Liar and His Lover: Episode 3

Screenshot (7120)

Helllo! Good morning!

I didn’t know how I was going to recap this, initially. I worked both yesterday and today, with only a few hours break from school and heaps of homework to do in between. But I’m potentially insane, because it’s happening!

And what an episode, too. The butterflies are busy with this week’s first episode, and I’m more in love than ever with our Liar and His Lover.

Liar and His Lover Episode 3

Important Points:

  • So-Rim and Han-Kyeol become friends again, with sparks.
  • So-Rim makes major advancements in her singing career.
  • Han-Kyeol’s father begins his sub-plot.
  • We get another second lead.
  • Grandma is conspicuously absent, and I cried (don’t misunderstand, she didn’t die).

~ ~ ~

Han-Kyeol plugs So-Rim’s USB into his computer and begins to listen, metronome ticking loudly in the background. He dismisses the song at first, but quickly sits up, attention grabbed. Is it her voice? The more upbeat tone? Perhaps it’s the way she makes the lyrics come alive. He grabs for the metronome and stops it, intent on listening to this song and this song only. Is he?—yes, he’s tearing up. I think this may be the first time he’s ever been so touched by something he wrote. Well, she did say she loved his song.

Screenshot (7073)

Hmm, I think the emotion is uncomfortable for him, because he snatches the USB out of its port and flings it into the trash can. I bet it won’t stay there, though. ^^ He takes a deep breath and closes his computer.

Still walking down the street, So-Rim proclaims it a terrible, horrible, no good awfully bad day when a passerby knocks into her and she drops her phone. It’s broken even more now, and she can’t hear the music she’d been listening to. “There’s no music,” she cries. So-Rim, you’re breaking my heart.

Han-Kyeol can only wish there was no music, lol, as he sings one song while listening to another—all the while trying to distract himself from So-Rim’s voice carrying that melody. He yells in frustration and dives onto the couch, making the cutest face as he eyes the trash can. Aaaaand the USB is back. He gives in to the temptation and plugs it back in, hands clutching the headphones closer to his ears as he listens. It looks like he’s listening to an angel, and I agree. She sounds beautiful.

So-Rim is dejected at school the next day, and Gyoo-Sun asks her why she didn’t come with them to class—and why she’s been ignoring their texts. She explains that she broke her phone, and declares she’s not going to fix it.  There’s nobody to contact anyway, she says.

Jin-Woo, ever passionate, asks if it’s because of that jerk—did he break it because he was mad at her? (as an aside, that stone faced girl from the first episode looks awfully interested when Jin-Woo started talking. I don’t know if she’s interested in him or So-Rim, but she’s interested). So-Rim says it doesn’t matter since they won’t meet again anyway, and lays her head down on her desk to sleep.

Fun transition, Han-Kyeol’s head jerks up, awaking still at his desk with his headphones on: I assume he fell asleep listening to So-Rim’s song, aw. He’s got his phone in hand and has already sent her about four texts, asking if she’s at school and that he has something to tell her about the song—adding that her phone is off, by-the-way (thanks, genius. You’re really cute sometimes). He’s thinking back to his harsh words at the river again, looking guiltier by the minute. As he pores over the lyrics of the song again, the ones she added, he smiles ruefully. And then tries to call her (lol I love this). She doesn’t pick up of course, and he kicks the desk in frustration.

Screenshot (7098)

So-Rim’s still napping when the teacher breaks class for lunch, and Gyoo-Sun nudges her, calling her name. Jin-Woo tells him to stop bugging her to eat, though, and Gyoo-Sun leaves, telling So-Rim to contact him if she wants food—he’ll get it for her. I think I really like Gyoo-Sun. I’d date that boy. Stone-faced girl is still hanging around, and leaves with the two boys to get food.

