Cozy’s Drama Book #9

In an interesting turn of events, I’ve also discovered the Hagakure, the guide for the warrior. It’s got some great advice and some head-shaking stuff, but I’ll probably mix some of that into the Drama Book now along with Sei Shonagon.

This weekend was surprising, because I didn’t watch a lot of drama. I worked Friday, so I stayed up suuuper late to get my episodes of Kill Me Heal Me in with my roommate (she’s awesome, I wanted to stay up later so we could meet Yo-Na and she agreed… I hope it was worth it for her, it totally was for me!)

A List of Sacrifices Drama Watchers Will Make For Their Shows

  1. Sleep is among the first thing to go when you really follow a drama. It might be 11 or 12 or 1 AM, but gosh darn it you just need one more episode.
  2. At times, social engagements get in the way of drama watching. Others might think this is backwards, but socializing indeed comes second. In fact, I’ve had to sacrifice drama time in order to socialize, so I don’t know if I can really say it the other way around, that I sacrifice social engagements for my dramas… it’s more like a willing giving up when that happens.  :
  3. Pride must be sacrificed at one time or another when watching a kdrama. Especially when someone walks in during an awkward moment, or you mention “yeah, I watch K-dramas” and their response is “Oh, so like… soap operas?”
  4.  A drama watcher’s taste in food will also often change as they continue to watch drams. No longer do you crave chips and salsa while you watch… you want a bowl of ramen, or maybe some Kimbap (I made some the other day!)Very. Very. True. And when I watch anime, I eat pokey. True story. XD
  5. Regular music tastes often undergo a change as result of K-Drama exposure. I’ve sacrificed my country music, irish pub and rock many a time for my list of AkMu, VRomance and CN Blue.

~ ~ ~

I watched my roommate’s face, a bit giddy inside. Yo-Na was coming. Yo-Na was my favorite. I turned back to the tv and watched Ji-Sung run down the street, pink blazer flapping behind him, and wondered again how one man could be that good. Kill Me, Heal Me - AsianWiki

He–she–jumped towards the stage of a fake idol group, squealing “Oppaaaa!” and jumping up and down. Oh dear.

My friend’s eyes were wide, and I laughed even harder, knowing she was a lot to take in. Another thought crossed my mind, and smiled to myself. Just wait until episode 13, I thought. Then we’ll really talk.

~ ~ ~

One thing true warriors of the Hagakure sacrificed: an unkempt appearance and manner. “Professional appearance is of utmost importance. […] A warrior should display the highest professionalism at all times. Train yourself to speak properly by practicing at home. Practice your penmanship carefully, one letter at a time.”


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