Cozy’s Drama Book #1

A List of Things That Delight a Drama Watcher:

  1. When the bromance is potentially saved because he is not in fact a murderer.
  2. The last two episodes of W: Two Worlds (watching them, not finishing them)screenshot-131
  3. Kang Chul’s devotion will never fail to delight me. I was impressed when I watched it the first time, watching him work to save Yeon-Joo and fix everything–I am all the more impressed now, realizing just how much he held everything together. Keeping Daddy Oh sane, directing Soo-Bong, not freaking out when she flatlined, working cooly and vigorously towards his goal.Screenshot (16).png
  1. Ji-Sung’s eyes always make a drama watcher smile. Even when they’re crying (which they do a lot of in Defendant), they make for good watching.screenshot-1949
  2. Dropping Hwarang.
  3. Time travelling men always delight make me happy. Time travel in a drama in general is a happy place, but having Lee Je Hoon play our friendly neighborhood realtor makes it even better.Screenshot (3201).png


For any confused souls, I posted about the pillow book of Sei Shonagon earlier today, and I’ve decided I do want to change up the Drama Journals. This way I can practice writing and drama watching. Best of both worlds, and more practice for recapping (which is going to happen soon, I promise!)

Sei Shonagon posted a lot of lists–things that delight, things she finds adorable, things that disconcert, etc. Mine won’t always be lists, but I thought it would be a good way to kick things off! I’m looking at a MWF posting schedule for this, to fill in when I don’t have a lesson or K-Drama Life.

~ ~ ~

One thing that really did delight Sei Shonagon (from her Pillow-Book): Doll things. A very small lotus leaf plucked from a pond. A small heartvine leaf. Anything small is adorable.



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