Picture Perfect #1

So I’ve been training myself for drama recaps, one of my Drama New Year’s Resolutions. As a part of that, I’ve been looking more actively for cinematically creative or stunning scenes and screencapping them as I watch. I’ve gone through and touched the best ones up, even, and I’m practicing little commentary snippets. It seems like a waste to let my slowly amassing hoard of photos go to waste, so I’m thinking I’ll make this a regular feature–my favorite pictures I took from my favorite dramas of the week. Here you go!

Missing 9

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General and I

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Introverted Boss

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Screenshot (1652).png

Best Picture


Introverted Boss. I wanna work at this company.


One response to “Picture Perfect #1

  1. Oh, this is a nice feature. There are some wonderful scenes in dramas that usually makes me go “SO pretty” or “wow!”.

    I used to do a lot of screencapping when I was into making icons, back in the day. Now I only do it when I need some pretty piccies for my posts. I never screencap while watching though, so it’s sort of labor of love. :)

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