Cozy’s Drama Book #12

I walked in the door, glad that work hadn’t taken any longer than it had. We’d gotten off easy considering the last woman had stayed 20 minutes past closing. I rolled my shoulders, working out the kinks in my neck. But hey! There was another episode of Do Bong Soon to look forward to. I walked to my room, yawning.

My roommate sat at our desk, finishing a phone call. I smiled at her and tossed my bag onto the bed, eyeing my pajamas hungrily I could only spend so long in slacks before I craved sweats. My roommate hung up and set down her phone, sighing a bit.

“How was work today?” She asked.

“Oh, y’know. Good. You?”

“Oh, good. Haha but guess what? I get to pick up my brother tonight.”

I picked up on the minute undertones in her voice. “…what time?”

She grinned at me. “Guess.”

“…11:30?” We’d been trying to get to bed earlier these days.

“Haha, nope. Try 1:30.”

I laughed. “Oh dear. Why?”

“He left on the bus at 10 this morning for S——- and they decided to drive back tonight too, which means they won’t get to school until 1:30. So I get to pick them up.”

“Well. I’ll stay up with you, if that helps. We can watch drama.” I didn’t like the idea of her leaving that late to pick someone up, and it was the least I could do. It’s what my parents always did for me at least.

“Yes! I’ve just got to finish this project, I’ll come out when I’m done.”

I left and settled into the couch, curled up in that way I liked with my laptop on my stomach. Do Bong Soon was still open on my browser, and I settled my headphones–a nice pair, my Christmas present to myself–over my head. I suddenly had hours left in the night.

~ ~

She came out and peeked over my shoulder as I laughed, asking if the episode had been good. I grinned up at her. “How did your project go?” I yawned, blinking once or twice.

“Oh, good. You ready?”

“Always.” I opened a new browser and pulled up the drama, Ji-Sung’s magnificent face in all its roles staring back at me. “Da-da-da-da, da-da-daaaaaah,” I sang along to opening theme. We looked at each other in sync, sparkle in our eyes.

“Ready?” She asked.

“Aaaand Action!” I replied, grinning and hoping we didn’t wake up the roommates. This would be a good night.


Hagakure thoughts on being tired: “It is rude to yawn in front of other people. When you feel a sudden urge to yawn, you can alleviate the sensation by rubbing your hand upward over your forehead, and if that doesn’t work you can try licking the inside of your lips.”


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