Cozy’s Drama Book #7

A List of Signs Drama Watchers Recognize

  1. If their hair is up, they’re up to no good. Any kind, heroic leading man will naturally have his hair down–and any sassy jerk, evil second lead or otherwise deviating character will find a way to style their hair up that morning.

He’d better put his hair down soon, or I’ll be worried…

2. If there is alcohol involved, they will get drunk. If the OTP female is drinking, chances raise 70% of a piggyback in the near future.

3. Any coughing in a K-drama is a definite indication of major illness to come.

~ ~ ~

“You sick, twisted, nasty little… bad word!” I screamed at my computer screen. What kind of a man would do that? What kind of a… a… bad word would do something like that?screenshot-4338

I hit play again, simultaneously captivated by Min-Ho’s performance and absolutely disgusted by his… bad wordness. He took his glasses off, hateful grin playing around the corners of his mouth. I shook my head, warning him from this side of the screen that he had better stop. This was a bad idea.screenshot-4343

He kept going. “Oh, no, I’m not going to kill him–” I slammed the pause button and pushed down the laptop screen. Jumping up from the kitchen table, I started down the hallway at a brisk pace, thumping my chest rhythmically. This show was bad for my blood pressure. I took a few deep breaths, smiling apologetically at my roommates.

“It’s really… intense,” I said lamely. Intense. How about soul tearing, heart destroying, fist shaking insane!

I sat back down, glaring at the man on the screen.screenshot-4378

“You need to go away,” I said. I hit play again, settling the headphones over my ears.

I have but one hope for the show now–that Ha Yeon and her father make it to the end alive.screenshot-4383

One thing that raised that may have raised the real Sei Shonagon’s blood pressure: On the night of her majesty’s departure from the imperial palace, no arrangements had been made concerning the order in which the attendants’ carriages were to depart, and there was a brisk struggle to be first. I stood aside with three companions who also found the scene distasteful.


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