Liar and His Lover: Episode 4

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And I’m back! This show just keeps getting cuter, and I’m surprised actually at how fast paced it is for such a light show. We’re clipping right along in both relationships and plot, with new revelations left and right. I’m still loving the OTP, but there’s a bromance not far behind.

Liar And His Lover Episode 4

Main Points:

  • Yoo-Na shapes up to be a real second leading lady
  • I really love cute montages with this OTP
  • We really delve into Chan-Young as a character
  • We learn about “Real Crude Play”
  • Things begin coming to a head with the lies

~ ~ ~

We to our OTP on the rooftop and with the CEO, both debating how to best stick with their bands. CEO Choi tells Han-Kyeol it’s just business—he turns music into commodities and sells them. Bro, what you do is turn people into commodities, and I don’t like that. Neither does Han-Kyeol, who gets even more frustrated when CEO changes his tune: he asks Han-Kyeol believe they’re a group of promising people, who love music, and CEO Choi wants one of the best to train them. Oof. Not that I’d mind if Han-Kyeol was So-Rim’s producer—it would just bring his subversion to a quick end… which is also good. Take it! Take it!

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He doesn’t bite, though, and CEO Choi gives him one last chance: “you’ll regret it once you hear her voice.” Well, I think you’re right about that.

So-Rim’s voice is currently still singing, eyes closed as Chan-Young approaches. It seems terribly fitting that CEO Choi narrates anyone would fall for her voice—I don’t think Chan-Young’s reached that point yet, but he will. I have faith. She realizes he’s there and Chan-Young he asks her if she’s a trainee at the company. She confirms it and hurries off the rooftop as Han-Kyeol makes his final refusal: he won’t be producing for this girl, no matter how good her voice is.

Some time later, So-Rim is in the CEO’s office, decision made. She asks if it’s impossible for him to give her friends a chance, and he replies sure, he can do that—but think about them. They won’t get as good a response from the public but it’s not even their reactions he’s worried about. Her friends, apparently, will have to face themselves onstage in front of that audience and realize they’re not so good. (I’m officially disgusted by CEO Choi, by-the-way). She should just leave them behind, for their own sakes.

Screenshot (7281)

So-Rim sees right through it, however (I knew she would!) and tells him they’ll never know unless they try. That’s the way! So he calls in Su-Ae (that girl from last episode who I thought was a cameo) to get the guys. Is this happening? It’s happening! He makes some calculating decisions about the boys’ looks (of course) and sends them away with a contract offer. Yay!

So-Rim shares the news with grandma that night, explaining the CEO wants to meet with her later that week. Her grandma is so supportive and proud, tearing up at her talented granddaughter’s new break. She asks if So-Rim wants to visit her parents (graves) tomorrow, and they make plans to do so. As a side note, grandma recognizes Crude Play in the brochure So-Rim brought home… from the giant posters in her room, hah. And as So-Rim sits in her room later, we see she’s not quite on cloud nine. After all, Han-Kyeol said he doesn’t like girls who sing.

Screenshot (7292)

CEO Choi looks over his posters of Crude play in his office the next day, and I wonder what’s running through his mind until Chan-Young interrupts. He knows about the group that auditioned and heard Han-Kyeol was going to produce for them. CEO quickly refutes this, and Chan-Young looks flabbergasted. But apparently Han-Kyeol has a habit of saying no, and Chan-Young adds: “the worst was when he left our band right before our debut”. Ooooh that explains a lot. I was wondering how So-Rim didn’t recognize our hero if he’d been a previous member of the band.

Chan-Young asks then if he can be the producer for the new group. He hands out So-Rim’s print profile, and we transition to the production team, hard at work trying to find a way for her band to debut ASAP. Su-Ae has some ideas so she sits down at her computer… where she’s quickly distracted by a band calling themselves “Real Crude Play”. They were mentioned in episode 2, but I passed over it thinking they were just a testament to Crude Play’s fame and copycat fans. Apparently not. Su-Ae compares this faceless band to a self-recorded video of Crude Play… and the instruments are exactly the same. Well, this plot takes on new connotations then. Who’s posting the videos? Are they old ones?

