Cozy’s Drama Book #11

A week ago I speculated on all the barriers Missing Nine was breaking with their portrayal of facial acne on-screen. I wish I could have added another role reversal to Wednesday’s post, too, because I loved the ‘jacket scene’ this week. But what really got me was the metaphor I mentioned in Book #7: a drama character’s hair. It’s a very real metaphor, with trackable correlations to villainy across dramas. Because of that, I began to notice some very interesting things in Missing Nine. Without further ado, here are my thoughts!

On Missing Nine, Metaphors, and the True Meaning of Hair

There must be a new trend in Dramaland: instead of the high hair indicating your commitment to baddery, it’s better just to shave it all off. True commitment to the dark side, that’s what this is.


This is the face of a man who misses his hair and regrets agreeing to shave it on screen for an only ‘ok’ TV Show.


You can even track it’s progress. From hair down, to hair up, to no hair.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hm… I don’t know what K-Dramas have to say about facial hair, but I’m sure there’s also a deeper metaphor in there somewhere. Probably something about love. This guy? He’s got some pretty hectic romance in his life I bet.


Look! It’s proof! There’ve been sparks between Ki-Joon and Ji-Ah from the beginning, and I’m just now realizing he has the stache to prove it. If any further evidence is needed, we can see it crosses dramas to make an appearance on one of my favorite OTP halves ever, Dokko Jin.

screenshot-5007Cha Seung Won Dokko Jin

Aaaand now I’m wondering what it has to say about these two–I did really like the president’s wife. I mean, that’s a lot of scraggle they’ve both got going on.

Or this guy.


Tae-Ho’s hair is short, but it’s down. Is that a contradiction?


Hmm… I wonder if a character has a half up half down style, it means they have conflicting feelings. Like that secretary guy! And Ki-Joon, and Ho-Hang too. It must be true.


I knew it! I knew the hair was coming down for a reason. Tae-Ho is feeling the sting of his murderous ways now, I’m sure. Is he gonna choose death? My bet’s on death. He’s already been stabbed… a cross swipe to the right? left? and he’d be well on his way to ritual Seppuku and the renewal of his honor (eeeew!)


Aaaaand a bit of repentance? Check. Now die. (Am I allowed to say that?)

Is that meant to be hair? On the doll? I think it’s a sign.


~ ~ ~

At this point I think my philosophical mutterings sputtered out into late night delusions, so I’ll end it here. A final thought, though–I really want to see Choi Tae-Joon in another drama now, as a good guy please. His “I got gutted” scene showed an impressive range I haven’t seen in him until now, and I’m willing to work past my disgust of Tae-Ho if his next character is nice.

~ ~ ~

One thing Sei Shonagon pondered a lot: The Seasons and nature. Perhaps it is inappropriate to compare her high taste (I love nature too) with my speculations on facial hair in K-dramas, but nevertheless I think it relates. In a way.

“In summer, the night. I need not mention the times when the moon is visible, but it is pleasant also to watch fireflies flitting to and fro in the darkness. Even the falling rain has its charm.”

Drama Watched This Week (24-3/2)

Defendant 11-12

Introverted Boss 11-12

Missing Nine 13-14

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon 1-2

Mars 12-15

W: Two Worlds 16 (oh my gosh so fun^^)

Kill Me Heal Me 7-8



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