My K-Drama Life: Mars

Yesterday morning I entered a video game. And with an introduction like that, you might very well think my life took on a fairly W: Two Worlds-esque vibe (would that that were true!) But the video game was MarioKart, and there were a few exact mirror happenings that really made me think I’d entered the world of Mars: 战神,god of War. Outside Seoul: Drama Review: Mars (2004)

Hehe I know this is a TW-Drama, but nevertheless it was so fun I thought I’d share. My family decided on an outing in honor of the day off school, and we found a kart-racing place. I knew it would be fun when I saw the “this is not an amusement ride” sign on the door. And I started making the Mars connections when they started talking about yellow flags. YELLOW FLAG

In a race, you go around the same track a really large number of times, and accidents can happen. To prevent pileups, there are certain signals to follow. One of the most important of which is: if you see the flashing yellow lights, slow down. Waaaay down. Well, I knew nothing of this and when he raced past some yellow lights and then through an accident, I just thought he was a super lucky super cool guy. Turns out he was also majorly breaking the rules. DANGEROUS SPORTS - MOTORCYCLE RACING! - SPARKS FLY OFF KNEE GUARD!

It’s not that easy, though, to slow down for the yellow lights… I can attest, after T-boning several family members in their Karts.

Mars is a TW drama that follows a classic setup: the badboy meets a nice girl and falls in love, which makes him want to change. But It’s just so darn good, I can’t stop watching. You have Chen Ling, a punk guy who loves to race motorcycles but hasn’t for a while. And you have Han QiLuo, a shy young woman who doesn’t trust people easily. One day, Ling finds a teacher harssing QiLuo and defends her honor, after which they become friends, and she learns all about his brooding past. Mars (Taiwanese Drama)

It’s really quite good, for what it is. And while the quality means I can never watch it in full screen, I love hearing the Chinese–and that rock n’roll OST. I love that too.

Final Verdict: 8/10




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