Cozy’s Drama Book #22

Sorry for the inconsistency, but recapping takes up so much time I’ve decided to give myself a break on the rest of it and not sweat about other regular posts as much. There were a lot of really exciting things that happened this week though, so I thought I’d do a think-dump here to record them all.

A List of Cool Things This Week:

  1. I caught the premier of Queen of Mystery, and I really liked the quirky vibe–and how intelligent our heroine is, if not versed in street smarts. I don’t know if I’ll keep up on it, but I liked it!
  2. You know that you have the best professor ever when he tells you to remake a part of Asian cinema for your final project. So now I’ve recruited my Korean class to help me make an episode of Running Man–it’s gonna be so much fun!
  3. I finished Kill Me Heal Me with my #wearapackage roommate, and now I’m hoping to watch I Remember You with her. It’s time she was introduced to Seo In Guk and Bogummie fever. ^^
  4. You know your mother is a beautiful soul when she practically forces you to take all the leftover sashimi home. ^^ Mmmm it was good. I loved spending time with our Hawaiian visitors, too!
  5. Has anybody else been blown away by how awesome Astro’s dancing is? They’re a kpop group I started listening to recently, and I am absolutely in awe of how good of dancers they are. Here’s a dance practice video to prove it:


Drama Watched This Week:

Kill Me Heal Me 20

Mystery Queen 1-2

Liar and His Lover 5-6 (recap 5 and recap 6)

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon 11-12

Tunnel 3-4


2 responses to “Cozy’s Drama Book #22

  1. Hey Cozybooks! You inspired me to dip my toes into the recapping water- so I did one for the first episode of Chicago Typewriter! Would love it if you could check it out and give me your honest opinions and comments :) also I know you were undecided about watching so maybe it will convince you because I am enjoying it a lot! 😝
    And yes, recapping is hard work, it’s probably a once off thing for me. Lol.

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