Kyeol ran off to. It doesn’t take her long to put two and two together, and she recalls how anxious he’d been to leave.

Screenshot (10483)

Han-Kyeol and So-Rim walk the streets together afterwards, and my stomach is doing somersaults with ever look they send to each other—double when he grabs her hand—triple when she tells him not to let go while she takes a call. It’s Soo-Yeon, wondering where she is, and So-Rim doesn’t have an answer… so Han-Kyeol takes the phone and speaks for her. (I cannot be a puddle already, but I’m grinning like mad right now!)

Han-Kyeol agrees to deliver So-Rim to the celebration party, but declines going in with her: CEO Choi will be there, after all, and he Won’t Approve. This gives So-Rim second thoughts about dating at all—but Han-Kyeol says he doesn’t want to make her wait anymore, and they end up laughing sheepishly to themselves. They’re so cute.

Han-Kyeol suggests they keep their dating a total secret for now, even from the rest of Mush and Co… but they’re caught pretty much immediately when Soo-Yeon finds them on the street corner outside the party. She takes quick note of their intertwined fingers and Han-Kyeol quickly drops So-Rim’s hand—but leaves his arm around So-Rim loosely I see, hee. After he sends So-Rim off he races down the street, jumping once for joy and calling out.


Inside the party, everyone’s curious why the guest of honor was late—but Soo-Yeon’s got her back and they lie she was sharing the good news with Grandma. Well, I hope CEO bought that. Later they get a ride home in Crude Play’s van, and Soo-Yeon gives the new band some sound advice: they’re about to get very busy, they might not have time to do much… like meet people they want to meet. She shoots So-Rim a quick glance, and we’re off to the montage!

Screenshot (10542)

Mush & Co. seems to have found instant fame, their one CF landing them on massive building side-screens and other mini performances. There’s even a giant arm heart from a fan in the crowd, ha! Han-Kyeol waits for her calls anxiously all the time, but So-Rim is run to the quick between practices and performances—she flops onto her bed one night to several missed calls from him, and sends out a quick text.

Han-Kyeol’s sleeping with his phone in-hand and shoots upright to check his messages when it vibrates. From So-Rim: “I miss you—too too much.” He reads it aloud in the most adorable way, I can’t even—and promptly jumps around on his bed in excitement.

Screenshot (10563)

So-Rim had already dropped off to sleep, but when Han-Kyeol’s call arrives she flicks on the light and answers. He asks she come to the window, and yep—he’s standing outside. Aiiiee!

I don’t know what on earth this music is meant to garner besides odd looks from me, but this Romeo-and-Juliet scene is super cute despite the funky Hawaiian jam in the background. Han-Kyeol So-Rim worries he came because of her text, but Han-Kyeol corrects her—he came because he missed her. So-Rim suggests they meet this Thursday (First date! First date!) and Han-Kyeol agrees excitedly. I’m grinning like a ninny, just so you know.

Screenshot (10589)

We skip to Thursday now (hooray!) and Soo-Yeon asks Mush & Co. what they’ll do with their first day off since debuting. Gyoo-Sun’s going to work on setting up his new phone, and So-Rim isn’t even paying attention to the conversation—she’s too busy looking at funny selfies of Han-Kyeol. Lolz.

Soo-Yeon pesters her for her plans, and So-Rim does her best to pass off the meeting as being with a friend… a frieeeend. Soo-Yeon just grins at her knowingly (I’m so glad you’re on her side!)

At home, So-Rim preps nervously for her date, trading outfits and applying makeup: mmwah, Han-Kyeolssi, she blows a kiss in the mirror. Aaaand promptly wipes off the lipstick, scolding herself for her thoughts.

Screenshot (10596)

Han-Kyeol’s not any calmer than she is, and while his initial outfit is a disaster he ends up looking supah fine in a maroon button up and styled hair. He smiles at a nearby building-side tv playing So-Rim’s commercial, and jumps when the girl herself surprises him from behind. I’m so ready for this date!

Ahahaha or not—the first thing he does is shove a ballcap on her head and wrap a mask around her face: it wouldn’t do for anyone to recognize her and get a scoop. He even has a jacket for her to wear. She has to walk a few yards behind him in case people stare, and Han-Kyeol even shoots down her idea of new couple phone cases (freaking adorably, though). Things seem better in a café and he almost feeds her a bite of his ice cream… but changes his mind when some people pass by (are you nervous, aw!)

