Liar and His Lover: Episode 2

Liar and His Lover Episode 2


Main Points This Episode:

  • Han-Kyeol is really broken up now.
  • Our OTP learns more about each other’s true identities.
  • We begin to learn Han-Kyeol’s backstory.
  • Progress is made on Han-Kyeol’s newest song.

We open to a few highlight from the last episode: her bumping into him, his decision to change the song, and her desperate performance at the festival. That brings us quickly up to speed, and we’re back to the long stares through the rotating door.


This time we get some extra information, though, and see Han-Kyeol’s contemplating his arguments with Crude Play and Yoo-Na as he walks. He hears So-Rim’s voice and whirls around, but we also see that CEO Choi and the rest of Crude Play heard and took interest in her song as well.

Han-Kyeol is flustered and a bit weirded out by the perky, energetic So-rim, and she explains how they already know each other. Oh dear! Pfft she goes right from the recording to love at first sight, and he stands frozen before her. And now he’s backing away. Pfft. She keeps going about his beautiful song and how she wants to upload it to the internet… lol now he’s got a burning desire to see her phone to take the file back. So he takes the “I wanted to give you my number because I fell for you too” route?! Lol, dramas.


She spots her charm in his hand and grabs for it, and they have a little moment of “this is mine, no mine” ending in “oh yeah, what was your name again?” She points to festival contestant sign: Yoon So-Rim. He agrees to give her charm back—in exchange for her phone number.

Her band has been looking for her and they’re worried, but poor Jin-Woo doesn’t feel any better when she says she met “him.” They realize she means that guy from the river and pester her for details.


Han-Kyeol is over at band member’s Shi-Hyun’s house (they seem the closest), explaining the sticky song situation. Shi-Hyun laughs over Han-Kyeol’s eventful love life, speculating on what Yoo-Na will do when she find’s out Han-Kyeol lied; he also wonders what kind of a girl would chase after Han-Kyeol. Han-Keyol reaches for a drink and his friend tries to stop him—I wonder if there’s a history there.


Meanwhile. So-Rim is giddy over her new encounter, crediting mom with the fateful meeting. She dances around on her bed while her grandmother watches, answering “seeecret” to any inquiries.

Aaand now one of Crude Play’s members is working out to some classical music, which is possibly the most attracti—oh wait, no he’s trying to work out but can’t since Han-Kyeol is playing the piano drunk, because that’s what he does when he’s inbibed. Pfft that’s super cute, actually.


Yoo-Na is trying to practice one of her songs, but it just gets worse each time she starts over (she needs to stop forcing her air and let it spin in the higher ranges, by the way). CEO Choi finds her just as she’s thrown away her sheet music, and he offers to help her with some accompaniment, in a lower key. Are there… sparks? There? He makes a point of saying he’s not trying to seduce her, though. Riiiiiight. Yoo-Na says she’ll never fall for him, and the conversation switches easily to Han-Kyeol. She says he’s different, not playing to impress her but when he’s done something wrong. It seems like music is the way he expresses himself when he can’t use words. This means perhaps that she hasn’t heard some important things from him—like I’m sorry, or I love you. Poor girl’s not secure in her feelings, and I don’t blame her.


CEO Choi is almost definitely making a move on her now, hand over hers as he promises she can rely on him when she needs someone. Just like it’s been up to this point. Oh dear. Aaaaand they go in for the kiss, and that’s that. Has she officially broken up with Han-Kyeol yet?

Bwahahahaha! In the mirror, So-Rim smiles at herself (one plus one… is cute!) and elsewhere Han-Kyeol gags. I know it’s probably the hangover, but that was a great transition. So-Rim and Han-Kyeol meet in a mall, and pfft she asks him if he’s a Crude Play fan. He does a mini spit take and protests no, he isn’t. To which she reveals she loves their music and has all their albums. Well, that’d make me feel good, but Han-Kyeol says they probably have no interest in music. Riiiight. He agrees to listen to a song sometime and suggests coffee.


So-Rim’s bandmates spot her in the mall—but So-Rim sees them, too, and drags Han-Kyeol away. He wonders if they’re being chased and she lies, claiming it’s too crowded. Aaand it’s up the elevator they go, So-Rim making faces at her friends. She asks him about the song on her phone, humming it—and Han-Kyeol looks captivated by her voice. But then the doors open to a rush of people, and he can’t possibly let the crowds hear his new hit song. So of course, he whirls her against the wall, one hand over her mouth as they get pushed closer and closer together.  Lol, dramas.

Han-Kyeol lowers his hand (and his head) as So-Rim’s friends finally spot them again through the glass sides. He totally looks like he’s kissing her, and I have some mini butterflies in my stomach. They share a few long looks as the elevator goes down, looking alternately flustered and amused.