Now alone in the classroom, So-Rim hears her stomach growl loudly. Bwahahaha I’ve totally had that happen to me it’s embarrassing. She passes it off as heartbreak and stands to leave—but quickly notices a limited edition Crude Play album sticking out of Stone-face’s desk. It’s right then that the girl herself  comes back. It turns out her name is actually Se-Jeong, and So-Rim asks excitedly if she likes Crude Play too. Se-Jeong refutes this with the “I’m holding onto it for a friend” excuse, but brushes it off carefully after So-Rim leaves. Aaah, so she’s a closet fan.

So-Rim wanders around outside as she eats, listening to the over-com: “Have you ever heard the saying ‘Coincidence repeated three times is destiny?’” (Lol, dramas). She immediately thinks back to her initial coincidental encounters with Han-Kyeol, first by the river for the recording session and then while she played at the festival. Darn it, only two. Pfft if I measured my chances at love like that, I’d never get a date (which I do have one. This Friday. ^^) The announcer finishes off her commentary and introduces the next song: In Your Eyes, by Crude Play. So-Rim chokes on her food and stumbles away, startled at… a third coincidence?! (Not really, just saying.)

Meanwhile, the band itself has arrived at Han-Kyeol’s recording room for work, Shi-Hyun leading the way. He asks concernedly if Han-Kyeol made it home alright, but the ever-focused musician doesn’t even look up. Shi-Hyun steps closer, a not-really-irritated, and glimpses what Han-Kyeol’s looking at so fervently on his phone. HA! It’s girl’s school uniforms. Nice. Want to find out where So-Rim is, much? Shi-Hyun sinks down in front of his friend and makes a cute face at him—I swear his eyes speak volumes (“Really, Han-Kyeol? You’re hopeless. She’s a minor, lol. You fell for a High School senior!” That sort of thing). Han-Kyeol finally notices his friend and yanks out his earbuds, flustered. He even calls out “annyeong” to the band, and I appreciate that familiarity—I can sense the beginning of change there. He then excuses his internet searches to Shi-Hyun: he was just looking for something (more literally something he had to find, I think). Shi-Hyun: “Sure. Finding out your taste is important.” Oh dear, lol. He cautions Han-Kyeol not to actually go looking for a girl in a school uniform, though, and I think he can tell Han-Kyeol’s in it deep.

Screenshot (7103)

Aaaiiee Han-Kyeol jumps out of his seat now, faced with the uniform he’s been looking for on his phone—So-Rim’s. He scares everyone with his outburst, and I don’t think Shi-Hyun’s reassured when he runs to ask when High School classes get out. Yes! Go to her! Go to her! Wait really? Did he just run out of the recording studio? His precious recording studio, where he does all his precious real music making? He yells that he’ll be back, he’s going somewhere before the recording starts. Yes!

Meanwhile, in the recording room itself, Yoon (blondie) is staring stunned at his phone: he’s found a video of Han-Kyeol’s dad playing on the streets. Well, I guess they all know about Han-Kyeol’s past then.

Screenshot (7113)

So-Rim is stuck cleaning the classroom after school, totally out of it. Gyoo-Sun gives her his PPL beats headphones and she thanks him, spraying more cleaner on the window before her. I would laugh if this kept her from seeing Han-Kyeol. But! It proves to be the key to spotting him in the crowd, and she runs out to meet him. He sees Jin-Woo first and grabs him, asking where So-Rim is. Well he’s not going to tell you. Of course he lies she left early “it’s her grandma’s birthday”, and Han-Kyeol takes off running to find her. Jin-Woo follows him looking like a lovestruck fan and calls himself pathetic. Well, at least you know. Han-Kyeol wises up and asks a group of girls where So-Rim is, and they tell him she’s cleaning a classroom—so off he goes again. So-Rim isn’t in the classroom anymore though, having gone looking for him, and they miss each other by seconds as she runs down a different road looking for him. Han-Kyeol circles back to ask Gyoo-Sun where she’s gone (good choice, buddy) and gets headed in the right direction, to Jin-Woo’s chagrine. Gyoo-Sun holds back his friend as Han-Kyeol runs off, yet again, in search of our heroine (this is so exciting!)

