Picture Perfect #5

My poor heart. And my grades. If I really knew what was good for myself, I’d be studying for the test I have to take in an hour. (But really, editing screenshots for a blog post is much more fulfilling.) This week I think I went the full rollercoaster of emotions–twice–between Defendant, Introverted Boss, and Mars. So, not an arid week at all, but I think there are a few drama characters whose hearts match that description (and yes, I had to look up the definition of arid. I’m going with dry and lifeless). I wish I could screenshot more of Mars, but it’s hard enough to see what’s going on in the low quality video, I don’t dare take a screenshot and try to decipher what’s going on in it later.


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Introverted Boss

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Missing Nine

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Kill Me Heal Me


Lol this is just a reveal for the “can you guess whose lips these are” in yesterday’s post.


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Best Photo


Ok not really, I just really wanted sushi.

Screenshot (4276).png

This moment just cracked me up so much–and I felt so bad for him! And I simultaneously bemoaned my lack of dinner companions too… someday I’ll get a date.


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