Picture Perfect #6

What a week! It’s a wonder I’m able to fit everything (work, school, drama, friends) into 24 hours of each day, but I think a serious lack of social tends to help out in that area. I did something totally out of character and gave two guys my number at a church talent show, though, so there’s that. As for dramas, I started Strong Woman Do Bong Soon–but you’ll get screenshots a week late, since I don’t have time to watch episodes, edit and post them all on the same weekend.


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Introverted Boss

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Missing Nine

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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

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Best Photo


There’s no special reason I love this photo, and it wasn’t the most intense moment of the week by far–but I’ve been so impressed with Kim Min Suk (and Shin Rin-Ah) here, and I both want them to get lots of great roles in the future. Plus I just love how much he’s changed and now taken Ha-Yeon under his wing, and I think this photo really shows that. I’m counting on you two to stay alive until the end, ok?! Neither of you get to die. Please?


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