We don’t learn that for now, because we’re sent over to So-Rim and her grandmother at the columbarium while they visit So-Rim’s parents. Our heroine has a short conversation with them, saying she misses them, feels “so frustrated and lonely at times”—but knows they’re watching from heaven. And that sound is my heart breaking as grandma looks on, far enough away to give privacy, and gazes at her granddaughter.

On the bus ride home So-Rim lays her head on her grandma’s shoulder, who has fallen asleep. So-Rim pulls out her phone and looks at Han-Kyeols’s texts, pulling up the keyboard to send one.

Han-Kyeol is busy now, however, recording vocals with Shi-Hyun for the title song. It sounds pretty good, although too strained in my opinion compared to So-Rim’s version. Han-Kyeol asks to take a break (is he dissatisfied?) and dives onto the couch, eyes already closed. He says they’ll start mixing next soon, and apparently that means he’s actually really pleased, they’re close to done. Our poor hero is out like a log already, and Shi-Hyun covers his friend with a blanket. Of course it’s this moment his phone receives a text from So-Rim: is Han-Kyeol busy? Shi-Hyun picks it up and reads the message, wondering if Han-Kyeol knows any girls he doesn’t. “I don’t think so.” Heh, you guys are cute.

Screenshot (7305)

So-Rim must have skipped school today, because bandmates Jin-Woo and Gyoo-Sun are making excuses for her while their classmates crowd them, asking for the scoop on their audition. Se-Jeong pretends she’s listening to music, but secretly pops out an earbud to hear. But the boys keep tight lipped about their new contract, only whispering about it when they’ve been left alone: So-Rim didn’t just skip to visit her parents, she also has a recording later today. But wait! Se-Jeong’s been experimenting with new and creative ways to eavesdrop, and had silenced the volume on her phone—she heard the whole thing. Her next move? Cozy up (hehe, pun) to Gyoo-Sun and get him to walk home with her. I’d say she really has a crush on him, but that last look just felt calculating.

Back at the company, Chan-Young walks into a breakroom to see Yoo-Na finishing a cup of coffee. They make small talk about the band and her recent dating scandal, and Yoo-Na feels more like she broke up with Crude Play for how mad they are at her. Except for Chan-Young, who says he likes to watch the show more than take part. (Hmmm, interesting) He says the best part isn’t her love life, though—he’s more amused by the fact he knows exactly why Crude Play had to change their title song last minute. This is news to Yoo-Na, and she’s informed Han-Kyeol has a fun breakup habit: he writes a masterpiece every time it happens. Lol, Han-Kyeol really is like a male Taylor Swift.

And now Chan-Young heads to So-Rim’s recording, which leaves Yoo-Na free to sneak into the Han-Kyeol’s studio and listen to the song-in-progress. Han-Kyeol  wakes up and asks what she’s doing there: “don’t you know listening to a song that’s not finished yet without approval is rude?” Yoo-Na only whispers I’m sorry, and leaves quietly when he tells her to. I’m trying to feel bad for you, darling, but you decided to break up—and date Choi. It’s sort of hard at this point.

Screenshot (7335)

So-Rim’s recording is done now, and she’s walking with Chan-Young through the halls, every bit the starstruck fan. She admits this and he seems amused, ducking in close to watch her jerk away and squeal. I think they might be on a collision course with Han-Kyeol and Yoo-Na: she had waited for our hero outside his studio, hoping to… reconcile? At least apologize some more. He’s not having it though, and walks off.

Ope, no collision—Chan-Young sends So-Rim off outside, and she hangs around to pick up a call from her friend. Han-Kyeol and Yoo-Na are just inside, though, now arguing over his new song. Didn’t he write it thinking about her? He doesn’t reject the idea, only asks: “Then what? If I say it was for you, will you come back to me?” She has no reply and Han-Kyeol exits the company—where So-Rim is still standing at the bottom of the steps. Yoo-Na calls out, “Han-Kyeol ssi!” But whirls around when she sees So-Rim. No good letting the public in on her dramatic love life, after all.