Han-Kyeol chases after So-Rim as they leave the elevator and apologizes for pushing her against the wall (that’s so sweet!) As they talk, she realizes he wrote the song, and that it’s meant for release… only he totally fibs, saying he’s an aspiring composer and was embarrassed to sing that garbage in front of her. Oh yeah? What are you gonna do when it comes out as Crude Play’s new title song?! She says she loves it and makes him promise not to call it garbage again. Cue scene change.


Han-Kyeol’s at home while Shi-Hyun calls, asking about how the date went and if he got the song back. That’s a negative, and now Shi-Hyun is wondering that was on purpose—is Han-Kyeol in looove again? First love, if that’s possible for a man who’s supposedly had multiple girlfriends. They wonder how old she is and—oh dear—they think she’s in her 20s.

So-Rim has a cute conversation with her grandmother, turning her recent experiences into a metaphor using food. She wonders if a person who wrote a song could hate it, like a person who made a dish and throws it away without even tasting it. Grandma gives some wise words about criticism, how words can really hurt and it’s sometimes easier if the criticism comes from yourself first (hmmm… be careful of your inner critic though).

Crude Play is at the company to start recording their new song—but one of the members Yoon (blondie) hasn’t shown up, still upset over the change. Good for him. Things are strained, and CEO Choi tells him friendships are one thing but bad blood in business relationships is never good. Oof, Han-Kyeol returns that he’s not trying to be friends, just “dealing with the mess he made”. Is that how you see this? Bro, you really have done your band wrong. CEO Choi is more concerned about Yoo-Na, of course, and suggests Han-Kyeol write a song for her. Low blow, brother. You’re cheating with her right now. Han-Kyeol senses the love connection and low key confronts him about it, but we won’t see the results until later because. Scene Change.

So-Rim reflects on her date. And scene change.


Ok, so we do get to finish this conversation! CEO Choi blows off Han-Kyeol’s worries, and our hero gets a text from So-Rim as he leaves the office. She wonders if he got home safely, sending another text to add “I got home well.” Han-Kyeol sighs, looking a bit put upon, and replies: that’s a relief. So she calls Him?! Honey, slow down!

He’s not super friendly on the phone, but So-Rim still wants to meet up again, for things she can’t just say over the phone. He gives the “I’m at work” excuse and she steams ahead: “I’ll come to you! I’ll go wherever you are, even if it’s the end of the earth!” (I’m so embarrassed for her right now). She drops her work and rushes out.


Han-Kyeol’s really at work, though, meeting with the fluffy, witchy President Yoo. She wants him put together an album, and then she asks him about his father Woo-Il? Why is everyone so concerned about his father? Han-Kyeol doesn’t even know where he is now, but apparently he wrote songs for “WHO Entertainment”, and that’s a big deal. President Yoo offers again to let Han-Kyeol in on the 30th anniversary album for a famous artist and we transition.

So-Rim is waiting for Han-Kyeol near the entertainment company, where he said he’d be after work, lol.

We’re back to Han-Kyeol and ah, I get it now. It’s like Entertainer all over again—his father wrote the songs this famous artist used and never got credit (that’s actually super common in the industry, I think). Han-Kyeol’s upset about that, the President is looking witchy, and—is that Han-Kyeol’s father out playing on the street where So-Rim is? Yes, yes it is. He looks entirely satisfied as a street musician, and pulls So-Rim out of the crowd to sing with him. Oh, this is good. Wow. She shares a little moment with him while Han-Kyeol rejects the President’s offer: he won’t ever let someone steal his music.


Outside the street performance is over but So-Rim’s still talking with Woo-Il. He learns she’s waiting for a man and remarks, “he’s not a good guy. Men who make women wait aren’t good men.”


While Han-Kyeol’s at work, we get a glimpse of his childhood—the song So-Rim had performed on the street was actually a stolen song. We montage through the rest of the day and So-Rim is still waiting outside that night. He realizes he stood her up and calls to apologize, where she reiterates delivers her message: she really likes his song and he should like it too. Han-Kyeol actually looks a bit touched. They both lie they’re at home when they’re actually within hearing distance of each other, and yes!—he realizes it. She does too, but he whirls around and makes like he didn’t see her.

She arrives home dejected and starts writing a song. It takes over her class and regular life, and we montage through the two of them working on their musical passion.

A month has passed now, and So-Rim and her friends are busy checking out the latest bands. They consider posting a performance of theirs and So-Rim is all for it—but not an old song, she says. A new one. Oh, no, what song are you thinking of? She doesn’t say, but later they ignore their promise to their teacher and sneak into the band room. In and out, less than ten minutes is the plan.


