Cozy’s Drama Book #8


My jaw dropped, and I considered pausing for a moment, This was unprecedented. Never mind that the drama seemed to have made a 180 degree turn in tone over the last two weeks–I could handle that no matter how disappointing. But now it was breaking all sorts of norms! I sat back, impressed they’d tackle such an issue. I’d never seen this in a kdrama before.

Apparently, neither had Jung Kyoung Ho. He screamed spitting at the mirror. I laughed, partially maliciously. It was nice to see that even movie stars were mortal sometimes. screenshot-4588

I watched him fluster, laughing slightly to myself. At least he still had his mask, he could cover his face when it started to really make head. I laughed again, taking a third screenshot for good measure. It wasn’t every day that you saw a zit dramaland–I had to capture it while I could. zits.png

~ ~ ~

A List of Things that Confuse Drama Viewers

  1. At some point, every drama viewer grows confused. Why hasn’t Subway gone bankrupt with all the money they spend sponsoring dramas? It hasn’t helped me buy a single sandwich.
  2. Ji-sung manages to make every role come alive, even when playing one role means playing seven. For some it might be confusing at first. No man could possibly be that good at acting, after all. Kill me Heal me- | K-D | Pinterestscreenshot-4441
  3. The live-shoot system is one of the most confusing things about dramaland. Not only does it boggle the mind that actors are willing to undergo such pressure for the drama, but that the writers and editors and what have you are also willing to institute it. It also brings about confusing results–how can a show have brilliant episodes one week and then make a 180 turn the next week? Is there a chance for recovery?Screenshot (4514).png
  4. The universe works in puzzling ways that I will never understand. How is it that non-drama watchers only ever walk in during the moments most unrepresentative of a kdrama? It’s almost like how, if you’re watching Ouran High School Host Club, people will only ever interrupt you or watch when the twins are on screen. Ouran High School Host Club Twins

    Screenshot (4591).png

    Extra points if you know who’s lips those are! I wouldn’t be able to guess.

  5. Sometimes, villains confuse me. Apparently, the best way to cover up a murder is to murder somebody else. Nobody’s told me I’m right, but I think that’s one paradox that isn’t in the Dao De Jing.

One thing that confused the real Sei Shonagon: It is disconcerting when there is no commotion about getting a birth chamber ready, even though the daughter of the house has already been married four or five years.

Drama Watched This Week (4/17-23):

Defendant 9-10

Missing Nine 11-12

Introverted Boss 9-10

Mars 2-11 (lol I know)

Kill Me Heal Me 2-6



2 responses to “Cozy’s Drama Book #8

  1. I loved kill me, heal me. I became the fan of the hero, although I have never seen his exceptional performance anywhere else.

    I am on a short break from all dramas (Hail the Netflix! I am watching English and Pakistani drama(s) these days).

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