I can see a million things running behind Han-Kyeol’s eyes: Did she see Yoo-Na? Why is she here? This is the company. She doesn’t know I’m a hotshot. She’s here! He takes her arm and pulls her away, while Yoo-Na watches from inside.

It’s not just Yoo-Na who sees them, either: Shi-Hyun’s being dropped off at the company and stares after the couple, grinning. I bet Han-Kyeol’s gonna get it later.

We catch up to our OTP, now stopped nearby. So-Rim’s obviously confused and a bit nervous, but he seems more at ease now they’re away from the company. He suddenly asks if she has time, adding that if she does: “do you want to play with me?” Well obviously that’s a yes. Cue date sequence, extra adorable I-want-to-hold-hands tactics included. 😉

Screenshot (7346)

They eventually arrive at a streetside claw machine with plushies of Crude Play inside, and So-Rim wants K. “What’s K?” Han-Kyeol flusters. Please let him be her favorite. Pleaselethimbeherfavorite. There’s no K, unfortunately, and she tries instead for “Chan-Young Oppa”, which makes Han-Kyeol hilariously jealous. When she can’t get the stuffie, So-Rim locks in on a set of mini microphones and goes for those—getting them after a few tries (how?!) Next stop is probably PPL, but I guess everyone needs new shoes sometimes. Yoo-Na is the brand model, unfortunately, and Han-Kyeol decides he’ll wait for So-Rim outside rather than stare at his ex’s face.

Screenshot (7411).png

So-Rim walks out looking wise to the situation, and Han-Kyeol rattles off some questions—she must be hungry right? Should they eat? What does she want? So-Rim turns that around, asking if he’s hungry—he says he is but she calls the lie, telling him his face says no. And then she dives right to the heart of it: does he want to eat with her? Does he really want to spend time with her? “See,” she says, “everything was a lie.” Nonono! Don’t take it like that!

He runs after her, apologizing, but So-Rim just says she doesn’t know what to do in a situation like this—when a person she likes keeps lying to her. Han-Kyeol’s stunned face quickly turns into advice: get angry, yell or swear at him.

“Is that what other people do?” She asks. He nods. “Then I’m not going to do it like that,” she says. “I don’t want to be like other people.” Especially not to him, I think those eyes add. He knows it too—and then his stomach growls, proving he really was hungry at the start of all this.

Screenshot (7418)

As they eat (I’m hungry), So-Rim gives Han-Kyeol one of their claw machine microphones, and then I super wonder if kdrama heroines take lessons on how to eat daintily messy: just enough to solicit the hero’s attention, not enough to get embarrassing. She asks why he was at Sole Music earlier, and he tries to pass it off lightly as seeing “someone he knew”. I can see her head putting together some not-so-wrong connections about that woman she saw earlier. Outdated since he’s no longer dating Yoo-Na, but still relevant. She jokes he must’ve been trying to spot a celebrity, and he reiterates he doesn’t like singers. Welp, there goes her happy face.

They walk slowly by a canal eating ice cream later, and So-Rim asks if he’s feeling better now—she knew he wanted to play because he was feeling down. He apologizes for acting selfishly, and asks she consider the day wasted. She says she can’t, though—this is the first time they’ve been together for so long a time. He looks conflicted over that, but decides to play the adult and says she’s just too young: when she meets someone better, she’ll forget all about him. She stops walking then, and calls out to him: “Can’t you just stay where you are? […] I’ll go to you. I’ll do my best. So will you just stay there?”

Screenshot (7428)

It looks like So-Rim’s not the only one making the moves, seeing as Se-Jeong walks with Gyoo-Sun as er promised. They see Han-Kyeol dropping So-Rim off at her grandmother’s, and Gyoo-Sun sends Se-Jeong right on her way, denying that the man she saw was So-Rim’s boyfriend.

