Picture Perfect #9

What a week! I was more busy than I’d been during midterms–I took 4 tests yesterday in less than 8 hours. It was… crazy. I also started recapping my first drama, in line with my K-Drama New Year’s Resolutions. It’s way super fun, but adds a lot to my schedule (not that I’d consider changing it!) The week still ended well, however, with a couple episodes of Kill Me Heal Me and a great roommate to watch them with. Here’s your pictures for the week (all my ‘picture training’ paid off while recapping, it made taking and editing those pictures go way faster)!


I think I’m going to cry, this drama ended!! It definitely wasn’t perfect, but it was hand and fist better than a lot of the stuff I’d seen recently. I loved the ride and the ending, and now I guess it’s time to start moving on.

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General and I

After putting this show on hold for real life and host of other dramas, I decided to pick it back up again to see if the OTP was still amazing (hint: they totally are). I don’t mind skipping through all of the political stuff, I find I can pretty well understand it just from their interactions alone–and I’m coming to appreciate the camerawork, the vibrancy and costumes so much more.

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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Last week’s episodes weren’t my favorite, really, but they yielded some really awesome screenshots. Look forward to next week, though, because there were some awesome scenes.

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Chief Kim

I know, I said I wouldn’t take any screenshots of this drama to give myself a break… but then there would be a really awesome shot and I’d be itching to take it and… I fell off the bandwagon just a bit this week. I can’t help it! The show is just so good!

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Liar and His Lover

It might seem a little bit redundant to post screenshots here, since most of them will be in the recaps–but I want to feature my favorites scenes. Not all screenshots are created equal, so I’ll use this as an opportunity to pull out my favorites.

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Best Photo

Screenshot (6724)

Ah, so this is what it looks like when you teach first teach a child actor about the importance and necessity of PPL.

OK, in all seriousness that’s not the best screenshot. I just thought it was funny (I have an odd sense of humor, I know). Here you go!


I find it even more powerful that you can only see half of his face. There’s still plenty of emotion there, and looking at this shot it brings up thoughts of “my other half” and betrayal and stuff.

What was your favorite, if you have one? And have a great weekend!


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