Cozy’s Drama Book #2

I decided to change up the drama journals this week, because Sei Shonagon is my new favorite person. It’ll follow a MWF schedule, and feel free to let me know what you’d add to these lists!

A List of Things that Break a Drama Watcher’s Heart:

  1. When they kill your favorite survivor, but let the murderer live to the present.
  2. When the other bromance is in danger because he did kill his friend’s wife.
  3. Realizing Voice isn’t the Signal followup you wanted.Screenshot (1648).png
  4. Finishing W: Two Worlds broke my heart again. I love that drama. It only got better the second time around–now I can really appreciate the sense of timing and buildup, the pure genius of the rules even as they begin to spiral out of control, and the potential tragedy of the ending.
  5. Watching Ji-Sung cry. Screenshot (3330).png
  6. Watching Lee Jong Suk die. Or cry. screenshot-3395
  7. It will never fail to break my heart when someone misunderstands our poor introverted boss. This show is an interesting mix of the realistic and completely outlandish, but it never fails to strike home when he does something with the best of intentions (and a well thought out possible future) and it all comes to naught.

~ ~ ~

I looked up from my episode, eyeing my roommate and her boyfriend for a second before realizing they probably wanted a bit of privacy to say goodnight. Too bad our table was situated right in front of the door–every doorstep scene would have an audience. They said goodnight and she started back towards her room–and then I screamed, riveted to the struggling characters on my screen. screenshot-3441

“What?! What?!”

I didn’t hear them. Who could hear them when Joon-Oh was fighting for his life?! Someone laughed. “It’s just Cozybooks,” they said. I glanced up, suddenly aware of my surroundings for a moment.

“Sorry, sorry.” I murmered, cheeks a bit pink. I turned back to Missing Nine and inwardly cursed at Tae-Ho.

Screenshot (3447).png

Take that!

Episodes Watched: Defendant 5-6, Missing Nine 7-8, W: Two Worlds 14-16, Introverted Boss 6, Voice 5.

Sei Shonagon’s (the real pillow-book author) take on dating: “We can imagine the feelings of a man who expects a woman in vain. And when a woman expects a man, the sounds of a discreet knock on the gate in late evening makes her heart beat a little faster. She sends to see who it is, but it proves to be someone else, a person of no possible interest. What could possibly be more disconcerting?”

Screenshot (3217).png


8 responses to “Cozy’s Drama Book #2

  1. I still haven’t forgiven the writer/director/anyoneincharge who allowed the person I wanted to live to be killed off in both City Hunter and King 2 Hearts. (Not going to post spoilers, but almost.)

    • That makes me worried. Those are both on my “to watch, eventually” list, so thanks for the no spoilers. ^^ But you liked both of those still? I struggle with Lee Seung Gi, is he good here?

      • LSG is excellent in K2H. He’s an okay actor, not great, but the director really brought out the best in him here. The ‘action and intrigue’ sections of the plot are weak, though.

  2. Omg Defendant…Ji Sung is breaking my heart over and over. His ability to move the viewers with his emotions, his grief, his frustration, and his guilt, it’s astounding. He’s such an amazing actor <3

    P.S. What about the plot twist at the end of episode 6?! My jaw dropped!

    • Right?! I think I screamed again (my poor roomates have to put up with a lot when I watch dramas). And I’m still secretly rooting for him to be lying… secretly… because I really liked him!!!!

      • I really liked him too! But I knew not to trust him from the beginning, this is the kind of drama where you don’t trust anyone! There’s a theory floating around the internet that his “sick younger sister” is actually Ha Yeon! What do you think about that?

      • I think it’s definitely a possibility, I thought of it as soon as he admitted the murder. I think he feels just bad about it enough that he’d have let her live.

        Why do you think he kept following Jung-Woo around? Do you think he really feels bad or just wants to keep an eye on him?

      • I agree, I don’t think he’s a bad person. Maybe a desperate one. I definitely think Min Ho has something over him and that’s why he kidnapped Ha Yeon but couldn’t bring himself to kill her in the end.

        I think he feels really bad for Jung Woo, and also wants to see how much Jung Woo knows about him and what really happened that night.

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