My K-Drama Life: Voice

Ok, so I’m not being stalked or chased by a serial killer. And I didn’t suddenly gain super hearing over the weekend, either (thank goodness, I think that would drive me nuts). So you might be wondering why my life is suddenly connected to this violent, gory tv show.

Well, it isn’t every day you call 911.


I wasn’t in any danger,  I promise. It was just a shoplifter at my workplace (we get them aaalll the time). But I was still freaked out! Picture this: I’m just walking through the store, finished with my current project, when my manager appears out of seemingly nowhere, talking in a super serious voice to a man walking determinedly for the doors:

“I need you to stop right there, sir. I saw you taking it. Sir, you need to come with me.”

Now, I’d seen my manager with shoplifters before, but never a confrontation. I was frozen on the spot: did I stay and witness (this was kinda cool, after all) or just hurry on my way? Would the caught man feel awkward for having an audience?

No time to think, though. In the next moment, my manager turned and pointed to me. In a stern tone: “Call the police!”

Um… ok! The nearest phone was only a few feet away. I grabbed it as the man kept walking to the front—slowly, but surely. Call? What number? This wasn’t technically an emergency… but I didn’t have the city’s number memorized… and he was leaving! We needed the police now! I picked up the phone.

9… 1… 1… and go.

It was a bit surreal, the calm woman on the other end of the phone talking and asking me questions. Thankfully, I explained early the shoplifter wasn’t being violent (although he wasn’t cooperating, either). I gave a description, answered some questions, and then it was over. The best part? Right after I hung up the phone rang again for an incoming customer call… and I answered it, since I was closest. Officially the most exciting shift of my life!


Voice is an OCN drama is about a Korean emergency call center, basically their version of our 911. Except this call center forms the Golden Time team, a police unit dedicated to stopping the crime within each type of crime’s “Golden time” window. Of course, there is a running baddie as well…

I did call in and the woman on the other end of the line was very calm, and very kind… but that’s where the similarities end, since I’m fairly certain she didn’t have super hearing like our heroine or have the background our cast did. And there wasn’t a serial murderer, or an abuser, or some other violent criminal chasing me down (thank goodness!). Voice is actually a bit too violent for my tastes and I stopped it after the first episode or two. But I know a few people who really loved it, so maybe it’s worth checking out!


One response to “My K-Drama Life: Voice

  1. Glad the shoplifter didn’t turn violent and that it had the benefit of giving you something to blog about. 🙂
    I like the Voice because I had friends to shriek and freak out with so it was fun. I don’t recommend watching this one alone at all. But really, the villain was awesome, in a totally freaky and twisted way of course.

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