Screenshot (10626)

The last straw for So-Rim is at the movie theater, when she discovers they’re not even seated together (I guess Healer style won’t cut it for our heroine lol). She refuses to take the date any further and leaves, threatening to scream if Han-Kyeol tries to follow her… and promptly disappointed when he doesn’t make a move to stop her from going.

Han-Kyeol leans pitifully against a wall (with So-Rim’s advertisement plastered to the side, heh) and we flash back to that morning: Soo-Yeon had called him and informed our hero of the photo leaked online. He’s really been trying hard to please both sides, and stands to call So-Rim back.

Screenshot (10634)

She returns to the theater all hidden behind her mask and hat and sweatshirt, and  ohmygosh Han-Kyeol stop unlacing her hoodie like that I’m dying! He tells her the disguise isn’t needed in here and leads her to their seats—next to each other. Any arguments are long forgotten, and Han-Kyeol pulls up a present for her: matching PPL tennis shoes are easier to hid than phone cases, after all.

It’s the return of that blessed Hawaiian tune, and I’m giggling madly as they settle in to watch their movie… in a theater Han-Kyeol rented out completely, hah. It’s a bit overboard, but if this is what it takes for them to hold hands like they do then I’m all for it. (grins broadly with them).

Screenshot (10664)

Taking a break from the cute, we transition to another date: Se-Jeong has arranged to meet with Gyoo-Sun after finding the hacker connection to his messaging account has been broken (an effect of the new  phone). During their meal she lies he’s got something on his face, and when he leaves briefly to take care of it she slips his phone into her bag.

Gyoo-Sun is wise to it, though, and asks for his phone back as soon as he sits down. He’s incredibly good-natured about her deception, but I can tell he feels awkward and hurt.

Screenshot (10679)

Things aren’t looking up for Mush and Co. on the song front, either—their debut has fallen from 12th to 30th on the charts, even for the CF they have. Add in all the important comebacks happening this week and we get one unhappy President Yoo, who spares paltry words to comfort Chan-Young (it’s not all his song’s fault) before asking around for a solution. They end the meeting there, and President Yoo gets one more nugget of bad news: Han Yoo-Seok is still angry with In-Woo, even though his concert has finished.

In CEO’s office, meanwhile, we learn the true dire straights of Mush & Co.: they have no more schedule, and they can’t ride on Chan-Young’s fame forever. CEO dismisses Chan-Young and the young producer makes a final promise before leaving: he’ll write a better song next time.

President Yoo has arrived at a bar to placate Yoo-Seok… or maybe just stir up trouble, since she’s invited In-Woo as well to “talk things over”. Of course with Yoo-Seok already three sheets to the wind it devolves into a match of insults, between the commercial hit and the “real” musician. President Yoo didn’t mean for things to turn out that way, and later she talks with In-Woo over coffee, alone in Shi-Hyun’s joint.

Screenshot (10710)

It appears President Yoo had been very supportive of In-Woo, back when he’d been pushed out of his own band—but he doesn’t see it that way, stating she’d only tried to sway his musical integrity with her grandfather’s money. But he doesn’t want to fight over it—let’s just say he was wrong—and President Yoo stands to leave in a huff.

It’s no use, however: her heel breaks not ten steps later, so In-Woo has to enact emergency first-aid on her shoe. Their entire conversation feels like a metaphor, mixed with some reminiscing over their past: Yoo had known In-Woo first, but then disappeared for seven years. When she’d returned as a successful music executive, he had already married another woman—a good woman, In-Woo adds.

Screenshot (10719)

President Yoo tries again to leave without her shoes, but In-Woo is adamant: she might miss a pair she’s gotten used to. And before she leaves President Yoo makes an offer: does In-Woo want to make another album? At her company?

In CEO Choi’s office, Yoo-Na wonders how her new single has done, and jumps up anxiously when CEO Choi acts unexcited. But it’s topped the charts, and Yoo-Na grabs CEO in a hug, looking happy deep down inside where it counts. At his house Han-Kyeol is too, but his first celebratory phone call over his work is to So-Rim, who’s finishing a photoshoot.

Screenshot (10732)

Soo-Yeon calls timeout for the call and So-Rim takes it outside, where it’s raining (she looks so cute!) Han-Kyeol asks if he’s listened to Yoo-Na’s song yet but no, So-Rim hasn’t—her boyfriend might have written it but she doesn’t want to listen to another woman singing his song—at least she’s honest about her jealousy. Han-Kyeol compares it to his dislike for Chan-Young being her producer, but So-Rim says it’s different: she and Chan-Young don’t have a history like Han-Kyeol and Yoo-Na do. They hang up and Han-Kyeol gripes for a minute that ‘can’t he be jealous too?’ but grabs for the phone when it buzzes again.

