Some Drama Trends

If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll know I like lists. A lot. And so when Dramabeans (a super fun Kdrama blog) started posting top 10s lists I really had to resist the urge to piggyback on their trend and come out with my own versions. I did, however, spend some time (read: too much time on my hands) making a list of trending dramas for DB viewers. I don’t know how that translates to the general interwebs, but I figured I should post my findings here too. The numbers are the amount of times it was listed as a “top 10” in the 300 or so comments I used, separated into the DB writer’s and other peoples lists for the top 10. I also put my ratings for the dramas I’ve seen next to them, for further analysis fun. (I went through and updated it from the list on my DB comment, as well).

A List of DB trending top 10 Dramas

  1. Coffee Prince: 67 (8 DB, 59 Other) … 6/10
  2. Signal: 58 (7 DB, 51 Other) … 10/10
  3. Misaeng: 53 (6 DB, 39 Other) … 10/10
  4. Healer: 52 (5 DB, 39 Other) … 9/10
  5. Answer Me 1997: 50 (4 DB, 38 Other) —
  6. Answer Me 1988: 43 (5 DB, 31 Other) —
  7. I Hear Your Voice: 40 (6 DB, 29 Other) 9/10
  8. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo: 42  (3 DB, 21 Other) —
  9. My Love From Another Star: 38 (4 DB, 25 Other) 9/10
  10. Master’s Sun: 33  (DB 1, 32 Other) 8/10

    Signal - 시그널 - Watch Full Episodes Free on DramaFever

20s Club (20+mentions in top 10s lists)

My Name is Kim Sam Soon: 32

The Lonely Shining Goblin: 32 … 8/10

Queen In-Hyun’s Man: 28 … 9/10

School 2013: 28 —

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho: 25 … 5/10

I Remember You: 23  … 9/10

Full House: 22  —

Pinocchio: 22 … 9.5/10

City Hunter: 20**

Gaksital: 20

Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: 20

Goong: 20-27??**

Hello Monster - AsianWiki


15+ (alpha) Club (15+ mentions in the top 10s lists)

Greatest Love 18 … 10/10

W: Two Worlds 19 … 11/10

Liar Game 17

Six Flying Dragons 17

Kill Me, Heal Me 17 … 8/10

King 2 Hearts 19

Princess’ Man 19 (dropped)

Sungkyunkwan Scandal 15

Age of Youth 16

White Christmas 16

Punch 15

Descendants of the Sun 16

Jealousy Incarnate 17 (dropped)

Heartless City 15

Secret Garden 15 (dropped)

Moon Embracing the Sun 15 (dropped)

Another Oh Hae-Young 15


~ ~ ~

Interesting stuff, huh? I never would’ve expected Coffee Prince to consistently break 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 before any others. Or even be first. I didn’t really care for the drama, to be honest. The ** are of interest because they got there by Beanie lists alone, none of the DB writers have them on one of their top 10 Lists. Goong is an interesting case because I didn’t realize there were two titles, or two dramas to refer to, until the end.

Lee Jong Suk (aiiie ^^) made the list with every one of his starring dramas except Doctor Stranger, which is almost universally disliked (but not for his acting, which is always praised there). Also, Song Jae Jung, my favorite writer, had three of her dramas make the 10+ cut: Nine, Queen In-Hyun’s Man and W: Two Worlds. I’ll be excited to see what she puts out next!

I’ve highlighted those that I haven’t seen that I’m planning to watch because of this, and I’ll probably come back later to update them with my own ratings. For now, I’ll end with my own Top 10 List, because I think it’s interesting to compare tastes.

1. W: Two Worlds 11/106f1cb-iu

2. The Greatest Love 10/10The Greatest Love12

3. My Love From Another Star 9/10My Love From Another Star (SBS, 2013-2014) - D-Addicts

4. Pinocchio 9.5/10Pinocchio - 피노키오 - Watch Full Episodes Free on DramaFever

5.Kill Me, Heal Me 8/10Убей меня, исцели меня / Kill Me, Heal Me ...

6. Entertainer 10/10The Entertainer - 딴따라 - Watch Full Episodes Free on DramaFever

7. Nine: Nine Times Time Travel 10/10... And Single Again, I Need Romance 3, and Nine: Nine Times Time Travel

8. Signal 10/10Signal - 시그널 - Watch Full Episodes Free on DramaFever

9. Marriage Contract 10/10Marriage Contract » Dramabeans Korean drama episode recaps

10. I Remember You 9/10

Hello Monster - AsianWiki

I’ve since considered changing Kill Me, Heal Me to Misaeng, but something tells me my gut reaction is right in this case and that a rewatch of both would confirm Kill Me, Heal Me is the right decision.


You can probably look forward to more lists in the future, if not dramas then of actors or OSTs or other fun things, since I like to make them. Until then, 안녕!


10 responses to “Some Drama Trends

  1. I don’t even know how I would go about making a list! I have seen way too many dramas. @_@ Even if I made a top 50 I don’t know how I would could go about ranking them :P haha

  2. Ahh you’re a fellow Beanie! I love Dramabeans. They definitely fuel my kdrama addiction and it’s such a welcome and knowledgeable community. I loved their Top 10s list, and I’ve discovered a good handful of dramas to put on my never ending to watch list, thanks to their Top 10s.

    Also just wanted to put my two cents in about Coffee Prince: I loved that drama! It started my Gong Yoo love and I have fond memories of Coffee Prince. I think it was one of the trendsetters of its time and it also started many people’s love for both Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye, so it’s always going to be well-loved <d

    • I like Dramabeans, but I think it’s interesting how it influences drama viewers perceptions. So I tend to watch shows before I read recaps, to form my own opinion.

      And I know I’m in the minority with Coffee Prince, but I also have a hard time getting into a lot of older dramas. I’m glad you like it though!

  3. Romance is not really my thing and I often tend to like stuff that no-one else seems care for, so my top faves do look somewhat different than what generally shows up on these lists. :) My current, most favored drama is not even Korean, ha. But yeah, on the whole it’s pretty hard to choose when you’ve watched gzillion dramas already.

      • Of Monks and Masters – it’s not just my fave cdrama but my fave drama, period. :) Nothing else has been able to measure up to it and it’s been more than a year since I watched it. A rare unicorn indeed.

        I’m currently skip-watching Three Lives, Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms. (who comes up with these names?!) I think it might be up to your alley. It’s surprisingly nice, though I was kinda bored with the middle section. This might be a carreer altering role for Mark Chao. People were kinda miffed when he wast cast but I’d say he’s been able to win most over.

    • It really is. I really loved that drama–it was just the epitome of a makeshift family for me. Also, it talked about a lot of hot-button topics in a really tactful way. Plus Ji-sung, plus a few great newer actors. ^^ I know I’m in a minority, but I loved it. It was light, sassy, full of heart and had some great themes.

  4. You have to watch Shut Up: Flower Boy Band! The writing and directing were spot on for this one. I like a wide variety of genres, and have favourites in each one, but this one is my no. 1. (And I’m in my forties with 4 kids)

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