The music slows as So-Rim runs out of breath and then picks back up again—she has an idea. Wait what?! She runs into a telephone booth, which seems counter-productive to this whole finding business, but then I realize she’s memorized Han-Kyeol’s number (aww) and wants to call him. I know you don’t recognize the ID, Han-Kyeol, but pick it up! Pick it up! Oh good.

He’s out of breath as he answers, asking who it is, and So-Rim can’t say anything for a second. He looks like he might hang up—no!—and thank goodness, So-Rim opens her mouth. And sings. It’s music to his ears, and I think Han-Kyeol’s already tearing up again as he clutches the phone closer to his head. So-Rim is nearly crying now too, and I think she sees him, about to hang up. He bursts out with, “where are you?! I’ll go there right now! I need to talk to you!”

She maybe? sees him, and says softly “It’s a lie.” He’s refuting this as she lowers the phone, and she definitely sees him now. He sees her, too, and my heart’s getting all warm and fuzzy as their eyes meet. He runs slow motion to the phone booth and opens the door, and I don’t think he has a single thought running behind those eyes but: she’s here, right here. In front of me.

Screenshot (7156)

Thankfully, he doesn’t have to voice any thoughts, as So-Rim asks the questions.

“Did you come here to see me?”


“Why?” Good question.

“Because you didn’t answer my calls.”

“Ah.” She explains her cellphone is broken at the moment—but back to the question at hand. Why did he call her?

He’s speechless for a moment, and then “I don’t know.” I knew it. “I’m not sure.“ Totally called it. And, in the laws of kdrama physics everywhere, the skies open and a pouring rain forces them both into the phone booth. Lol, dramas.

Well, this is cozy (Hah! Pun). Our OTP is immediately aware of their close proximity, mere inches away from kissing. My stomach just flip-flopped, and now it’s burst into butterflies as she tries to leave, he stops her, and she’s all up against the side of the booth as he talks to her. Heavens, he’s sexy. (*Rewinds*—to get the dialogue for the recap, of course. 😉)

“Listening to your song made me angry.” What? “Because of your voice… my head felt like it was going to explode.” Ah. “That’s why I waited for your call, and couldn’t focus on work, and came all the way here doing things a fool would. But now that I’m looking at you, I can’t even say anything.” Wow. Way to say it, bro. They’re clutching at each other’s arms, my toes are curling, and he finishes his speech: he’s embarrassed he has nothing to say, an angry at himself, but he had to see her. Oh please, let that popped foot mean this is going where I think it is. He’s leaned in closer now, their foreheads almost touching. Han-Kyeol’s eyes are so soft, right now, I really believe he likes her. So-Rim’s eyes begin to close, uncertain, and their grip on each other tightens. The camera’s circling them as they fall closer and closer together, less than an inch apart now—the chemistry is so thick, but Han-Kyeol stops. And backs away, and then moment is gone. (still lingering by the looks of it, though). His phone buzzes, and they maneuver awkwardly around each other, So-Rim flustered and embarrassed.

The text is from Yoon informing him they found his dad, and that means Han-Kyeol wants to leave, right now. Ok, I get it I guess, but poor So-rim! She asks him bluntly not to go (you go, girl!), stating that he just said a bunch of stuff she didn’t understand and how can he leave? Looking torn, Han-Kyeol makes a quick decision. He presses his phone into her hands (aww) and tells her he’ll call in an hour. Then he runs off into the rain. He arrives at the site of the video, but his dad of course is no longer there. Chan-Young drives up and reminds him about the recording, and off he goes.

Screenshot (7177)

So-Rim is still in the phone booth, studying Han-Kyeol’s phone and… filling it with selfies, heh. Then someone starts to call, and she remembers his promise to call. So she answers, but I don’t think this is him. I wonder who—oh. Oh dear. It’s Yoo-Na, who looks at her phone, gives a puff of air and hangs up. Don’t misunder—well, you’re not wrong. As you were.

