Cozy’s Drama Book #3

I squinted at the screen, wondering if the man indeed had no face or if the quality of the video was just that bad. I decided that must be it–I’d already finished W: Two Worlds, after all. The theme song started, and I tossed around the idea of skipping through it. They tended to be long, and tell the whole story.

The intro song faded into the background and I kept my eyes on the Chinese subtitles at the bottom, determined to understand what I could by listening and those alone. My mouth twitched in a smile as I followed a few minutes of conversation. An added bonus was the conspicuous absence of overly-perky squeals on the part of our heroine. Maybe I’d like an older drama.

My phone buzzed, and I pulled it out, smiling at the caller ID.


“Hi! I was just wondering if you wanted to join us for dinner tonight. We’re in the area.”

I glanced at the screen, a bit sad to leave my new drama, but not at all torn about my decision. Some things I didn’t need to think about.

“Of course! Just let me grab my coat.”Asian Drama Resource: Mars aka War God Mars

~ ~ ~

A list of things disagreeable to a drama viewer:

  1. When a man doesn’t smile at his own wedding, especially after having appeared to enjoy her company for some time.
  2. When the only version of a drama you can find has pixel resolution that belongs in the eighties. The only possible justification for this is that the drama itself might have been made in the eighties.
  3. A color palette that tries so hard to be artsy, but doesn’t match the feel of the show.

    Screenshot (3608).png

    This is an unedited photo. He looks greeen!

  4. When you’re not watching a K-Drama, but it’s still not in English so nobody listening knows that. It’s disagreeable to feel that someone never sees you doing anything but a few staple activities–especially when you really do have a varied life, they just never see it. Or when you don’t have a varied life, and they’re right. Closing Gala – Life is Beautiful (12A) - Free Film Festivals

~ ~ ~

I wonder at times if I love dramas too much. I stared at the screen in front of me, looking at the remaining page of comments to sift through. There were ostensibly only 50 comments on every page, but experience had taught me that some people posted their lists as a sub comment for whatever reason–it was much better to go by the total, 328. I glanced at the clock, which read “too late for your tastes” and scratched my cheek again.

“So did you have a good day?” My roommate asked. I looked up, surprised.

“Yeah, it was pretty good.” I gave her a brief outline, with a subtle hope this would turn into a good conversation. I’d been feeling distanced from her, and wanted to change that.

“I made a…” I could feel my cheeks pinking, “I made a list today. A lot of lists. Of dramas.”

We talked–I talked–she smiled and listened. She talked, I listened. I looked at the clock, fast approaching early rather than late, and back at the open tab of drama. Did I really want to start an episode? I had to be up early tomorrow.

I hit play. screenshot-3632

One thing Sei Shonagon found disagreeable: A child wearing high clogs with a divided skirt (I realize that the practice is currently popular).


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