Cozy’s Drama Book #20

A List of the Best Things Defendant Has To Offer

  1. Ji-Sung. That man can act. He blows even the good actors out of the water: when he cries, it’s real. And when he’s asked to play seven different people? He does, and they’re different. I can only imagine how he felt in this role as a recent father himself, and I was unabashedly captivated by his performance as our prosecutor. Screenshot (5938)
  2. Shin Rin-Ah. It wasn’t Ji-Sung that made me tear up our last episode, it was that fantastic little actress. I’m so impressed with her, and I can’t wait to see where she goes in life. Screenshot (6769)
  3. One wacked out, amazingly twisted villain. While he doesn’t quite beat the record (that still belongs to Love Me If You Dare’s cannibalistic psycho), he acted the part quite well, after an initial lukewarm impression. I have no problem believing his character was insane. screenshot-4825screenshot-4378
  4. Some major breakthrough for Kdrama tropes everywhere–not only did the truck of doom come through his mid-life crisis and emerge a better auto, there was reinforcement there at the end of my thesis on hair height and character intentions. Why else would Jun-Hyuk have put his hair down in the last episode???screenshot-4394Screenshot (6758)
  5. The wink.
  6. Lee Seong-Gyu… whyyyy did you have to end that waaaay?! But I loved you while you were there, and I look forward to your next work. screenshot-4802
  7. I could mention all of the other great aspects: the great camerawork, the consistently well paced storyline, the compelling emotions… but I think this is good.


Drama Watched This Week (3/17-23)

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon 7-8

Chief Kim 13-17

Liar and His Lover 1-2 (recap 1 and recap 2, as well. So much fun!)

General and I 16-19

Defendant 17-18 (end, review and more to come!)


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