Another phone call comes in and this time So-Rim identifies herself promptly, stating it’s Han-Kyeol’s cell phone and she’s just hanging on to it. Only this time it’s our hero himself, and she lights up. He’s busy, explains, and he’s sorry but he won’t be able to come to her for the moment. He apologizes for surprising her earlier, and she brushes that off though, and asks instead if he’s still mad at her. He rushes to explain that’s not what he meant, and she proves herself a one-in-a-million heroine and interrupts : “That’s right, you shouldn’t be mad at me. I’m the one that should be mad. I’m the one that heard harsh things.” She then repeats his own words back to him about being embarrassed and ashamed, and he—he apologizes! For what he said that day! She’s as happy as I am, and plays like she’s mad. He meet her and make up for it, and she sets up a date at the Han river. He looks over the moon at that, and Chan-Young watches from the car, dumfounded.

Screenshot (7182)

As Han-Kyeol gets in Chan-Young asks who he needed to call in private and pfft—Han-Kyeol says he didn’t make the call outside on purpose, it’s just too… stuffy… in the car. Right. He suggests an air freshener and Chan-Young points to the rearview mirror. It’s hanging. Right there, he says. Heh.

Screenshot (7191)

Later that night CEO Choi and Presidet are in a meeting together, where the topic turns to Yoo-Na. CEO Choi wants to sign her up for more musical programs, but President Yoo is really being a bad word and reminds us all that the best singers are objects and they should use Yoo-Na’s good body while she has it. Blergh. It’s all about money for her, and they move on to the compilation album from last episode. They speak briefly about Han-Kyeol’s outburst yesterday over his father’s music—it looks like everyone knows the injustice—and then cue transition.

Is that? I think that’s meant to be So-Rim and Han-Kyeol’s song, but it’s so sloooow and not well suuuung. Nobody’s feeling it, though, including me. CEO Choi stops by after his meeting to speak with them, and I’m impressed with Crude Play’s discipline at this point: it’s revealed they have a full schedule tomorrow but stayed late to practice—and want more practice time scheduled. The conversation circles round to Han-Kyeol again (how picky he is) and dear CEO Choi tries to cover up for our flawed hero, saying it was his idea to change the title last minute, not Han-Kyeol’s. Yeah, that doesn’t fool anyone. He says they’re stars and it’s not a big deal, even if they don’t know the music… and that was a real wrong step, bro. They want to play. They’re musicians! As he leaves, the band looks a bit defeated.

Screenshot (7193)

The next day at school So-Rim sports a fixed phone, and smiles happily at her friends. A classmate requests a song for something called “Music Camp”. Apparently that means motivational pick up song, and So-Rim announces they’ll be singing Peter Pan by Crude Play. Cue Joy’s magical voice, and another mini M/V. Se-Jeong (stoneface) puts in her earbuds, but I bet she’s listening to Crude Play on her phone.

The teacher interrupts the jam session and, are you kidding me, throws So-Rim out of class. Se-Jeong looks waaaay too satisfied, but at least her band teacher Bong waiting in the hall looks disgruntled. After class the two teachers meet, and the one reveals her ban from the classroom isn’t just for the day. She’s distracting the students during their critical time, apparently. Teacher Bong stands up for his student valiantly and sets off to cheer her up, making a call. Will Choi Jin-Hyuk be at his class reunion later that day? Yes? Good. And Where have I heard that name before? Oh yes, it’s CEO Choi’s full name.

The man himself is walking through the company now, Yoo-na in tow, as they run into Han-Kyeol. CEO tries to give him some advice—lay off the band for once—and it explodes into an argument over his cheating with Yoo-Na. Tell someone “it’s the first time I’d been there” won’t ever help a situation like this, guys, just for the record.

