Thought Collection: W Two Worlds

This show will never fail to amaze me with how many thoughts it inspires. Not counting any life lessons its taught me, I’ve written seven posts on this show alone. Each over a thousand words long, I want to say. That’s… a lot of words for one show. I won’t even promise this is the last of it, since I’ll have more thoughts next time I watch it. But this is it for now! It’s just a random collection of thoughts I had while watching the ending.

... 許麗霞: W:Two Worlds staring Han Hyo Joo & Lee Jong Suk New Poster

When Kang Chul shoots Daddy Oh–when he starts not to have an indomitable will. That’s when the new other goals start. When he stops wanting to live according to his predetermined destiny, he starts to chafe against the Main character setup. It’s just that he doesn’t think “I don’t want to be the main character” until the end.

The manhwa. Is a character. Why else would it be sending them back and forth so quickly? And deciding it’s the last chapter. And choosing what to keep in and out of the published manhwa. Those feel like very sentient decisions to me. I’d like to know what words Chul would have for W, if they got to meet.

In the end, it goes back to the most basic premise for a story: hero and villain, protagonist and antagonist. Two forces that must fight and only one comes out on top. It’s interesting how every other facet of the story (finding his parent’s killer, putting the bad guy in jail) became secondary goals for their desire to leave–and yet they couldn’t because of that construct.

Screenshot (647).png

At the very least, it’s a tragedy that they couldn’t escape the final setup, not completely. That a person died to satiate the manhwa. One had to win: hero or villain, protagonist or antagonist. More than anything it makes me think that books too have a lot to answer for. I’m just grateful it allowed them both to live. Maybe.

Everything repeated. Everything. And so how touching is it that he wants to do the one thing that isn’t a repeat, even if it’s not a grand gesture or sweeping moment (Chul 2.0 wasn’t nearly as into those)? He wanted to tell her he loved her, that her first? husband never did.

By the end, they live in the Manhwa world and not of it. Haha.

It’s interesting that while Chul is definitely the main character of the manhwa, Yeon-Joo feels like the main character of the drama. It follows her timeline more often, whereas his will skip randomly (like the year in prison).

Screenshot (2835).png

By the end of it, I feel like Yeon Joo did, despising the webtoon for what it did to their lives.

Why did Chul stay in the webtoon at the end and YJ left? Well, it was established that there are in fact two worlds, as Daddy Oh couldn’t have created it all (this seems to support the idea that the webtoon was alive, as it was bridging the two worlds). With this in mind it makes sense they’d go back to wherever they belonged when it ended. Daddy Oh is a special case, as he was not only two souls but also erased for going against character.


I wonder what they’ll do now? Will they ever go back to the manhwa? I wouldn’t for all the pain it’s created, but he has some really good friends there (Do Yoon) that also know of the two worlds. Maybe they’ll world hop and visit each other? That’d be fun.

Screenshot (3390).png


2 responses to “Thought Collection: W Two Worlds

  1. Unless they’re taken against their will or something happens in the “real” world linked with the manhwa, I don’t think they would ever choose to go back. The risk in visiting the manhwa world lies in creating a new variable and jumpstarting a new story. After all they went through to have a normal life and be together in the “real” world, I can’t see them risking it all to just visit friends or for fun/curiosity. But that’s just my opinion =)

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