Cozy’s Drama Book #23

Ah, finals. You make it so much harder to blog, but make the drama watching that much sweeter, since I value the relaxation time more. ^^ I’m almost done with my first ever year of college, and what an experience it’s been! I’m ready to move home for the summer though, shift gears a bit to work more and study less (not that I do much studying anyway, I make it a personal policy to avoid it). Looking back, I’ve learned a lot in these two semesters, and more that some relates to dramas. So:

Opini) Pinocchio – Korean Drama | Saya punya cerita

A List of Life Lessons College (and Dramas) Teach:

  1. Eating ramen late at night may seem like a good idea at the time, but you will feel puffy later.
  2. If there’s a drop dead gorgeous boy on the bus your ride home, the best way to talk to him is to fall directly into his arms at some point. Otherwise, it just never happens and you feel silly.
  3. Roommate struggles are real, but never let that stop a good #weareapackage from forming.
  4. If there is a white truck coming, do not enter the road. Or at least make sure they’re slowing down before you do.
  5. If you have raspberry chocolate and a WiFi connection (and dramas by extension), then sleep isn’t necessary.
  6. Everything is better with Lee Jong Suk.

Pics Photos - Tags Lee Jong Suk I Hear Your Voice

A List of Where I am Now:

(Since I can’t recall what I’ve watched between my last update and today)

General and I 29

Liar and His Lover 7-8 (watching 9 today)

Tunnel 7 (episode 8 today)

Mystery Queen 3-4

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon 15-16 (so cute!)


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