It’s just Yoo-Na, though, and he’s much less excited to answer. Yoo-Na wants to celebrate over dinner, but Han-Kyeol really ought to win boyfriend of the year: he says no to both dinner and drinks, remembering how uncomfortable So-Rim was with it. He doesn’t explain to Yoo-Na why he says no, but I think she’s figured it out.

Transitioning to Sole Music’s lobby, I quietly break out into “I wear my suuuunglasses at night so I can—so I can seeeeee—“ or maybe Chan-Young just wants to hide his eyes as he checks the charts one more time: Yoo-Na (and K, by extension) #1, So-Rim nowhere to be seen.

Screenshot (10761)

He nearly walks in on So-Rim and Yoo-Na talking later, but hangs back to eavesdrop on their conversation. Yoo-Na is playing the caring unnie, but I think we all sense the superiority she tries to hold over So-Rim. It’s nearly too much for me when Yoo-Na suggests So-Rim’s career wouldn’t be faltering if only she’d chosen Han-Kyeol’s song (she didn’t have a choice, ya hear?) So-Rim admits she is jealous (Chan-young’s face falls) but not over the song (Chan-Young’s face perks up again). So-Rim’s thinking more of the time Yoo-Na got to spend with Han-Kyeol. And So-Rim loves her own song, thank-you-very-much. She leaves Yoo-Na feeling humbled, and Chan-Young seems more at peace than he has been since the beginning of the episode.

He smiles again watching Mush & Co. practice later, and interrupts them to shar a meal. He promises to write them better songs in the future, and the young band cheers on their producer. So-Rim’s going to miss this first song, but Jin-Woo is excited to get some free time, to visit the ocean… so why don’t they go, Chan-Young suggests. To celebrate their debut. Mush & Co. breaks out cheering as we transition.

Screenshot (10778)

The kids might play but the adults must work, and CEO Choi meets with President Yoo to form a revival plan for Mush & Co. It appears they’ll be relying on Crude Play’s fame to carry them a while longer, since their new show offer hinges on Crude Play helping out. President Yoo asks if she can borrow So-Rim once the show is over: she’ll pair her with another band, effectively saving So-Rim’s musical future but killing her band’s. CEO Choi doesn’t want that, thank goodness, and President Yoo wonders why he seems like a businessman one minute and a musician the next these days. He has nothing to say in reply, and vents his frustration in his car later. Yes, Yoo makes me want to yell, too.

Choi’s night isn’t quite over yet, though, and he ends up accompanying a drunk Yoo-Seok for the night. He’s upset about the contract breach, upset at President Yoo, upset Kang In-Woo’s album hasn’t been released for him yet… Choi looks to one side at that, and I can see the cogs working.

In-Woo, meanwhile, is hanging out with Han-Kyeol at the restaurant—and texting So-Rim, hah. Han-Kyeol is understandably unnerved his girlfriend’s on such good terms with his dad, and grabs for In-Woo’s phone to no avail.

Screenshot (10815)

In-Woo is all compliments for So-Rim—and the wonders of friendship and the remarkability of fate and Han-Kyeol asks point blank at this point if his dad is seeing someone. Is that why he hasn’t left yet? After all, In-Woo has a hard time staying put normally. In-Woo just takes another swig of beer and doesn’t answer.

It’s back now to Mush & Co., who conspire with Crude Play to prank Chan-Young (to our favorite Hawaiian music, hee). It’s all a ploy to get Crude Play invited on the seaside retreat too, and So-Rim waits in quiet excitement as Shi-Hyun considers inviting Han-Kyeol.

They call him and Han-Kyeol looks down on the idea… until Shi-Hyun mentions  Mush & Co. Then our hero can barely restrain his excitement, lolz! So. Freaking Cute. Let’s go to the sea!

As they race towards the ocean our hero is the first man tossed in the water… and the second, pffft. And the two bands play happily, carefree in the sun.

Screenshot (10850)

Yoo-Na’s celebrations are much less exciting… and less friend filled, as she sits to lunch with CEO Choi and President Yoo. She’s informed she’ll get a spot on tv next, since she’s done so well this time. President Yoo even suggests she’s at WHO entertainment level (President Yoo’s company), but Yoo-Na sends a glance at Choi and rejects the idea quickly.