Crude play enters the scene and holds Han-Kyeol back while Yoo-Na explodes at him, screaming about how he hasn’t called even once since they broke up. “Stop acting like a victim,” she says. Han-Kyeol looks stunned, and after a moment he’s left alone with Shi-Hyun, the only person who asks if he’s ok. I like him.

Screenshot (7205)

So-Rim plays alone on a swingset, emotions a rollercoaster by now between her fluttery time with Han-Kyeol (his phone in her hand) and her memories of the “get out of my class” incident. What’s a girl to do?

Yoo-Na doesn’t know either, and CEO Choi comes privately to speak with her. He was going to ask Han-Kyeol to produce her next album, he says, but it doesn’t look like that will be happening. Are you for real? He even says they can pretend to break up, that it was a fling, and he wants her to have music from the best producer they have. Gee, thanks? I guess? Yoo-Na won’t lie to him, though, looing fiercely protective of her ex. Yeah, this isn’t over yet. She  tells CEO she should never trust him… and he returns that he will never lie to her. Well, she looks touched.

The band’s gotten all together later, the whole cheating affair laid out for the world to see. They’ve rallied behind him in the best of ways, and Han-Kyeol’s opened up too—he feels sorry, he says. He’d realized the truth of Yoo-Na’s words when she said he makes the people beside him miserable, and looks like he’s sincerely repenting. The band’s response? Let’s get wasted, of course. Han-Kyeol’s all in until he remembers he’s meeting So-Rim at 3 o’clock and runs out. (Second time this episode!)

Screenshot (7222)

When he arrives, he sees So-Rim has started a little musical camp in the playground and reflects that “when it comes to music, I’m always the bad one.” Hmm, maybe So-Rim’s encouragement is more needed than I’d thought. So-Rim and the kids convince him to join their song practice, and they cutely wonder if he can play their difficult song. So he starts up a heavy beatboxing recording, pulls up a keyboard on his tablet, and away they go. This is so cute. So-Rim and Han-Kyeol walk together some time later, our heroine impressed with how well he plays with kids.

The conversation turns to music, and how amazing it is they both love it. And it’s a relief for So-Rim, she says. She’s not good at anything else, after all. Please don’t say that! Han-Kyeol brings up her magical voice, and why not pursue that as a career? Go to auditions and the like. She reveals that scares her, though, and she can’t. Her performance at the festival was an exception, she explains, because she really wanted him to see her sing.

Well, then she should be find now, Han-Kyeol replies. Since she knows her music can make people turn around, she should have more confidence in herself. Not only can it make people turn around—it makes people want to find her. He continues: “I know now why I wanted to find you. I fell in love at first sight… with your voice.” Well, that’s something at least. She looks touched, and he encourages her to have confidence again.

Screenshot (7225)

Would he consider cheering for her, then? She asks. He agrees, and the sun sets behind them. It’s dark now, and I like that hint they spent the whole afternoon together. She’s asking him all sorts of little questions now, finding out as much as she can. They have a lot in common—everything, it seems. Her last question? What kind of women does he like. It’s funny until she guesses Yoo-Na, and then he—wait what?! Stop, hold the phones. Did he just lie he doesn’t like singers, or girls who sing? Are you kidding me. Well, I guess that’s why it’s a kdrama. After their date, Han-Kyeol wanders the house in his super schmexy matching shirt and headband, getting ready for bed. He takes a ridiculous selfie, sees the photo of So-Rim and—leaves it there. As it should be.

Screenshot (7236)

Switching gears, we’re at Teacher Bong’s reunion now (remember this?) and he’s schmoozing up to CEO Choi, who doesn’t remember him. I hope this goes well, because I would love to see So-Rim in the company. It all comes to a halt when CEO Choi starts asking the “important” questions: how’s her age, her face, her body? Ew. I guess it’s true that he needs to sell “commodities” but that’s songs! NOT PEOPLE. Teacher Bong leaves, disturbed as well, but leaves his phone behind… which rings with So-Rim’s voice as a ringer. (To ‘I’m a Butterfly‘ from my Spotify playlist, trippy).

