Cozy’s Drama Book #19

A List of Differences Between Acting and Audiencing

  1. When you see celebrities on the screen, you can fangirl as much as you like (I know I do all the time). When you see local celebrities at your acting audition you have the nagging feeling you ought to act professionally.
  2. Watching tv, there’s usually nobody brave enough to tell you to quiet down (unless it’s super late and your roommates are trying to sleep). You never know what sort of official looking people are going to come and remind you about appropriate noise levels at an audition.
  3. When audiencing, the acting seems effortless (if it’s well done, which it generally is). If auditioning or acting, you suddenly realize how much work goes into every line, every action and reaction.
  4. In acting, all you have to do is memorize and read the script. In audiencing, a few crazy individuals try and write recaps–which takes considerably longer, but is proportionately more fulfilling.
  5. In a drama, if you go out for celebratory sushi after an audition you’d never gain weight. In real life you definitely feel the calories, and you’re liable to spill soy sauce all down your white lace shirt, too. screenshot-4463

Point is, I auditioned for a movie today! Callbacks, actually. I don’t really expect to get the part (I’ve never done anything like this before) but I wanted to cross off an imaginary item from my bucket list.

~ ~ ~

It looked like a doctor’s office. I hadn’t expected that. In fact, it was a doctor’s office if the woman next to me was to be believed. She’d said she was here for therapy, and was surprised they were holding auditionsfor a movie in the room next door. Maybe I should re-think the validity (or maybe just the sketchiness level) of this whole affair.

The door rang, and another man entered. My eyes flicked up to his hair and I tried not to laugh. The others probably thought I was insane by now–first I’d brought the wrath of the hall monitors on us all (remember to keep the noise down!) and now I was laughing ridiculously–silently–to myself. I should be here for the doctor, not the auditions. But it was just so funny!

Defendant blog

Look at that man! Look at his hair! They all looked exactly like that–and we all know where that leads.

Three men. Five minutes. They all had to be going for the same part, because I kid you not they looked exactly the same. Button down shirt, five-o’clock shadow, and swoopy gelled up hair. The only difference is that each new arrival seemed to have gone for a higher up-do than the last. It was hilarious, especially considering the implications if this were a kdrama. Did it mean this last man was the mastermind? He certainly had a master head of hair. Actually, they all kind of rocked it–I was probably just nervous to be surrounded by so many attractive men at once. And two celebrities.

“Cozybooks?” The announcer looked around.

“That’s me!”

“Follow me, please.”

I smiled at him. “More ominous words were never said.”

He laughed. I auditioned. Sushi happened.

The end.


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