Cozy’s Drama Book #4

A List of things that raise a drama addi enthusiast’s blood pressure:

  1. Knowing a dead woman walking when you see them raises the blood pressure. You hope she won’t die, but your heart realizes she’s not long for this world. This makes the viewer continually on edge until the moment itself–which contrary to feeling prepared for it, you’re simply more terrified of the villain. screenshot-3816
  2. There’s one surefire way to raise a drama watcher’s blood pressure. Spend all your free time for the day redoing an assignment because your data kept being erased, and you finally have fifteen minutes left to watch a drama before you’re busy again… and the page won’t load.
  3. A bumbling, shy hero being misunderstood–because he wants to be thoughtful–will always raise one’s blood pressure. Especially when some of the people misunderstanding know he usually has good intentions and is misunderstood.


    Overdressed? He’s not overdressed! He looks fabulous!

A List of things that impress a drama viewer:

  1. Prison inmates dancing perfectly to kpop music.screenshot-3730
  2. Not one, not two, but three well placed, natural product placement ads in three different dramas. It’s hard enough for the viewers to watch, I imagine it’s harder for the producers to produce–I’m always impressed when they manage to do it well.
  3. A medical examiner who stands up to a prison warden is impressive. Strong, confident women in general are impressive, but I really like her.  screenshot-3734
  4. Ji-Sung’s emotional range impresses every drama viewer, I think.

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  5. A shy man who can dance well for crowds in a panda costume impresses me. I don’t think I could. screenshot-3652


One thing that impressed the real Sei Shonagon: Sharp wit. On more than one occasion she admired the quick replies and deft repartees of the Emperor and other court members. “Her majesty responded with a smile and an apt allusion, “But Shonagon ‘made the wind bear responsibility.'”


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