My K-Drama Life: Multiple

Guys, the funniest thing happened to me today and I just had to share. I was walking home from the bus stop, crossing the street… and a white truck came down the one side of the road. I was so silly, I did a little deer-in-the-headlights moment before I realized they were slowing waaaaaaay down like any good driver would when faced with a crowd of students crossing the road. That’s how you know you watch too much drama, right? When you start acting like you’re in one?

The storygoes back to what happened 10 years ago. Soo Ha and his dad ...

I Hear Your Voice. There’s two of them!

It’s not over yet, though.



A little while later, I reached the second crosswalk on my way home. (Which is really more of a parking lot connection than a crosswalk)… and there was another one. It had started the engines and was pulling out right as I was crossing. It was also massive, and I really wanted to laugh at this point. I considered stopping and turning back just to be safe, but he waved me across. I really felt a bit like a kdrama heroine right then. Thank goodness it didn’t turn out like… Defendant (it was red), or I Hear Your Voice (lol that paint job), or Goblin (T.T), or Falling for Innocence. Or the modified white truck as a motorcyclist in potentially also Falling for Innocence. Or even a near miss like Pinocchio (as a young boy) or My Love From Another Star (thank goodness for aliens) or W: Two Worlds practically twice  (once when Daddy Oh tries to kill him and the other when he walks across moving traffic in a daze).


I can’t explain about all the many kdramas that feature the truck of death, because there are so many. It’s a classic plot trope that throws everything up in the air for our characters. They might die; they might lose their memory; they might lose the ability to speak or walk; they might get up and walk away because they’re a vampire and they can do that.


These days, writers are a bit more judicious with how they throw in the kdrama truck of doom, but viewers still like to joke around about it. ^^ In that spirit, I have found a video that explains the situation really quite nicely. …I’m giving this to you with the advice you might want to skip 1:19-1:25 for some inserted extremely colorful language, though.

Skip 1:19-1:25! It swears!

Update: I got to the last episode of the Greatest Love. The Last Episode. And there it was! A white truck! They didn’t get hit, but got into an accident avoiding it. Lol.


2 responses to “My K-Drama Life: Multiple

  1. No!!! Of all the lessons your could have learned from watching K-Dramas, “how to stand still in front of an oncoming truck” is not the best one to internalize. Me? I want to discover the secret of how even dead broke women have HUGE, amounts of stylish clothes. (Including multiple pairs of “holy cow, those are awesome” shoes.

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