Screenshot (10864)

Back at the retreat (yay!) everyone gathers for a game of couple dodgeball: winner handles dinner and cleanup. Everyone wants to team up with the girls, but it’s mostly fighting over So-Rim: Han-Kyeol gets fierce and nearly tells everyone to back off, he’s her boyf—ahahaha never mind hmm? No no no he meant stranger. He’s not a stranger (sounds similar to boyfriend in Korean). They finally agree on an electronic line came, and hahahahahahaha Han-Kyeol ends up with none other than Chan-Young. I can feel bromance in the air, and some great sparks between Shi-Hyun and Seo-Yoon. It all ends with a fantastic hit by So-Rim: she gets both boys in the head and they lose together—doomed to food prep and dishwasher duty that night.

Han-Kyeol doesn’t grumble about it for long, though, since So-Rim sneaks into the kitchen to help out. Kekeke they’re giddy together (so am I), and So-Rim admits she missed him. Han-Kyeol suggests they abscond to the beach that night with some fireworks, a little alone time while everyone else sleeps. They’re standing suuper close and So-Rim’s excited, but they make like rabbits and jump when Chan-Young surprises them moments later.

Han-Kyeol’s cover of cooking lessons isn’t convincing at all (although it is adorable), and So-Rim makes a hasty exit. Han-Kyeol passes the vegetables off to Chan-Young, and we skip to that night… where Chan-young mans the grill while Yoon brings out the alcohol. Soo-Yeon is adamant Mush & Co. not drink, so So-Rim stands to go (making pointed glances at Han-Kyeol *hint hint beach?*) but Chan-Young catches Han-Kyeol’s not-so-subtle attempt to leave and wrangles him into staying.

Screenshot (10935)

And that’s how So-Rim ends up texting her crush from the other side of the pavilion, confused when Han-Kyeol commits to “stay alive” through the drinking games Crude Play has initiated. She doesn’t know about his alcohol intolerance, heh.

Han-Kyeol manages to avoid so much as a sip until the speed game, and he’s out like a light after a single glass. Their manager piggybacks him inside as he mumbles about seeing the night beach, passing So-Rim on the way. Her response? “He’s such an idiot, seriously!”

Screenshot (10951)

Now that Han-Kyeol’s gone, Chan-Young suggest they really start drinking (what was all that before then?) and while I can’t follow the game they play I know Soo-Yeon ended up with the drinking penalty—and Shi-Hyun yells out he’ll be her dark night. But Soo-Yeon gulps down the alcohol without so much as blinking, and pours the next glass herself. Ha!

So-Rim plays with sparklers by herself since Han-Kyeol’s not there, and Chan-Young arrives to keep er company. He’s a contemplative drunk, and mimics her when she closes her eyes—to make a wish? He doesn’t want to tell her what he wished for, and asks that So-Rim goes first… but So-Rim didn’t wish, since hers already came true (awwww!) The sparklers die down and singe her hands, so Chan-Young pulls her inside to give first aid.

Screenshot (10957)

Elsewhere that night, Choi CEO meets up with In-Woo, who’s jamming with a few other musicians. He wants to know more about In-Woo’s past with President Choi, and offers to help him get his stolen songs back… but In-Woo doesn’t really perk up until CEO Choi mentions Han-Kyeol as motivation. Now listening, he asks point blank what CEO Choi’s real intentions are, and I think he sees through the humble face Choi puts on.

Screenshot (10979)

So-Rim wakes up to a text eaaarly the next morning: Han-Kyeol’s awake and not hungover, and wants to go see the morning sea instead. She bolts out of bed and gets ready, nearly tripping when she sees him waiting for her with a bike outside.

They’re not the only ones awake, though: Chan-Young is on the phone with CEO Choi, reporting on the retreat. CEO Choi tells him about the new show opportunity for Mush & Co. and Chan-Young is ecstatic… until he sees Han-Kyeol riding by a ways off, So-Rim’s arms wrapped firmly around his waist from the back seat. His face falls, and we close in on our OTP.

This is such a perfect moment, both of them smiling and happy—So-Rim has her head nestled to his back and suddenly asks that Han-Kyeol sing for her. With his super-memory he recalls So-Rim once said she loved listening to her mother sing while listening at her back (lol, kdramas).

He even recalls So-Rim and Grandma’s favorite song, and gives a little a cappella performance right there on the bike. I absolutely love feeling the vibrations as someone sings myself, so this is just twitterpating for me. ^^

Screenshot (11003)

So-Rim can feel more than that, though—she’s listening to his heartbeat get faster… faster… she says it’s too fast and he thinks she means the song at first (No way! I’m a walking metronome!), and gets shy admitting of course his heart speeds up around the girl he likes.

