2017 Drama Wave #2

Wow, time flies! I’m a little bit late on the uptake, but our first wave of dramas for the year has pretty much ended. In order to decide what I want to watch next I bring to you our second drama wave~ here’s what’s coming up and what looks interesting!

Tunnel OCN, March 25, Sat-SunTunnel (Korean Drama)-p1.jpg

This crime drama is taking over for Voice, which ended last week (so Tunnel premiers this Saturday!) I had been interested in voice but checked out of early when I tried watching–too intense, not as well written as I wanted. Hopefully this show will catch me, though, since it has the recipe for a happy Cozybooks: crime and time travel.


The Liar and His Lover, tvN, March 20, Mon-Tues.https://i0.wp.com/asianwiki.com/images/8/81/The_Liar_and_His_Lover_%28Korean_Drama%29-p1.jpg

This show has actually already premiered, it took over for Introverted Boss (what even was that drama?!) which ended last week. I wasn’t planning on watching, but musical dramas just do something to me and I ended up recapping the first two episodes! I’m enchanted by our passionate, youthful cast, and plan to continue recapping as long as I can Cozyboks, fighting!


Whisper, SBS, March 27, Mon-TuesWhisper (Korean Drama)-p1.jpg

Defendant. Ended this week. But I’ve been so busy I haven’t watched the finale yet! No spoilers, please! Well, I’m super sad to see it go because I’m less interested in this show. Prosecutors and corruption and justice are all well and good, but a few teasers featured scenes too scandalous for my tastes. I’ll follow a recap or two–who knows? I could be surprised.


Perfect Wife, KBS, February 27, Mon-Tues. Ms. Perfect-p1.jpg

Even though it’s almost halfway through it’s run already, I though I should acknowledge that Hwarang has ended and a new show took its place. Perfect Wife is an ajhumma power drama centering around the titular perfect wife, who gets involved in “a strange incident”. I haven’t watched it yet, but I’ve heard it’s pretty good.


Queen of Mystery, KBS, April 5, Wed-Thurs.Queen of Mystery-p1.jpg

Chief Kim still has another week (thank goodness! I love that show!), but its followup looks pretty cool–an ajhumma detective who starts solving crime with a detective she befriends. I’m hoping it stays that way (friends) because her description lists married. I’d like to see a new dynamic in dramaland, especially after On the Way to the Airport failed to answer the question they posed: can men and women just be friends? (Or rather, their answer was no).


Radiant Office, MBC, March 15, Wed-Thurs.Radiant Office-p2.jpg

This show is even further into it’s run already, as Missing Nine ended two weeks ago (what a mess–glorious, but what?). Radiant Office is an office rom-com focusing on a woman who finds out she might have a terminal illness and rejoins life with a furious determination. I have zero interest in this drama (office dramas rarely interest me), but Chief Kim has made me eat my words once so I might check it out. Maybe.


Chicago Typewriter, tvN, April 7, Fri-Sat.https://i0.wp.com/www.koreandrama.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Chicago-Typewriter-03.jpg

This show follows time traveling mystery-romance Tomorrow With You which ends in a few weeks, and I really wish had turned out better than it has. I’m looking forward to what this drama has to offer, although I still wonder how the title ties in to the plot. It’s about writers during the Japanese occupation era who are reincarnated in the present day and interact. But the title is a reference to a gun, so I’m hoping for some action?


Rebel: Thief Who stole the people and Saimdang, Light’s Diary are both Saeguks, so they’re on a 30 episode run to end in early may, and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon started after everything and is just reaching the middle of its run–it will finish in mid April, to be followed by Man to Man, an action bromance, with some romance on the side. I love the trailers and Park Hae-Jin, so I’ll definitely be looking into this one. Go JTBC! You go!Man to Man-cp1.jpg




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