Cozy’s Drama Book #18

A List of Things I Don’t Like in A Drama (or a Book, or Movies)

  1. Scary Movies. I can do intense, I liked Bad Guys just fine (it was a bit of a guilty pleasure) and I don’t mind blood (*cough* Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim *cough*) but horror films and jump scares are super not favorite.
    • Give me some mini eggs, samoas cookies and sweet tarts jellybeans, and I’ll consider it though. If it’s the middle of the day with some good friends.
    • Alfred Hitchcock doesn’t count as a horror film, so I can love him just fine.
    • Yes, I did watch Ringu this weekend. I’m not looking forward to watching the American version for class. Ring (Japão | Japan, 1998), Hideo Nakata - YouTube
  2. Reading too much into a given situation or scene or character can sometimes throw off my drama groove. I occasionally run across people who have very different backgrounds and interpretations of a scene than I do, and it unsettles me to think that’s how some people are viewing the situation. It happens more often than you’d think, and as much as I like others opinions on dramas sometimes I need a break from them, and stop visiting forums.
  3. Sad endings to a romance, if there’s romance in the film. I’m a romantic at heart, one of the many reasons I like dramas. So when everything else ends happily but the romance, it makes my heart fall drastically whenever it goes badly. It ruins a good ending, in my opinion.
    • See this music video.
    • And Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
    • And this music video
    • And Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, and Romeo and Juliet, and many other stories. I get it, I’m being a bit silly, but I like my romance.
  4. On screen sex scenes. I just don’t get it. That’s not what I’m here to watch, I want to see a good story. For me love is something sacred, and sex isn’t meant to be portrayed on television. In the words of Victor Hugo (or at least the musical) “to love another person is to see the face of God”. That’s not something I want thrown around on TV.
    • perhaps the best interpretation of intimacy on screen is in “Life Is Beautiful” an Italian film portraying the holocaust. We watch them enter a Greenhouse, there’s a pause frame on the greenhouse, a little boy comes running out of the greenhouse four years later.
  5. A Drama should always know what sort of drama it wants to be, for it to be a good drama. If its tone won’t settle down, or changes direction halfway through, or seems hesitant to really commit to the genre and style it’s embraced, then my respect for the show goes down by about 70 points from alpha.
    • An example: Missing Ninescreenshot-1720


One thing the real Sei Shonagon didn’t like: “A baby’s nurse leaves the house with the promise to return shortly. When the child misses her, others try to distract him meanwhile sending to her to come at once. “I am afraid I won’t be able to get back tonight,” she replies. This is more than disconcerting; it is downright hateful.”


2 responses to “Cozy’s Drama Book #18

  1. Wow … I agree with you on every point. Right now, #2 is especially pertinent to me. I first sought out forums because I feel pretty isolated in the kdrama world, but now find that I need to keep my distance.
    I looked up your blog after reading the story about the pillow and discovered we have something in common. (Hint: CTR) I am enjoying your writing!

    • Lol thank you! Those pillows have created many an adventure for me. And yay for things in common ^^ I’ve wondered how many of us drama fans/bloggers are.

      As for distance from forums, I think it’s just another realization for me that moderation is best, really. Just everywhere. Lol thanks again!

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