Picture Perfect #7

Thank you guys for waiting! Here’s last week’s picture perfect, delayed by a kpop party, a few religious activities and my own constant desire to keep watching dramas rather than blog about them (they’re both super fun, but I still like watching best) ^^

Missing Nine

I really had more pictures than this, but by the time I got to the finale I was so over this show I ended up deleting them out of a lack of desire to edit them. A review (potentially a rant) coming soon!

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Introverted Boss

This one’s hard to get good screenshots of, and I really don’t care about the storyline, just him being cute, so… there’s not a lot.

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I finished it! I’m so glad to have found another Chinese drama I can really get behind. There’s been a major influx of those, recently. I’m watching Down With Love now, too, and loving it.

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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

This is such a fun show. Definitely my favorite thing airing right now (well, Defendant. But that ends in a week! No!)

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Best Photo

Screenshot (5201)

I want someone to look at me like that. Holy goodness, he’s got it bad for her.

Next week I’ll have pictures of Down With Love to take the place of Missing 9, and I might be looking for another show too! Suggestions?


2 responses to “Picture Perfect #7

  1. Ah, Down with Love… that takes me back. I just can’t remember if I actually ever finished it. :D

    Most tw-dramas just don’t agree with me but there have been a fiew I’ve genuinely loved. If you want something short and sweet try The Pursuit of Happiness (13 epis). It’s one idol drama done right and probably one of my fave romantic dramas. They somehow managed to make some old chestnuts, like forced cohabitation, seem rather fresh. There are no crazy 2nd leads (they are another couple) or stock evil characters. And Tony Yang is probably the swooniest I’ve ever seen him.^^

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