Drama Journals: February 3, 2017

Oooh boy. I don’t think I watched as much drama this week, but everything I did watch was impactful and got my heart racing–for different reasons. And tonight features the premier of Tomorrow With You, which I’m actively looking forward to. Dramaland, Hwaiting!


Weekend: finished Heeealaaaaar! And ♫ It’s a beautiful feeling ♪ That we got deep inside ♬ We got a flame that will last foreeeveer ♪ Together you and IIIII ♫ Oh! and I also watched the Greatest Love 11.

Monday: Heh. Heheheheh. I started W again with a friend. Heheheheh. We watched the first 2 episodes–and I’m so dang excited to watch this again. The beginning is good… bt the middle. And then that happens. And that too. And–Oooh I’m excited. Oh, and the Greatest Love 12. That show has the best metaphors ever.

Screenshot (1987).png

Tuesday: Defendant eps 3-4; W: Two Worlds eps 3-4. Today… was a good day. A very good day. Do you know how epic I feel every time I watch Kang Chul step out into the real world?! So. Good.


Screenshot (1949).png

Wednesday: Greatest Love 13-14; Hwarang 13-14; W: Two Worlds 5. I’ll be honest, Hwarang is losing me fast. I skipped through these two episodes so much I’m not even sure what happened. Somehow our Dog-Bird has claimed the throne, and Ah-Ro is in danger, and Kang Chul is the best thing since sliced bread, and W was so much more interesting… ^^ Really though, the micro-expressions are real with Lee Jong Suk. He’s just a fantastic actor. That scene doesn’t shift locations for nearly 20 minutes, and he makes it one of my absolute favorites.

Screenshot (2441).png

Thursday: Greatest Love 15-16; W: Two Worlds 6-7; Missing Nine 5-6. I… I… I… Ok. Thoughts. Coherent thoughts. Greatest Love was awesome, 10/10 the second time around too. W: Two Worlds was also awesome, I needed some happy in episode 7 (option 3! No, that’s not 4 fingers! Lol) because Missing Nine… Missing… Nine… Yeol!! Please don’t be dead! Tae-Ho you punk! You just killed two people! And you’re still alive?! WHY. And I’ve seen a lot of White Trucks of Doom in my time, but never a crane of doom. Probably because the cranes are more graphic and unexpected. Viewers beware.

Screenshot (2602).png

Today-Weekend: Well, we need to watch episode 8 of W: Two Worlds. Because crap goes dowwwn now, if you’ll pardon my not French. And since I might not get to watch any over the weekend, we have to get to episode 8 today. And Tomorrow With You is definitely being watched. After that… we’ll see! I might watch some more General and I.

Screenshot (2668).png

My bromance… is gone.



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