My K-Drama Life: Tripping

So, yesterday was an adventure for me. Not really a spectacularly bad or good day, just definitely one for the history books–and a potential K-drama adaptation. I squeezed a midterm I hadn’t really studied for in between two classes, realized I had a second midterm that I had forgotten about that ended tomorrow, took that midterm in record time (and aced it, I think^^) had lunch with my papa, asked one of my friends out on a date (aiiiieee I’m excited), met a few new people and scandalized my roommate with Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. Yeah, it was a full day. But I had the inkling it would be a day worthy of drama when I kicked it off that morning with an epic fall down the stairs.

Screenshot (5296)

No, really. I ended up with some pretty awesome battle scars, although they’re a little gross (sorry):

Falling, tripping, and general clumsiness are a long-held tradition of K-dramas, kind of in the same vein as trucks of doom and amnesia. I never expected it to happen to me though, at least not in the dramatic, drama worthy way it did. I was running out the door late for the bus, had everything and a pair of glasses in my hands, and tripped magnificently right outside my apartment and down the stairs. Backpack, phone, glasses and waterbottle went flying and I could only pray I hadn’t broken the lenses.

Screenshot (5295)

There wasn’t anybody there to catch me at the end, but I do have an angel for a roommate (we are a package) who gave me some much appreciated medical care. At the end of the day, I’m just glad it wasn’t one of the the two most epic falls in K-Drama history. That honor I think still goes to Cheong Song Yi, who dove off a building and fell halfway through the fall. It sounds impossible, but it’s true. She had a bit of help, of course, with some evil minions sabotaging equipment and all.

And if not her, then Lee Jae Kyung, who was tossed off a building as payback.

While I’m glad I didn’t actually take a fall like that, I really wouldn’t mind having a friendly neighborhood alien around to save me in my clumsier moments. Kim Soo-Hyun did a great job of it in My Love From Another Star, too, from glass shards to cars off cliffs to emergency trips for surgery…

My Love From the Star Episode 11 - 별에서 온 그대 - Watch Full ...

He even put up with her drunk habits, which were pretty hilarious. And I guess only fair, since she put up with his too.

Point is, I’d happily fall and trip every day for the rest of my life if it meant having an alien like that as a bodyguard. Oh well, better luck next time I guess!

Screenshot (5292)


2 responses to “My K-Drama Life: Tripping

  1. :o I tripped on the stairs while walking to class the other day too… but it wasn’t as bad because I was walking up and not down. I hope your injury heals soon!

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