Screenshot (7431)

Now home Han-Kyeol tests out the microphone from the claw machine on his phone (can he get any cuter?) There’s a text from Shi-Hyun, too, asking if he had fun playing with So-Rim today. Well that warrants a call, and Han-Kyeol asks how his friend knew. Shi-Hyun’s response? “What does it feel like to date a high school girl?” Pffft. Han-Kyeol denies “it’s not like that” (riiiiiiight) and hangs up on him. And then there’s a text from CEO Choi: the new band has a recording this Saturday, and he wants Han-Kyeol to come. And by-the-way here’s a recording to get you interested. Oh boy.

Han-Kyeol doesn’t listen to it, instead opening up his music maker for a new song. New song? ^^ Please yes. He pauses, thinking about our heroine before titling it “Yoon So Rim_Waiting for you”. That is so sweet. He starts the metronome and gets to work.

Screenshot (7447)

So-Rim’s thinking about Han-Kyeol, too, singing to Crude Play’s Peter Pan and playing with her plushies: she has all but K. She experiments with her mini-microphone, spirits dampened by the memory of the short haired woman she’d seen the back of earlier. She looks at her hair (lol don’t cut it for Han-Kyeol) and figure in the mirror, a universally relatable look of dissatisfaction on her face. She wonders one more time who the woman was, and then we transition.

To Saturday, it seems, and her first recording session with the whole band. Chan-Young meets them to offer directions to the studio, and Jin-Woo looks a bit panicked So-Rim is so close to “Chan-Young Oppa”. It devolves into a debate over his looks, and… I don’t think they realize Chan-Young, the CEO and all the staff can hear their conversation from the sound-room. Lol. Good thing Su-Ae clues them in, and they shut up quickly.

As the recording starts CEO says their friendship reminds him of early Crude Play, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence Chan-Young jumps right into “I have a song I’m writing.” Jealous much? The song’s not for Crude Play but for So-Rim (that makes two!) and CEO Choi looks interested.

Screenshot (7450)

We montage to the end of the day, and the boys are walking home. They sense they might not be as important as So-Rim is, but they’re not too blue—Gyoo-Sun is more impressed with So-Rim for being so at ease in a recording studio. He even feels like they’re taking advantage of their friend, but Jin-Woo brushes away his fears. It seems to work, and Gyoo-Sun bids him goodnight.

Later, So-Rim’s getting a ride home with Chan-Young (in his super fancy red car), and he asks if Jin-Woo is her boyfriend. She denies it, and he asks what her type is. She says “someone with a good voice,” but Chan-Young can tell she has someone in mind. Who is it? Is he in high school? Oh, older. College? What does he do? Something with music. Probably. Hmmm, he must just like calling himself a musician, then—someone with no talent or passion, just dreams. So-Rim stands up for her crush, explaining she’s heard one of his songs. Uh-Oh. It was such a good song, she said, so don’t talk about him like that. Double Uh-oh.

Screenshot (7465)

Yup, now she’s humming Crude Play’s title song… and singing it. Chan-Young pulls over, fast, and stares at her. How does she know that song?! She answers—someone she knows wrote it. Why does he want to know? Chan-Young lies it just sounded so good… but can he meet the writer? What’s his name?

Kang Han-Kyeol.

Chan-Young’s face falls about a mile, and his eyes flicker wildly at the news. So-Rim says they’re close enough to her house and exits the car, leaving Chan-Young alone to sigh at himself. I can read his eyes: I might have known it, even she was his first. Not that So-Rim is an object or anything.

Screenshot (7467)

President Yoo and an unknown man are chatting elsewhere over drinks, waiting for CEO Choi and Shi-Hyun to arrive. My bet is this is Han Yoo-Seok, the artist Han-Kyeol refused to work with before—the one who stole his dad’s songs. It’s not long before someone else arrives, but it’s not who President Yoo was expecting: It’s Kang In-Woo Han-Kyeol’s dad, whom I didn’t recognize at first for the haircut he got.