We don’t know exactly what happens, but the next morning they’re being punished out in the hallway. All of their guardians are there, and then that mean teacher from before shows up. He blames all of their parents for the mishap, especially So-Rim and her grandmother. Grandma doesn’t back down, though, and says yes, she forgot how important dreams are for young people. Feel the burn.


Some time later, Han-Kyeol is struggling through a recording session with Chan-Young, Crude Play’s new bassist. They banter for a while, but it’s Chan-Young’s statement that Han-Kyeol won’t replace his bass part that really gets to me. After all, he replaced our hero in the band. Han-Kyeol learns Chan-Young is working on four hours of sleep and gets this odd look on his face as he observes how well Chan-Young still plays. Are you jealous? Bitter? They finish recording, and Han-Keyol even compliments Chan-Young’s playing. Unheard of.

Someone comes in and announces they’re back on track for the release—thank goodness—since Chan-Young found them a session musician. Chan-Young leaves and now Han-Kyoung’s thinking about So-Rim… except he calls her a problem, oh dear.


So-Rim and her band are excited to find a new practice venue (music ban lifted, I guess) in a church. And now it’s That Thing You Do up in here, as they practice. It’s a… kind of new song? I think the one she’s been making for the last month. A mix of his tune and her lyrics. Poor Jin-Woo looks like he might cry when he realizes the lyrics are about “that jerk” she fell in love with at first sight:

“It’s ok, I will be here

In the time we spent together

Whenever you miss me

I hope you can smile just like that

It might have been my fate

The brief moment our eyes met

My whole world faded away

All I could see was you, as if it were a lie.”

Feeling used and jealous, Jin-Woo claims she’s using her passion for a silly reason like pursuing a man. She can’t deny that and leaves. Gyoo-Sun, the other band member, tells Jin-Woo he’s being childish and goes after So-Rim. Jin-Woo looks at her left behind things, and we focus in on her phone.


Meanwhile Han-Kyeol is riding the bus home and opens up his messenger to send So-Rim a text (I think he looks a bit apologetic. Is he planning to come clean?) but receives one instead. He wonders if it’s telepathy and they agree to meet at the river observatory.

Except that it’s not So-Rim, Jin-Woo sent it with her phone. When So-Rim gets back to the church Jin-Woo is gone, and she sees the sent text on her phone. Showdown! Showdown!


Aww, no fun. She calls Han-Kyeol and tells him to leave, quickly, and he starts to—but there’s Jin-Woo, and the man-fight is back on. Jin-Woo lays into our hero, asking him what he thinks of luring a High School student down wrong paths. Before Han-Kyeol can answer So-Rim herself shows up. Her student status is news to Han-Kyeol, and Jin-Woo assumes So-Rim lied about her age, too. Jin-Woo starts criticizing her, and she looks crestfallen. Jin-Woo starts to pull her away—but I think Han-Kyeol just grabbed Jin-Woo’s wrist, not hers. Hah!


The silence crystallizes for a moment, then So-Rim follows Han-Kyeol as he walks away. Jin-Woo’s not having it, and starts after them, calling her a fool and telling her never to see him (Han-Kyeol) again. It’s our hero to the rescue though, and he tells Jin-Woo to stop talking bad about her: “can’t you see she’s uncomfortable?” Their departure is stopped a third time by our other band member, though, who can’t bear to send her off with a strange man. I like him.

Han-Kyeol promises to stay within sight, and off they go. He asks her why she lied, and she says she didn’t… she just didn’t tell him her age. That’s tomaeto, tomahto to Han-Kyeol, and he asks her again.

“Because I was scared,” So-Rim says. “Because I learned everything was a lie.” She goes on to prove herself a smart cookie, explaining she knew he only contacted her for the song and so avoided asking how old she was. She wanted the chance to get to know him, and he wouldn’t have let her if he knew she was just a senior in High School. He agrees to that, and she asks him if he hates people listening to his song that much. He says he does, that it’s scary and embarrassing at times and he doesn’t want to let down the people who might look forward to it. I can’t tell if you’re being serious right now or lying, bro.

So-Rim tries again, going into the feelings of music and how they sing to entertain and be entertained—but it’s that feeling he hates, he replies. People who think he can just create magic without trying because he’s talented. He asks her again to delete it, and later that night she does. Poor girl.


Shi-Hyun is terribly amused that So-Rim was a minor, and asks if he’ll ever see him again. Han-Kyeol says no and smiles, but I have a feeling…

But two more members interrupt their conversation, and yes! It’s stubborn blondie Yoon back from his strike. I almost want him to leave again though, when Han-Kyeol starts being a jerk again. Yoon asks Ha-Kyeol to stop putting down his efforts, but—ok, now I’m mad—Han-Kyeol starts explaining to him “the worth of his [Yoon’s] efforts”. I.e. 1 minute of a 5 minute song. That was a jerk thing to do and the band thinks so too, and they leave.

