Cozy’s Drama Book #13

A List of things Not to Forget When Inviting Others To Watch With You:

  1. If they’re late, don’t forget they probably have a reason. Text and ask them if they’re ok if necessary.
  2. Not everybody can use chopsticks, so don’t make it awkward and give them the option. Give them a fork, they’ll ask for chopsticks if they want them–they know you have them.
  3. If the first, non-drama option has a bit of trouble working out, don’t immediately jump ship and offer to “introduce them to the world of dramas, your life will never be the same.” You bet it won’t be, you’ll never want to see me again. They have no idea what they're getting into....:
  4. When a classmate from Korean texts you in the middle of the movie about your looming group midterm, try to be polite about responding. Pulling up your computer so you can see what she’s talking about probably isn’t the most polite way to go.
    • Thankfully, if the guest is already texting and on their phone, there may be a loophole to this rule. Avoid it when you can, compromise when necessary.
  5. If your guest knows all the words to your favorite song in the musical, just let them sing along. It’s better to have a good experience now and listen to the song later than ask them to stop.
  6. When you realize your guest has a hot date with a nice guy tomorrow and you feel a little jealous, don’t turn to thoughts of your pillow-man collection to comfort you. That’s just embarrassing, and should never happen.

~ ~ ~

“Yeah, I’ll go run up and grab my dvd player,” she said. I nodded, grateful she had better alternative ideas than I did. Well, I’d actually probably be happier showing her a K-drama, but that probably wasn’t a good idea at this juncture. And I wanted to know what movies she had, too.

She left the apartment and I sat down at the table, taking another bit of Yakisoba (mmmm). My computer called to me–I’d left Introverted Boss up on the next tab over. I had ten minutes left–ten minutes!–when she’d arrived. I looked around furtively and hit play.Kdrama problems:

Smiling, I laughed at Ro-Woon until–eep–the door to the apartment opened. I tapped the screen quickly to stop it and stood to re-welcome my guest, a bit embarrassed to have been caught squeezing a minute of drama into the night. I looked at the the giant orange of dvds and grinned. This was going to be fun.



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