LOL it looks like Teacher Bong did this on purpose, to force CEO Choi into hearing her. I’d say it worked, because now CEO Choi remembers him and asks where he teaches.

In the same school where So-Rim is still banned from the classroom, of course. She’s told to leave again, but this time she remembers Han-Kyeol’s words and stands up for herself. She wants to stay, she’s useful, and she’s not distracting the class. She withstands the teacher’s nasty comments about her singing and starts off clear and strong, music starting up out of nowhere to accompany her brilliant voice—but more importantly her stalwart spirit.

Thankfully, CEO Choi has arrived to scout out the situation and hears the whole performance, which by the way has even Se-Jeong smiling. The teacher is about to berate her again but the other students notice CEO Choi, and that stops that. She sets up an audition and even gets her band invited, although I don’t think CEO is so hot on them. She and her teacher dance around the room in excitement, and scene change to the audition itself.

Screenshot (7246)

So-Rim is giddy in the building, running around and calling the Crude Play plushies Oppas. Omo that’s right! She still doesn’t know Han-Kyeol’s their songwriter, does she! Ooh this will be good. Or very, very bad. We’ll see. A nice looking young woman comes to retrieve her and she starts singing in a recording room. *Gasp* Oh boy. Chan-Young just walked in and already looks smitten with So-Rim. I smell our second lead, coming right up. They finish the song, and CEO Choi compliments their synergy… but still wants to speak with So-Rim alone. Now, he bashes their playing. It covers her beautiful voice, apparently. This is her last chance he says. Will she sing again? Sigh, and even I can’t say she doesn’t sound better like this, with a simple piano accompaniment instead of the crowded music.

Han-Kyeol stops by another room where Crude Play is practicing, and I guess that young woman from earlier is a cameo of some sort because she’s there, moony eyed at the band, and then runs off. Han-Kyeol’s starting to bond with his friends again, complimenting and joking with them. They ask him to play bass for them while Chan-Young is gone on another business (waiting for So-Rim!) and consider my heartstrings plucked by their friendship. They do their fancy cheer and start to jam.

Meanwhile, So-Rim as just finished, and looks so conflicted. CEO Choi likes her; he doesn’t like her friends. Not talented, not special, he says. He just wants her. Oh! I’m breaking inside!

Screenshot (7253)

Chan-Young walks in on the jam session and Han-Kyeol immediately stops playing, considerate of the situation and Chan-Young’s replacement status. The others are less aware and keep praising Han-Kyeol’s ability. It appears they think Han-Kyeol’s the one who’s misstepped, though, and they think Han-Kyeol’s being rude by refusing to play in front of Han-Kyeol. It’s not that, he says—he’s embarrassed. And he leaves, retreating from his music once again.

So-Rim meanwhile thinks over her looming decision, looking out from the rooftop.

Chan-Young and CEO Choi meet briefly in the lobby, but it must seem like everything’s about Han-Kyeol to the poor young man because that’s who CEO Choi wants, too. He finds our hero and starts spilling the beans about his newfound talent and her mediocre bandmates. What should he do, he asks? Keep them or cut them? Oh no, I have a bad feeling about this.

Screenshot (7257)

Chan-Young finds So-Rim coincidentally on the rooftop, singing away her confusion, eyes closed so she doesn’t see him approaching.

Oh, good, Han-Kyeol. I should have more faith in you. He tells CEO Choi that the band should stay together if they want to. And then CEO Choi tells Han-Kyeol to produce for them and blows everyone away (everyone being me and our hero. And you, potentially). He can’t just work with Crude Play, after all. Welp, I’m in favor.

