Cozy’s Drama Book #10

A List of Drama Connections

  1. If Captain Carrot were a drama character, I have a feeling he’d be In Gook Doo (Stong Woman Do Bong Soon). He just has that… oblivious cunning? Lol he’s so fun. Sức hút khó cưỡng của Strong Woman Do Bong Soon từ những ...
  2. If my work team ever gets food poisoning and ends up rushed to the ER (Introverted Boss), I kinda wish it’d happen near Doldam Hospital (Romantic Doctor Teacher Strange). That way I’d get to see Eun Hwan-Ki and Master Kim. And that would be awesome.
  3. Sometimes, when I wonder about the plausibility of operating on somebody in a prison without a proper operating room and a surgeon who hasn’t performed for 20 years (Defendant), I remind myself that a vampire has done so in the middle of a war zone, surrounded by blood, without going vicious (Blood). Maybe this guy was his grandpa?screenshot-4818
  4. If Strong Woman Do Bong Soon had a sister drama, I think it would be the girl who sees smells. They’re both totally wacky, upbeat dramas with a creepy villain bent… now if only our sketchy Opera-Ghost-kidnapper looks like Namgoong Min beneath it all, I’ll be happy.


A List of Things Viewers Would Like to See More of In Dramas

  1. Men who ride hover boards to work. Just for the “is he for real?” factor. screenshot-4645
  2. Role reversals in the OTP. This includes
    • Girls who lead a guy around by the wrist (or we just get rid of the wrist altogether and everybody holds hands)
    • Guys who can’t hold their liquor and have embarrassing drinking habits.
    • Female fights over the male lead. Not the hair pulling catfight kind, but the suspicious looks and petty jealousy kind. Screenshot (4890).png


A List of the Best Moments So Far This Week

  1. Touchingscreenshot-4846screenshot-4442
  2. Funniestscreenshot-4875screenshot-4693screenshot-4764
  3. Most Disturbingscreenshot-4825
  4. Most Epicscreenshot-4853

Bonus points if you can tell me what drama all these are from, or why any of these scenes made it onto the list!

One Connection the Real Sei Shonagon made: poem allusions. She loved witty speech and often made allusions to a poem in her conversations with others. “Her majesty suggested I wait until closer to the dedication, but I decided to go anyway. She sent me this message on an unusually sunny day. ‘Have the flowers opened their hearts? What do you say?’ I replied, ‘Although Autumn has yet to arrive, I feel my spirit wander nine times in one night.'”

While that doesn’t make sense to me at first glance, they’re actually both allusions to poems that have greater meanings that ask the real question. Kind of like communicating through famous movie lines today, I guess. ^^


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