Cozy’s Drama Book #6

A List of Things Every K-Drama watcher understands

  1. Late night watching. You know it’s almost midnight–1 AM–2 AM–but the next episode just… calls to you. Are you all caught up on Cheese in the Trap? Watch the latest episode tonight!:
  2. Second lead syndrome is universally understood by drama watchers. Even if one is less susceptible to the disease, I have yet to encounter a person immune. There’s just something about an ardent, charming, sensible man that attracts a girl–and when your lead is a jerk sometimes you get tired of waiting for him to shape up. Or maybe the second lead’s just cuter, that works too. go-kyung-pyo-jealousy-incarnate
  3. The wait for subtitles.
  4. Every K-drama watcher understands the debate before dropping a show. You’ve invested hours–potentially weeks of waiting–for episodes. You were excited for it once upon a time, enough to make it to this point–and then it lets you down. Enough that you’re ready to quit. And yet, still. A niggling thought say “don’t do it! It could surprise you again and be great!” And so you keep going, until all hope is lost.
  5. Explaining that “no, they’re not soap operas” never gets better, but every K-drama understands that it will happen. For clarification: every country has dramas. America has dramas. Korea has dramas. England has dramas. BBC drama? They’re real, and not soaps. It’s just… TV.
  6. There is a connection that occurs when you meet another drama viewer. You don’t have to know anything about them but: I watch Kdramas, and you will enter a different zone of their acquaintance.

~ ~ ~

I stared at the screen, willing my mouse away from the desktop bar so I didn’t have to look at the time. Bad things happened when my roommate left. Or rather, I made poor life decisions to watch drama all night… but it was a drama, so maybe it wasn’t a bad life decision… just a poorly informed one.

That’s it. I was tired. I needed to sleep–if I stopped now, I’d get… 6 hours.

But Mars.

I stared at his poor, angsty face, wondering if I should just keep watching until they were happy again. Then again, that could take episodes. And I did want to sleep tonight. Today. It was technically tomorrow, being 2AM. Or today. I had to sleep.

I stumbled off to my room, humming the rock-themed chorus to myself. Hopefully, there’d be time to continue after I woke up. Screenshot (4202).png

~ ~ ~

(Mars ep. 3-9 watched Saturday night)

One thing the real Sei Shonagon Understood: The empress looked at them. “Sit over there, Seisho, and watch with everyone else.”

Saisho understood what she had in mind. “Three can see very well from here,” she said.

Well, I’m glad she understood, cause it was a little lost on me. Happy Monday!



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