The Sickbook of Cozybooks

So, a few weeks ago I fell deathly ill. And, at the same time, I was introduced to a marvelous book called the Pillow-book of Sei Shonagon. She was a court attendant in… really long-time-ago Japan, and she may be my new favorite person. So I’m thinking of changing the Drama Journals up again, and they might take on a more Sei Shonagon feel. Just because it’s so darned fun to write like this. I’ll just let you know what I mean today–in the spirit of my fever and sniffles I wrote “The Sick-Pillowbook of Cozybooks”. (I later found out we had a class assignment to do just that, and rejoiced in my heart). Enjoy!

~ ~ ~

The passage of time amuses me. I cannot stand the feeling of waking up at 9 o’clock and realizing half of my school day has passed already. That I have spent all that time sleeping, rather than washing and dressing and readying myself for the day as I normally would. But after a time it becomes pleasurable, as I sit on the couch in my little living room, wondering when my last roommate will wake up. All the others left the house hours ago. She emerges with wild hair and bleary eyes, and I almost laugh—until I realize I am in no better condition myself. And that laughing would hurt my already tender throat. Still, I’m glad when she leaves to change. I don’t want to entertain today.

It cannot already be 2’oclock. I have done barely anything! I turn away the computer screen, slightly irritated at my fascination with a new Chinese drama I’ve discovered. Perhaps some homework will help me feel more productive. Taking a nap briefly flits through my thoughts, but I quickly dismiss the idea. It’s 2 o’clock in the afternoon—no time to be taking a nap. I quickly read through all of next week’s selections, wondering for a moment at the sanity of hermits. And then My eyes are drawn back to the still open drama tab. Perhaps just half an episode. But it still feels wrong—perhaps the sickness, perhaps my own conscience. I pull down my scriptures and open to my place, deciding to read for a few minutes.

I watched another episode.


If you haven’t yet, check out General and I! A gem of a Chinese drama, it shouldn’t be passed up. Even if they can fly (that tends to happen in Chinese dramas)


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