Cozy’s Drama Book #21

If my drama journals have been a bit lackluster recently, its for good reason–I’ve been going through midterms recently, and the rest of my life has been getting super busy too. I promise it will get better, I’m hoping this week will be the last of the super crammed ones (if my school schedule isn’t lying, it is).

Screenshot (1203).png

Me looking at my schedule this home.

A List of Things That Ensure a Busy Cozybooks:

  1. Do not give her a spring break.
  2. Schedule 4 tests within 7 days.
  3. Schedule a further 3 papers due before March 31.
  4. Give Cozybooks a new drama and convince her to recap it. This will inevitably become one part of her life she is unwilling to compromise on and send her into ultra planning mode. She knows it will provide much needed relaxation to the week, but at what cost?
  5. If possible, set the premiers of several new dramas for the week this all occurs. Cozybooks won’t be so much tempted to watch them all on time as she will be thrown into a turmoil at having to miss them.
  6. A new job interview involving Chinese adds adrenaline to the week and inspires thoughts of honing Cozybooks honing her speaking skills to ensure it goes perfectly.
  7. Any audio problems with Cozybooks’ computer will place a cherry on the top of an already busy week. No matter if she’s already been working on them for the last four days, they should still remain unresolved when she wants her audio for drama watching the most.
Screenshot (1309)

me hiding from my problems…

I didn’t watch much over the weekend, squeezing in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon between the papers, tests and other homework I was doing. I tried to watch the premier of Tunnel, too, but… audio problems. Happy Monday, everyone, and wish me luck! Please be patient with me if Liar and His Lover recaps take an extra day to come out. ^^

Screenshot (6861)

Me ready to take on the world.

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