Cozy’s Drama Book # 14

A List of Satisfying Moments in Dramas

  1. The moment you watch Ji-Sung give a bad word of a villain some comeuppance is a satisfying moment
    • Any moment you’re watching Ji-Sung act is satisfying, but it’s particularly so under these circumstances.Screenshot (5410)
  2. Watching a cold-hearted hero open up to his cute nephew and niece is satisfying. Any cold hearted hero who’s beginning to open up inevitably satisfies the viewers.
  3. Watching Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is an extremely satisfying experience for a light feminist like myself.
    • Perhaps “satisfied” doesn’t describe the dream sequence so much as “shocked and disturbed” but that was a scene worthy of producing noteworthy emotion in itself, so I thought I’d mention it here. Lol this show has so much sass. Screenshot (5139)
  4. Coming forward about a past dark secret, even though it’s super, super hard, is also super satisfying. And relieving, and healing, and I’m glad K-dramas are starting to address some of these issues in society.
  5. Watching a super cute OTP normally satisfies a drama watcher, unless the show has spiraled beyond redemption… in which case it just makes them frustrated that the drama wasn’t better overall. Screenshot (5453)
  6. The theme song to Kill Me Heal Me is such a satisfying sound, I could listen to it all day.


A List of Really Good Chinese Dramas

  1. Love Me If You Dare (be careful of really bad English swears in the first and last episodes, but other than that it’s an amazing Sherlock Holmes ride).Love Me if You Dare Ep 16 Eng Sub » Korean Drama | KShowonline
  2. Murphy’s Law of Love (cute fluff at it’s best. So much cute.)Murphy's Law of Love - 莫非, 這就是愛情 - Watch Full Episodes ...
  3. Mars (angsty, brooding, but done so well I loved it anyway. The fact the OTP could never stay broken up or apart for long probably helped. Working through it together is always a better option! Barring abusive situations, of course)Screenshot (5306)
  4. General and I (As I haven’t finished this one yet I can’t say definitively… but the OTP is sooo good. And the epic plot–war on the scale of kingdoms, cat and mouse on individual vendettas… super fun)screenshot-1655
  5. Down With Love (I hesitate to add this, since I’m not down with it yet [lol that pun just shouldn’t have been made] but I’ve loved what I’ve seen so far, so I’m leaving it on here.)Down With Love | Watch Korean drama online, Korean drama English ...


Drama Watched This Week (3/3-9)

Defendant 13-14

Introverted Boss 13-14

Missing Nine 15

Mars 16-21

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon 3-4

Down With Love 1-2

Bungo Stray Dogs 8-24 (anime)

Man, I had too much free time this week… until next week!


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