Hah, I aaaalmost feel like Han-Kyeol deserves it when he watches CEO Choi kissing Yoo-Na the next day. Almost. He confronts them, but doesn’t look as sad as I thought he’d be. Shocked and angry, sure, but I think he’s already moving on when Yoo-na asks to break up. Girl, you’re supposed to do that before you start meeting another man. Yoo-Na adds insult to injury and claims she’s doing this because he loves music too much—that she was nothing more than an inspiration for songs to him. I can’t really say she’s wrong, though, since that’s where Han-Kyeol’s long “stay with me” speech is headed. And then she lays out what we’re all thinking: he uses people for his music—not just her—and she’s tired of it.

Han-Kyeol tries to delete her number from his phone on the ride home, realizing the truth of her words. And then So-Rim texts asking to see him, and he makes a frustrated noise. He’s all business when they meet by the river, and she gives him the recording of his-her… their song and asks that he listen to it. Han-Kyeol only hears that she showed it to her friends, though, and gets angry. I guess I can see that. He asks her why she wanted to sing it so bad. Was it because she liked him, wanted him to like her? Well she’s living in a fantasy world, he tells her. She never knew him or what he wanted. Ouch. She tears up, and Han-Kyeol looks like he realizes his misstep (just a bit) and throws the envelope with the recording on the ground.


She’s crying as she walks home, singing through the tears, and it’s beautiful. The only line we hear is “I wanna talk to you,” and it makes my heart hurt.

Han-Kyoung pulls out the recording later, though, and turns on his sound system. Yes! Listen to it! The file opens, and while the tone is different he stops, captivated. He stands up at how good it is, and that’s a wrap.


Cozybooks Says:

Woo-hoo! Second recap done! What an adventure this is. I’m still loving the direction this show is taking, giving us some really relatable issues without losing the lighter, youthful tone. I have a few quick thoughts, then I want to start developing what I noticed last episode.

Some Quick Thoughts:

  • I don’t like it when they lie to date the girl, and I’m glad that’s over. Forced situations (Marriage, outside family pressure, fake relationship) is fine, but don’t mess with a girl’s feelings to get something. That’s just a lamebutt thing to do.
  • Ok, I like that Han-Kyeol’s not a jerk to her, though. He apologized for pushing her against the wall—twice—and he didn’t grab her by the wrist to stop her then. He told off Jin-Woo, and I liked that. If only he could carry that over to the rest of the time… it’s like he wants to be a good person, but his musical passion is honestly getting in the way.LaHL2.36
  • Philosophically, I’d like to hone in for a second on Grandma’s words of wisdom: I definitely agree I’m hesitant to share anything I’m unsure of, but criticism from yourself isn’t better. It can be debilitating, and I often need to remind myself to be kinder to myself. I wonder if that ties in to Han-Kyeol’s perspective on his own music, actually.
  • That mini-confrontation with the CEO was actually really well directed, even if it seemed like a random jump to So-Rim in the middle. I just realized Han-Kyeol’s cheating, too—and not even because he like the girl.

And a few longer thoughts:

The trend continues this episode with where you place your priorities. Things get a bit more complicated, and I’m starting to see the pros and cons of each side: So-Rim is wonderful in putting people first, but that led to her ditching work and waiting all day for a no-show, as well as lying. That’s really destructive, especially if prolonged. On the other hand Han-Kyeol apparently doesn’t have to deal with any of that messy friendship stuff (that’s such a lie) and has the better sense to protect his music. But that comes at the cost of his good relationships all over the place, with Yoo-Na, his band and now So-Rim too. Still, I like that the show still makes a place for their passions, with all the musical montages and their hard work. It is, after all, and integral part of who they are. I don’t think I’d be satisfied with a resolution where one of them has to give it up.


Another integral part of this is Jin-Woo, our friend with a crush. He makes a great foil for Han-Kyeol so far, similar in the way he likes So-Rim for her musical passion like Han-Kyeol liked Yoo-Na. Jin-Woo’d rather So-Rim pursued music as an art form alone (or maybe just for him) rather than as a way to reach her special someone. I think So-Rim is almost the most like Han-Kyeol, though, since they both use their music to talk. Music isn’t just their passion, it’s them, and I think that changes the way they prioritize it in their lives. Their only difference is So-Rim loves people and talks with music, and Han-Kyeol loves music so that’s how he talks to people. In the coming weeks, I’ll be interested to see how those differences reconcile themselves.

Speaking of which, hooray for a successful second recap! I really loved doing it, and I’m planning to continue as long as I can, so you can probably rest assured for another one next week!




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