Cozy’s Drama Book #5

A list of things I never understand as a drama viewer:

  1. Why every drama has at least one scene whose primary purpose is product placement.


    I really shouldn’t choose this picture, though, because I’m super proud of IB for being so good at blending the PPL naturally into the show.

  2. I will never understand why drinking is always the first option to solve a drama’s problems. It only ever causes more trouble, and yet it’s almost always a character’s first line of defense against their problems.screenshot-4003
  3. No matter how funny it is, I’ll never understand why a character who doesn’t really have amnesia would fake amnesia when meeting a long lost friend-love again after a separation. If you remember them, and your feelings for them, why would you ever not be ecstatic to see them for the sake of a joke?! (The only character to get a pass on this is Kang Chul, who didn’t really remember… he just read about it and wondered.)screenshot-4195
  4. Why knives are blurred, but guns and full length, dangerous looking swords are not.
  5. Why Korean swearing is inevitably bleeped out, but English curse words are totally fine.Kill Me, Heal Me Poster3

~ ~ ~

My phone buzzed, and I looked down at the blinking light. A new text—somebody loved me! I clicked it on and pulled down the messenger app, wondering what it was.

“Are you still good to perform at the talent show tomorrow night?”

I smiled. Yes I was. Definitely.

“Yes, yes I am.”

Bvvvvtt. “Great. You’re doing two, right? A surprise and a slam polo?”

I looked at the phone with a quirked eyebrow, mouth trying out the words to understand what she meant. Ah.

“Yes, I’ll be doing a Slam Poem. And the other’s not really much of a surprise—I’m just incredibly entertaining to watch when I watch tv.” Or K-drama, I thought to myself.

“Ok. I’m looking forward to it!”
I turned back to my computer, lip bitten as I decided on my clip to watch tomorrow. I am too.


One thing the real Sei Shonagon didn’t understand: A thin, dark, plain woman with a switch in her hair sleeps with an emaciated, heavily bearded man in the daytime. Who could possibly enjoy looking at the two of them lying there?
        How funny, right? She’s very petty sometimes. There is a deeper element to this, however. I don’t recall which one is supposed to be of higher rank (it’s the woman, I’m pretty sure), but hierarchy was very important during this time of Japan. And so it wouldn’t make sense for a pair of lovers to be from different classes, and these two apparently are. 


Dramas watched this week:

Defendant latest 7-8

Missing 9 latest 9-10

Tomorrow With You 5-6

Mars 1

Introverted Boss latest 7-8

Kill Me, Heal Me episode 1


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