Screenshot (7261)

So-Rim sees Chan-Young at last, recognizes him, and—oh no!—since she recognizes that he’s a member of Crude Play she goes directly into fangirl mode.

Meanwhile, Han-Kyeol turns CEO Choi’s offer down… I think he wants to stick with his band. Well, that’s good too. And scene!

Screenshot (7264)

Cozybooks Says:

Wow, that was a lot happening there at the end. I think it played out wonderfully though, everything coming together in a beautiful arc. In fact, the entire episode was well paced, written and shot for development—but more on that after some quick thoughts.

Some Quick Thoughts:

  • I love how present music is in the drama—from the m/v in the first and this episode to the metronome that started us out this week, music is in every second of the show. The scene with the kids was especially touching.Screenshot (7072)
  • Can we talk about Gyoo-Sun for a minute? Because he’s so much favorite. He’s really the epitome in my eyes of a good friend: he doesn’t get all up in her business, but he’s definitely there when she needs him—and he’s got a quiet eye on her to keep her safe and make sure she’s not hurting. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a bigger crush on her than Jin-Woo.
  • I love that this drama can have so much schmexy chemistry and still feel so pure and innocent (this immediately on the heels of that telephone booth almost kiss, rawr).
  • At the same time, I’m glad Han-Kyeol seems aware of how young she is, and generally considerate of how much sway he has over her. He’s treading carefully, and I’m actually glad we didn’t get a real kiss this episode.Screenshot (7166)
  • Not to freak anybody out or anything, but remember that three times fate encounter? Well, him running off in the rain reminded me—he has met her three times. He gave her his umbrella in the first 15 minutes of the show, remember?
  • What? No grandma? I’m so sure.


And Some Longer Thoughts:

The character development! Is brilliant! And all the metaphors, and the philosophy, oh! I jut love it. Han-Kyeol’s already made big steps this week, I can tell. For a kdrama it might seem normal to get up and rush out in the middle of work to find someone, but this is Han-Kyeol: music comes before everything. Compared to last episode where he forgot So-Rim was waiting and then pretended not to see her, it was is a major improvement for him to leave work to find her at the beginning.

And then the whole broken cellphone meeting sequence felt beautifully played to me, and I loved what their conversation could mean on a deeper level. Continuing with this idea that So-Rim is broken and has no ability to call or “reach out” to Han-Kyeol anymore, it feels important that this time he made all the efforts to reach her. A person can only take so much giving before they’re all worn out, and I’m glad Han-Kyeol got his turn this episode to chase after her (there was certainly enough running). Plus, he called her when he was too busy to see her this time. That’s change, right there folks. Sweet change. We could even keep going and say now he’s helping her by giving So-Rim his cell phone, and how that connects to his encouragement of her later on. And then is it a mistake she gets her phone fixed the next day? I think not.

Screenshot (7184)

But backtracking, I think that listening to So-Rim’s lyrics, Han-Kyeol realized something. He had accused her before of being out of touch with who he was, not knowing what he really wanted or anything about him. That song I think clued him in to just how much she wanted to know him and how much she already really cared for him—not just that she was a brilliant singer. I thought it was sweet that she later asked him all those questions, looking to rectify the truth that she didn’t know him, really.

I’m excited for the steps both our leads are making towards the middle ground—So-Rim has been faced with her first musical business decision, and Han-Kyeol is finally starting to let the people back into his music. I find it sweet that they both need very real support and encouragement from each other, and it was that fact which sealed the deal for me on them as our OTP—that he fell in love with her voice is a so characteristic of him, but that he’s willing to support her really speaks to me.

Screenshot (7234)


4 responses to “Liar and His Lover: Episode 3

  1. And… now you’ve made me want to watch this drama for sure. That Almost Kiss scene- sounds like the similar one in Strong Woman that had me at the edge of my seat, deciding if I should screech (why no kiss?!?) or swoon (omo so hot!!!)
    Plus a PBG lookalike- How can I resist? 😁

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