Han-Kyeol is at home, taking a break from his tribute song to So-Rim, and pulls out an old cassette tape of his father instead. He listens to the tune and remembers how his father’s songs were taken, driving home the injustice as we transition back to the President and In-Woo.

He’s being goofy and she’s acting stiff, although that quickly breaks down as she turns out to have some morals after all—she can’t watch him play guitar for Yoo-Seok’s concert. Does she… like In-Woo? She asks if he needs money and In-Woo evades, saying he doesn’t like it when President Yoo treats things she mistrusts like they don’t exist. They share a long moment, broken as CEO Choi and Yoo-Seok. Choi may be the only one who doesn’t know what happened to In-Woo in the past and is pleased to meet In-Woo, who he realizes is Han-Kyeol’s father. And drinks.

Screenshot (7476)

Han-Kyeol is out playing with a jazz band at a bar, which he can do because he’s not famous like Crude Play. I’d forgotten for a second because Chan-Young walked in, waving. Confrontation! Confrontation! We learn this is where Crude Play debuted… and that In-Woo used to own the place, although Shi-Hyun’s bought it now (that’s sweet). Aaaand Chan-Young’s a fan of In-Woo’s music, both the credited songs and the stolen ones. If a secret is known by everyone, is it really a secret? Chan-Young mentions the session musician Han-Kyeol fired in the first episode was Chan-Young’s addition, and our hero apologizes, adding a bottle of liquor to the conversation. Is that really a good idea? (no, no it’s not) Han-Kyeol apologizes explains he didn’t mean to be harsh to the man, he just wanted to hear the sounds in his head as perfectly as possible. Chan-Young latches on to that: isn’t that why Crude Play exists? For Han-Kyeol’s music? Chan-Young reveals he’s uncomfortable as Han-Kyeol’s stand-in, and Han-Kyeol has nothing to say. Chan-Young goes on—that’s why he’s going to debut as a producer for himself, with the band Han-Kyeol turned down. What, you’re not gonna say anything about So-Rim? I’m so sure.

Screenshot (7481)

Han-Kyeol says it’s a good idea, adding he’s never wanted to train rookies anyway. Chan-Young secures some extra “permission” to produce for them and stands to leave. Han-Kyeol won’t let him go yet and says her voice must be pretty darn amazing, for Chan-Young to do all this. He asks what it sounds like, and Chan-Young (reveal who it is! Darn.) says he won’t show him, and leaves.

The next day, Han-Kyeol stops by So-Rim’s school with a present—ice cream—and So-Rim sighs this means they’ll have to eat them right away so they don’t melt, ie. she won’t get lots of time with him today. Ha-Kyeol agrees it’ll be short—he has work to do. So-Rim perks up at a chance to learn more, but Han-Kyeol dodges. It’s just… stuff, he says, things you do when you’re an adult. He’s pleased she’s happy with his present, but then takes it back for a moment. Apparently, it’s really a bribe. He wants her to…


to what?! Date him? What!

Screenshot (7494)

He wants her to sing his song. (*squuueeeee*) He says he’s written a song. For her. That suits her voice, and he wants her to sing it. All So-Rim can hear is her memories—he doesn’t like singers—and she turns him down flat. Noooooo! That took so much courage on his part! She gives him back the ice-cream and stands to leave. He runs after her demanding to know why: why doesn’t she want to sing for him? He thought she liked his songs! She does, bro. But she likes you more. So-Rim requests more time to think saying she’ll call him when she’s ready. Oof, he looks like he’s had the breath knocked out of him.

Screenshot (7500)

CEO Choi’s in a meeting for So-Rim’s debut, and Chan-Young’s new song comes up. A team member says it’s pretty good, and I’m as curious as CEO Choi is to hear it now. (More, actually. Choi doesn’t look interested). He says to just go with what they have for now—just Han-Kyeol’s songs—and finishes the meeting.

