Cozy’s Drama Book #21

Sorry I circumvented my drama book on Wednesday for a Philosophic review (actually not sorry, I think that was a Pinocchio style finger-guns ‘good choice’). I did manage to get everything done, submitted my three papers on time and took all my tests. I’m pretty much in the final stretch now, and looking down the last turn at the finish line has never been sweeter. I don’t know how much drama I’ll be able to watch next wee, though, as I work more than I usually do.

~ ~ ~

I settled onto the couch, sighing to myself. Lalaland had been interesting, but not nearly as good as I had wanted it to be. I tried to convince myself other British and Korean television hadn’t ruined me for my own country’s entertainment… heck, even the englih singers I liked were actually Russian. But maybe I had just expected too much of Lalaland–not everything could be that thing you do or Singing in the Rain, after all. I still wanted to write that comparison analysis.

I pulled up my browser, little grin on my face as I thought about the last episode of Chief Kim. Except… I glanced down at the open word processor, real adulting thoughts battling with my own desire to just watch drama and forget about school. Wouldn’t that be nice? Who wanted to write a paper about Confucian relationships in 20th century Asian cinema?

…Well, actually I did.

I puled open the doc and looked over what I had written, wondering how much editing it needed before the 5PM deadline the next day. Maybe I’d just spend ten minutes or so on this–

… … I looked up at the clock, not believing my eyes. I turned on my phone to double check, ready to kick myself. 1:45. Say it wasn’t true! I hadn’t spent the last 3 hours on this!! I stood up, creaky, walked to the fridge for a drink. I hadn’t even watched any drama. I felt unfulfilled (although my paper was pretty good). I gazed longingly at my computer, then just as longingly down the hallway to my bedroom. Maybe… just 10 minutes… Namgoong Min–

… … I stumbled into bed, silently apologizing again as my roommate (bless her!) mumbled something, rousing a bit as I climbed into bed across the room. I looked at the clock–3AM–and thanked the heavens I didn’t have class until noon the next day. And this way I’d finished Chief Kim, too. ^^

~ ~ ~

A List of Cozybooks’ Favorite Actors

  1. Lee Jong Suk, everything. If you don’t know already, he’s my favorite actor. I often tend to “read characters thoughts” from their faces, and it’s one sign of a bad actor if I can’t understand what they’re thinking in a look. Well, Lee Jong Suk has the most amazing face, it’s like every little expression speaks volumes. Sometime this year I’m going to write a letter to him. Hey, if I can recap a drama I can do anything!screenshot-2909
  2. Ji-Sung, diverse acting. I swear, this man is the most talented actor I have ever seen. His talent is really flaunted in Kill Me Heal Me, and I can only hope for such a challenging role to come his way again soon. Screenshot (5938)
  3. Namgoong Min, anything funny. I think he’s found a new niche, even better than his psychotic villains (which he can also play, incredibly well). He has a natural excitement to him, and he isn’t afraid to give his all to his roles. Screenshot (6804)

And those are really the only three I feel incredible affinity for. There are other actors I love and enjoy watching, but I wouldn’t necessarily consider watching a show just because they’re in it (I try not to do that anyway).

Other Actors Cozybooks Likes:

Seo In Guk, Gong Yoo, Park Bo Gum, Wallace Huo, Ji Chang Wook, Park Hae Jin, Ok Taecyeon, Lee Je Hoon.


Drama Watched This Week (3/24-30):

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon 9-10

Tunnel 1-2

Liar and His Lover 3-4 (recaps 3 and recap 4)

General and I 20

Kill Me Heal Me (I don’t recall which episodes we watched from, but we’re on 19 now)


3 responses to “Cozy’s Drama Book #21

  1. It’s funny but I don’t really have favorite actors anymore. There are several I like, some more than others, but mostly based on their acting ability only. So, I’m way past “watching anything she/he is in”, If the drama/film doesn’t click, it’ll get das boot. :)

    • I try and do that, with only two exceptions: Entertainer (which I ended up loving) and Chief Kim, which I checked out for Namgoong Min, stopped watching, and started again. ^^

  2. My thoughts were exactly the same for La la land. It was not bad, but oscar worthy? Hardly. Also I feel Emma stone can do better, it wasn’t a groundbreaking or reverting role to say the least.

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