“You changed me. Before I met you,  it was so easy for me to hide my feelings. When I’m with you, I can’t fake anything.” Awwwww, I love him.

Screenshot (11012)

So does So-Rim—she speaks up, stating she’s like him since the beginning… and she like him now, too. Her head’s still against Han-Kyeol’s back, and something in his face changes. He stops the bike and wraps one hand around hers on his waist, twisting to face her in his seat.

Oh guys, this is it thisisit! The music is sweet and Han-Kyeol looks at So-Rim intently, gaze dropping down to her lips for a moment. He doesn’t give her any time to think too much, though, and leans in quickly, meeting her lips for a swift, sweet kiss.

Until next week!

Screenshot (11026)


Cozybooks Says:

I knew from the breakneck pace last hour we’d have to slowdown this episode, which was fine by me—so long as our OTP is adorable—which they are—and the tone stays light (that kiiiiiiss!), I’m glad to linger in the moments as needed. ^^ Celebrate the victories! That in and of itself could be a lesson, I feel: it reminded me at least that life is all about the moments, really.

Screenshot (10845)

Some Quick Thoughts:

  • I’m really starting to like Chan-Young, now. He’s being a lot more honest with himself, and it’s helped him mellow out. I love the real connection he’s been forming with Mush & Co. as a band he can connect to without extra baggage attached, one he feels responsible for as their hyung and oppa and producer.Screenshot (10962)
  • The lying is taking on a whole new dimension as our OTP hides their relationship. I’m excited to see what effect lying about their hearts—not to each other but to others—has on the dynamic.
  • Akfhsoifhwiohekkasfksafks;fksa; That kiss! I can die happy now (but not really, since I want to replay it over and over until next Monday.
    • Side note: I’m so glad the Hawaiian music didn’t make an appearance for that moment. It was hilarious and appropriate during the other cute moments, but it was appropriate to ditch it for this.
  • For a second, before our OTP’s date, I wondered if Han-Kyeol might be missing what he might have had, as a celebrity… and then out came the hat and mask and I said nope, not a chance.

Screenshot (10617)


A Longer Thought~ On In-Woo:

In-Woo really shined for me this episode as a character–is a very perceptive man, I think. Possibly more so than any of the business-handy producers or executives around. Every scene with him this episode, I was surprised by how insightful he appeared:

Screenshot (10702)

When faced with Han Yoo-Seok and President Yoo again, he chose to sit next to Yoo-Seok. That feels very purposeful to me, considering it would’ve been much easier to sit by President Yoo—who he once had feelings for and wasn’t currently ticked off at him. But if I read his thought process right (and I might not have) his thought process went something like this: Yoo-Seok is itching for a fight, and he’ll end up having one regardless. I might as well get it over with then, if it’s going to happen anyway. In an odd way, it’s almost a show of support to President Yoo that he’d let things boil up like that—better a small confrontation now than a big on later.

Then we move to his private conversation with President Yoo: what a fun take on the classic Cinderella moment! It’s a bit cheesy that she “lost her shoe” like that, but I loved the underplay behind it all: In-Woo is that pair of accustomed heels, that used to be irritating but have since been missed. And at the same time President Yoo is too, broken after too long alone in a cutthroat industry—one that she may have entered for In-Woo. It’s only fitting then that he’s her knight with the handyman kit, ready to fix her up and make sure she’s taken care of.

Screenshot (10720)

And finally, the very subtle confrontation between Choi and In-Woo at the end. What an exciting meeting between the Liar and one Lover! Our industry man and the musician of integrity. It made me so happy to see In-Woo cut Choi down to size a bit, asking what he really wanted. Choi thrives on playing off his perceptions, taking people’s hidden desires and twisting them to his words and getting what he wants for them (not from them, which would be different). But In-Woo has never done anything but wear his heart on his sleeve, and I think that’s helped him recognize when someone has alternate intentions. If there’s anyone who can get Choi to open up it’s In-Woo, I’m excited to see what happens between the two of them… so long as In-Woo doesn’t end up getting snared.

Screenshot (10972)


8 responses to “Liar and His Lover: Episode 10

  1. This (and ep 9) really was a squee- worthy episode! Lee Hyun Woo and Joy sparkle together! Plus your screen-shots are giving me life! :D

  2. Lee Hyun Woo and Joy are really setting fireworks above my head……..Thanks a lot for the recaps, prepping for exams so I only follow up through recaps for now……….

    • Lol I make it a policy not to study for tests (really I do), although this time around there a few that I’ve had to make exceptions for. Good luck! And yes, I’ve still got butterflies from the episode just looking at the screencaps! ^^

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