Chan-Young must be nervous over the fate of his musical venture because he asks Su-Ae if his song made the list… and then sees they’re all Producer Ks.

Producer K himself is getting a headache over the one song he wants So-Rim to sing, but won’t, and starts the metronome to calm himself down (he’s so cute). He jumps for his phone when it rings, but it’s not So-Rim: it’s Chan-Young, livid Han-Kyeol still seems to be producing for the new band. Han-Kyeol affirms he denied the job, repeatedly, and Chan-Young tells him to go do it again, they didn’t get it, and hangs up.

His next call is to So-Rim, and she meets him in front of her house. There’s something she needs to listen to, can she come with him? She looks pretty pleased herself and agrees.

CEO Choi’s looking at Chan-Young’s song in his office, debating whether or not he should listen.

Han-Kyeol’s not, though. He’s looking at So-Rim’s face, the selfie she took on his pone. A call comes in from CEO Choi, and Han-Kyeol looks like he’s going to ignore it until he remembers Chan-Young’s accusations.

Screenshot (7517)

So-Rim and the band finish listening to Chan-Young’s song while the composer looks on for validation. They’re all impressed, and Chan-Young reveals he wrote it for them—he wants to be their producer. When asked why, he hints he wants to leave Crude Play.

Meanwhile Han-Kyeol’s in CEO Choi’s office, there to turn down the producing offer ‘again’. That doesn’t make Choi happy, and he tries several times to make Han-Kyeol reconsider: “You can do what you couldn’t with Crude Play,” he says, “You can grow bigger.” Han-Kyeol’s not impressed, and refuses to be manipulated. He leaves the office angry and we transition.

It’s Crude Play, who reveal themselves to be behind the “Real Crude Play” videos. They aren’t going viral and the band gets worried, wondering if it’s because they’re not singing. Or maybe they aren’t as good as they thought. I’m sorry boys, but star status carries a lot of weight (but I think you’re honestly good, too).

Chan-Young’s been called into CEO Choi’s office, and he’s over the moon to hear he gets to produce for the new band. He runs out and calls So-Rim (who’s on the roof), telling her to stay there: he’s got amazing news and wants to tell her first.

Meanwhile inside the building, Jin-Woo runs into Han-Kyeol—Confront! Confront!—immediately astonished to see him at Sole Music. As if this wasn’t bad enough another worker comes up, calling Han-Kyeol “Producer K” and talking excitedly about his latest Crude Play song. Han-Kyeol tries to rush the man to a more private location, but he’s not fast enough and Jin-Woo stops them. “Crude Play?! K?!”

Up on the roof, Chan-Young shares his good news, grinning broadly. So-Rim is giddy too, while Jin-Woo gets super furious at Han-Kyeol, demanding to know who he is. Confront! Our hero doesn’t get a chance to say, however, as his co-worker jumps in for him: “How dare you? Don’t you know who he is? He gets so much fan-mail. You can’t say things like this, when you’re only debuting now!” (I just jumped off of my couch in excitement, btw).

Han-Kyeol latches onto that last bit, now worried himself: what’s he talking about? Do you belong to the company? They both want an answer first, but Jin-Woo gives in and says yes, they’re contracted with Sole Music now. Gyoo-Sun walks up in the middle of it all and Han-Kyeol demands to know where So-Rim is, she must have contracted too, then! Yeeess, confront!

Screenshot (7546)

She’s still on the rooftop, happy in her “dream” with Chan-Young. Confront! Confront! She gives him a formal greeting as Han-Kyeol races to the rooftop. Chan-Young is playing lowball now, extracting a promise from her that since she’s going to be produced by him, she can only focus on her music for the next three years, nothing else. Not even people she likes. NOOOOOOOOooooooooooo! He says she’ll realize a lot of things as a singer—not just good things, but how cruel people can be, including the people around her (like you?!). Han-Kyeol’s still running as Chan-Young says he’ll always be by her side. He’ll even quit Crude Play for her. Wow. He reiterates it’s just three years, egging her to make the promise, and Han-Kyeol arrives juuuust in time to watch them shake hands on it. To him So-Rim looks awfully happy, and that’s a wrap.

Screenshot (7548)

Cozybooks Says:

Blwaaaaaaaa I super wanted a total confrontation this episode! I was pretty much satisfied that Jin-Woo and Gyoo-Sun found out, but now I’m dying for next week to come so So-Rim can get on the same page as everyone (do you think she will?) But enough of that—onwards!

Some Quick Thoughts:

  • So-Rim really does have some deep issues too—both with self worth (she has to stop putting herself down, and I don’t think Jin-Woo helps with that) and her dead parents .
  • What an interesting woman So-Rim’s grandma is. She has staunchly supported So-Rim in a dream that most parents would probably be quick to temper with thoughts of reality and “realistic expectations”. She’s been every bit a mother to So-Rim, and for me I’d have little flashes of jealousy when So-Rim then has so much love for her dead parents. I think So-Rim’s aware of that fact, too—the bus ride home might seem simple, but physical touch is one of my love languages and doing that for me would be saying: I really love you too, grandma, thank you. You’re just as important in my heart.Screenshot (7293).png
  • I am just waiting for President Yoo to be Han-Kyeol’s mother. It’s totally going to happen (was that a part of the teasers?)
  • Shi-Hyun is officially the sweetest friend ever (better than Gyoo-Sun even). He cares so dang much for his friend, even buying In-Woo’s old bar, and I hope there’s lots more bromance in the future (it’s a musical band drama, of course there will be).
  • Huuuge realization about Han-Kyeol here: he self-admitted he makes music to hear the sounds in his head perfectly. When I think of that I think of Beethoven, and Handel, and the other greats.
  • I wonder what CEO Choi sees in Han-Kyeol, to cater to his whims so completely and try to manipulate Han-Kyeol into doing what he wants, too. Maybe he just smells the talent and money, but it still seems unnatural. That line about wanting Han-Kyeol to grow more seems telling.

Screenshot (7435).png

Some Longer Thoughts:

Chan-Young you! You test my patience! I want to like you so much, and I sympathize with you completely, but arrgh I already love our OTP too much it makes me mad you’re causing trouble.

I was wrong in my last recap, pegging Chan-Young as a second lead. I thought he’d just fall in love with her (and I think he still will); but this episode revealed a lot about that, and it’s more complicated than I’d thought. It was really Chan-Young’s episode in a lot of ways, so let’s break it down.Screenshot (7271)

Starting easy, I’ve guessed for a while he feels inferior to Han-Kyeol, even having taken his place in the band. That was really driven home this hour, as everywhere he turned it seemed Han-Kyeol was there first. It doesn’t matter Chan-Young took Han-Kyeol’s place in the band, that was still Han-Kyeol’s idea—and I think Chan-Young’s regretted going along with it ever since. I say that because oddly, Chan-Young strikes me as the one least passionate about performing—he’s skilled and in touch with the notes, but he has this layer of distance about him. Remember he was a session musician first, and it’s not like he wants an audience to connect with or play for. Music is a job, one he loves and wants to succeed in. He also has some sly, sly business sense and isn’t afraid to hide things or use people to get what he wants.

Which brings us full circle, back to So-Rim. I think that yes, he’s interested in her. He certainly loves her voice—but I think what he sees in her is a way out. Out from the band and from being Han-Kyeol’s stand in. It’s interesting I don’t recall seeing Chan-Young there when the rest of the band recorded “Real Crude Play”. So because he’s aware of how fluttery So-Rim gets around him, I’m irritated he’s still so attached to her. She’s very pure in her relationships and intentions with people (she won’t even sing for Han-Kyeol when she thinks it’ll muddle up the relationship and her feelings), and he’s not. He’s using people for his music and desires, like so many have accused Han-Kyeol of. But unlike our hero, I don’t think he’s planning on stopping anytime soon.  Screenshot (7535)


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